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Q11. Where would youchange the defaultview mode to webmode for an asset typein a contentmanagement site? 

A. Admin interface >StartMenu tab 

B. WEM Admin interface > Sites > Manage Site 

C. Admin interface > Site Admin tab 

D. Shared File System > UI/Config/ConfigHTML. jsp, by adding or editing a property 


Q12. Given:http://host:port/servlet_context_path/ContentServer?pagename=name_of_page 

In the preceding URL, which two legal values does name_of_page represent? 

A. externally callable name of a template 

B. SiteEntry 

C. CSElement name 

D. fully qualified page asset name with URL encoding 

Answer: B,D 

Q13. You have enabledglobal search butyour assets are stillnot being returnedin a search. Which three arereasons that theassets are not searchable? 

A. System events are not running, so the indexer is not being called. 

B. A parent asset has multiple child assets. 

C. The search is not configured correctly. 

D. TheLucene index files are corrupted. 

E. The asset contains binary data. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q14. In Community-Gadgets,if you have not set any valuesin the Authorized domain,which statement istrue? 

A. Community widgets or Gadgets cannot be deployed on any web pages in any domain. 

B. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in any domain. 

C. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed on any web pages in the same domain in which the Community-Gadgets production application is running. 

D. Community widgets or Gadgets can be deployed only on web pages in the same domain in which the WebCenter Sites production application is running. 


Q15. Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and oneflex definition asset type. Which statement is true? 

A. For every flex definition, you must create a corresponding start menu. 

B. It is possible to assign a specific flex definition asset type to a specific flex asset type within the flex family creation wizard forms. 

C. A flex definition asset can be assigned to a particular flex asset type within the flex definition asset creation form. 

D. By default, any flex definition can be assigned to a flex asset within a specific flex family at the time of creation. 


Q16. Which database does theJumpstart Kit use? 


B. HyperSQL 

C. Sybase 

D. Oracle Express 

E. TimesTen 



Q17. Which three characterscan be used ina template name? 

A. Underscore (_) 

B. hyphen (-) 

C. hash (#) 

D. any numeric value 

E. percent (%) 

F. colon (:) 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q18. What two arecharacteristics of basic assets? 

A. can be rated for use with recommendations and promotions 

B. are simple data structures with a single storage table 

C. support a fixed, predictable design with a moderate number of attributes 

D. do not work with static publishing 

E. do not allow for subtypes 

F. inlcude main tag families such as ASSETSET, SEARCHSTATE, and RENDER 

Answer: B,F 

Q19. During a WebCenter Sites installation, the schema is not created and the following error appears in thefuturetense.txtlogs: 

What is the reason? 

A. The database is down. 

B. There is a mismatch between the database driver and the database server version. 

C. The connection string used for the data source is incorrect. 

D. The database user privileges are inadequate. 


Q20. In whichenvironment do editorialusers maintain their content? 

A. management 

B. development 

C. delivery 

D. disaster recovery 

E. quality assurance