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2021 May 1z0-241 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. When considering key structure, which three options are mutually exclusive? (Choose three.)

A. Key

B. Search Key

C. Descending Key

D. Alternate Search Key

E. Duplicate Order Key

Answer: ADE

Q2. View this PeopleCode snippet: If &MyVar = 0 then &MyVar = 1; End-if;

The &MyVar variable is not declared. What will be the result?

A. The program will fail at run time.

B. The program will not pass the syntax checker.

C. The program will run but will produce undefined results.

D. &MyVar will be automatically declared with a type of Any.

E. &MyVar will be automatically declared as Local Number.

F. &MyVar will be automatically declared with a scope of Global.

Answer: D

Q3. Select three areas where PeopleCode is used to enforce security. (Choose three.)

A. Definition security

B. Field-level security

C. Page-level security

D. User ID validation

E. Database-level security

Answer: BCD

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Q4. View the Exhibit.

The Integration Broker Quick Configuration page has a Ping Gateway button. Where would you expect to find the PeopleCode that is associated with the button?

A. On a field

B. On a page

C. On a menu

D. On a record field

E. On a component

F. On a component record

Answer: D

Q5. Select the two rules about PeopleSoft prompt table mechanics. (Choose two.)

A. The prompt matches fields based on name, data type, and length.

B. The prompt automatically filters the rows based on higher-level key values in the buffer.

C. The prompt selects the highest-level key on the prompt record definition unless the EFFDT field is present.

D. The prompt automatically selects for the lowest-level key on the prompt record definition ignoring the EFFDT and EFF_STATUS fields.

Answer: BD

Q6. Oracle's PeopleSoft Query uses query access group trees to control security of the tables in your PeopleSoft database. Which three statements are true regarding query access group trees? (Choose three.)

A. You define a hierarchy of record components, based on logical or functional groupings, and then give users access to one or more branches of the tree.

B. After you build your query access group trees, users are granted access by default to create new queries and to run existing queries, and they have the access rights to the record components that are used in the queries.

C. Users can use PeopleSoft Query to retrieve information only from those tables with record definitions they have access to.

D. You can create, view, and update query access group trees using PeopleSoft Query Access Manager.

E. After you build a query tree, users can then generate queries on any tables that exist in the database.

Answer: ACD

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Q7. Select three methods that PeopleSoft applications use to ensure referential integrity between tables. (Choose three.)

A. Occurs level

B. PeopleCode

C. Occurs count

D. Database triggers

E. Prompt table edits

Answer: ABE

Q8. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relationships and page design. (Choose two.)

A. Parent/child relationships on a page can write to the same table.

B. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs level.

C. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs count.

D. Parent/child relationships on a page always indicate a one-to-many relationship.

E. Parent/child relationships on a page are automatically configured by the physical layout of the scroll area or grid.

Answer: BD

Q9. Select the three statements that are true about search records. (Choose three.)

A. Search records build the search page for the component.

B. Search records are referenced only at level zero in the component.

C. Search records rarely reference views; they are usually SQL tables.

D. Search records populate level zero on all pages that are in the component.

E. Search records provide a high-level key to the primary records that are referenced in the component.

Answer: ADE

Q10. Select the two true statements about translate values. (Choose two.)

A. You must enter a translate short name.

B. You can use any four-character combination as a translate value.

C. You must maintain translate values through Application Designer.

D. You can inactivate any translate value by changing the value of the effective status field to "I".

E. The default displayed value that appears in a page field is the translate long name.

Answer: BD