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Q31. In what two ways wouldyou cause a flex filterbe executed on anexisting asset? 

A. by bulk approving the asset 

B. by editing or saving the asset one by one in the UI 

C. by simulating the edit or save operation on each asset programmatically (asset:load andasset:save) 

D. by republishing the asset 

Answer: B,C 

Q32. When creating a user in the WEMinterface, what are theminimum fields that are required? 

A. Name 

B. Email 

C. ACLs 

D. Groups 

E. Password 

F. Assign user to a site 


Q33. Which statement is NOT true about a collection? 

A. collection is an ordered list of assets of one type. 

B. collection uses a query asset to obtain a list of possible assets. 

C. By default, a collection can have up to three query assets. 

D. The assets in a collection cannot be ranked. 


Q34. Which set of asset typescan be managed only throughthe Admin UI withthe defaultsettings after aninstallation? 

A. flex filter, recommendation, and flex definition 

B. query, flex definition, and recommendation 

C. SiteEntry, flex parent definition, and flex attributes 

D. flex parent definition, SiteEntry, and query 


Q35. Whichstatement accurately describestheWebCenter Sites Presentation layer? 

A. It is based on templates that execute at run time to deliver websites with no constraint on the HTML design. 

B. It requires a specific WebCenter Sites navigation component. 

C. It has restricted support for delivery of websites on tablets and smartphones. 

D. It requires specific CSS files to allow simple site-skinning choices. 



Q36. What would you needto set to participatein aworkflow that providesan email notificationfor users? 

A. user account 

B. user profile 

C. be a part of the workflowuser role 

D. LDAP account 


Reference: NotificationforActionOwners-9f67e4.html 

Q37. When creating a flex asset through WebCenter Sites UI, saving the asset takes a long time. After reviewing the logs, you see: 

Given this situation what could be the possible reason for this? 

A. WebCenter Sites is waiting on a Satellite Server to flush cache that it cannot reach 

B. WebCenter Sites is taking time on the save action due to incorrect flex asset model 

C. WebCenter Sites is taking time because the flex parent contains too many children causing delay in saving the asset 

D. WebCenter Sites is waiting on the publishing queue to clear cache 


Q38. If your solutionneeds to includeuser-generated content,you would most likely use the________toprovide the functionality. 

A. User Content WEM application 

B. Social WEM application 

C. Community WEM application 

D. Satellite Server 

E. Gadgets WEM application 


Q39. Which three statementsare true aboutflex assets? 

A. Flex asset types are part of an asset type structure called a flex family and therefore, can be made up of a pool of attribute assets for that flex family. 

B. A flex family can have only one flex asset type. 

C. The parent asset values inherited by a flex asset are stored in one of the flex asset type tables instead of the parent asset type tables. 

D. Attribute data is stored in records instead of columns in the database table so that they can be changed without editing the structure of the database table. 

E. Attribute editors and flex filters can be used but not named associations. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q40. Which two statements are true about the significance of any column starting with “URL”in adatabase table that is created using WebCenter Sites? 

A. The table column value is a reference to a record in the MungoBlobs database table. 

B. The table column value is a reference to a file on the file system. 

C. The table column value is the result of a binary field created in AssetMaker for a basic asset. 

D. The table column value represents a link to an image file stored in the database as a blob. 

Answer: A,C