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Q91. Fill in the blanks using PeopleCode data buffer access classes. A record object contains at least one ____ object.One _____ object can be instantiated to represent the entire component buffer. A row object contains at least one _______ object or _______ object.A rowset object contains at least one _______ object.

A. field, rowset, rowset, record, row

B. row, component, record, field, record

C. scroll, rowset, row, record, row

D. field, page, rowset, row, record E. row, record, record, field, row

Answer: A

Q92. This PeopleCode function uses effective-date logic to return the current row from PSXLATITEM. SQLExec("SELECT A.XLATSHORTNAME, A.XLATLONGNAME




B.EFFDT <= <date>)");

Which system variable should be substituted for <date> so the function correctly returns the current row as of the run date for all supported database platforms?

A. %Date

B. %AsOfDate

C. %DateTime

D. %EffDtCheck

E. %CurrentDateIn

F. %CurrentDateOut

Answer: E

Q93. You attempt to drag the ADDR_SBP subpage into the PSU_HOTEL page. The insert gives you an error and fails. Select the most likely reason why this occurred.

A. The Page Type property of the ADDR_SBP subpage was not set to 'subpage'.

B. The Subpage Record Name Substitution property was not set to the correct record.

C. The autosize setting on the subpage was not set and the subpage was too big for the page.

D. The autosize setting on the page was not set and the page cannot expand to accommodate the subpage.

Answer: A

Q94. Your manager asks you to use PeopleCode to autogenerate the keys for the Orders page.

Which event do you use?

A. RowInit

B. SaveEdit

C. PostBuild

D. SearchSave

E. SavePrechange

F. SavePostchange

Answer: E

Q95. Select three rules for PeopleCode user-defined variables. (Choose three.)

A. User-defined variables must begin with %.

B. The variable name can be up to 1,000 characters long.

C. The variable name must be at least eight characters long.

D. User-defined string variables begin with $ and numeric variables begin with #.

E. The variable name must contain at least one numeric character and one uppercase character.

F. If a variable has not been declared before it is used, it is automatically declared as Local Any.

G. Component and global scope variables must be declared before the first line of executable code.

Answer: BFG

Q96. Select the two true statements regarding parent/child relationships and page design. (Choose two.)

A. Parent/child relationships on a page can write to the same table.

B. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs level.

C. Parent/child relationships on a page are determined by occurs count.

D. Parent/child relationships on a page always indicate a one-to-many relationship.

E. Parent/child relationships on a page are automatically configured by the physical layout of the scroll area or grid.

Answer: BD

Q97. Select three true statements about the structure of PeopleSoft databases.(Choose three.)

A. The standard suffix for a prompt table is _TBL.

B. System catalog table names vary based on database platform.

C. PSXLATITEM is a PeopleTools table that stores translate values.

D. PS_PAGEDEFN is a PeopleTools table that stores page metadata.

E. Application data table structure is based on related language tables metadata.

F. The standard categories of tables in a PeopleSoft database are the system catalog tables, the PeopleTools tables, the related language tables, and the application data tables.

Answer: ABC

Q98. View the Exhibit.

The Customer Orders page has a requirement that Order Status cannot be changed to Closed if Fill Status is for any row in Order Details.You write a FieldChange PeopleCode program with a loop to check the values of Fill Status. Each loop increments &I. Which statement would you use in the loop to check Fill Status?

A. &status = FetchValue(Scroll.ORDER_DTL, &I, ORDER_DTL.FILL_STATUS);

B. &status = FetchValue(&I, ORDER_DTL.FILL_STATUS);

C. &status = FetchValue(ORDER_DTL.FILL_STATUS, &I);

D. &status = FetchValue(ORDER_DTL.FILL_STATUS);


Answer: A

Q99. View the Exhibit.

In which event should the PeopleCode program have a corresponding program?

A. FieldChange

B. RowInit

C. RowDelete

D. RowSelect

E. Activate

F. FieldFormula

Answer: C

Q100. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: If All(START_DT, END_DT) Then Which option is true?

A. The correct syntax is If Any(START_DT, END_DT) Then

B. The correct syntax is If %All(START_DT, END_DT) Then

C. If either START_DT or END_DT has values, the statement returns TRUE.

D. If both START_DT and END_DT have values, the statement returns TRUE.

E. If both START_DT and END_DT have values or if they are both empty, the statement returns TRUE.

Answer: D