Exam Code: 1z0-241 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: PeopleSoft Application Develper I: PeopleTools&PeopleCode
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q61. Select the three correct statements about PeopleSoft field definitions. (Choose three.)

A. Field definitions can have multiple labels.

B. Some field definition properties can be changed only with PeopleCode.

C. Modifying a field definition automatically alters all tables in which the field occurs.

D. After you save a field definition, you cannot change the data type without deleting the field.

E. Field definitions are stand-alone definitions that do not need to be associated with record definitions.

Answer: ABE

Q62. Signon PeopleCode is commonly used to _____.

A. validate page data

B. audit data changes

C. migrate user profiles between databases

D. apply personalizations to the user home pageapply personalizations to the user? home page

E. validate a user ID and password against a directory server

Answer: E

Q63. What must you do first, before you create a link to an external Web page from a PeopleSoft page?

A. Create and save a link image definition.

B. Understand the structure of the component.

C. Select the "Open in New Window" check box.

D. Save the external URL in the URL repository.

E. Configure the portal navigation to the external page.

Answer: D

Q64. This PeopleCode snippet creates a record object, where TASK and RESOURCE_NAME are keys on TASK_RSRC.

&MyRec = CreateRecord(Record.TASK_RSRC);

&MyRec.TASK.Value = &Task;

&MyRec.RESOURCE_NAME.Value = &Resource;

Which method will populate the record object with one row from PS_TASK_RSRC?

A. Insert

B. Fetch

C. Update

D. Execute

E. SelectByKey

Answer: E

Q65. Select the record definitions that are correctly configured as A) a control table and B) a transaction table, respectively.

Answer: D

Q66. The Component Processor's flow can be used to simulate a looping construct. In which event would a PeopleCode program designed to take advantage of this feature be placed?

A. RowInit

B. PreBuild

C. PostBuild

D. SearchInit

E. FieldDefault

F. FieldFormula

Answer: A

Q67. Many steps in the application development process access the PeopleTools tables. Which step accesses all three categories of tables?

A. Building the table.

B. Defining the page.

C. Defining new fields.

D. Defining the record.

E. Registering the component.

Answer: A

Q68. You run this SQL statement in your query tool: SELECT * FROM DBA_OBJECTS;

Assuming that the syntax is correct for your platform, what does the statement select from?

A. PeopleTools tables

B. System catalog tables

C. Application data tables

D. Related language tables

Answer: B

Q69. You can print the report after running the Crystal report and saving the file. Which three options are true when printing a Crystal report? (Choose three.)

A. To print HTML reports from Crystal Reports, open the appropriate HTML file and print it from the browser.

B. Before you print a Crystal report, you must modify a query to include additional fields and you need to modify the report definition in Crystal Reports.

C. As with many Microsoft Windows applications, you can choose to print the entire report or only a few pages, specify the number of copies to print, and indicate whether you want the copies collated.

D. If you want to update and print the report from within Crystal Reports, the query and report names must match to use the formatting that you just created in Crystal Reports every time you print the report.

E. If you want to run your report directly from Microsoft Windows-based PeopleSoft Query, the query and report names must match to use the formatting that you just created in Crystal Reports every time you print the report.

Answer: ACE

Q70. The View Log/Trace page enables you to view the output file, message log, and trace file in a browser. Select the conditions that, if satisfied, will display the View Log/Trace link as active on the Process Detail page. (Choose all that apply.)

A. The run status of the process request remains as Initiated.

B. The run status of the process request remains as Processing.

C. The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler changes the status of the process request to Queued.

D. The output destination for the process request is Web, the report and log files are successfully posted to the Report Repository by the Distribution Agent, and the process have a run status of Success.

E. The process request runs from a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Agent that was set up using the Server Definition page with a distribution node. You must have also selected to transfer log files to the Report Repository when you set up the preferences on this page.

Answer: DE