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Q31. What are two choices that a customer must make that impact diskgroup creation? 

A. What is the level of redundancy required? 

B. What OS will be run? 

C. Where will disk backups be written? 

D. How many databases will run on the cluster? 

Answer: AB 

Q32. In looking to improve query performance for your Data Warehouse, select the best way that Exadata's Flash Cache feature can be leveraged? 

A. Enable Smart Flash Log. 

B. Execute alter table … cell_flash_cache=keep on heavily scanned tables. 

C. Enable Write Back Flash Cache. 

D. Create an ASM diskgroup on Flash Cache and move the indexes from disk to Flash. 


Q33. Which statement is true about the patching features provided in Platinum Services? 

A. Patching services are available for the full software stack up to twice per year. 

B. Patching support includes Exadata, Exalogic, and Database Appliance. 

C. Rolling window and complete down time approaches are two options to patching. 

D. Platinum covers Exadata storage software and firmware patching, but the customer must perform database patching. 


Q34. Which is the best location to point your customer to, for finding the latest Exadata patches? 

A. owner's guide 

B. Patch database in MyOracle Support 

C. MyOracle Support note 888828.1 

D. MyOracle Support for database patches, ULN for OS patches, and Sun Support for Server and InfiniBand patches. 


Q35. Which Exadata feature eliminates unnecessary data transfers between database nodes and storage? 

A. database views 

B. InfiniBand networking 

C. Flash Cache 

D. high performance SAS2 disk drives 

E. cell offloading 


Q36. Which two DML operations will add rows compressed by Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) to a table that is created to use HCC? 


B. insert with an append hint 



Answer: BD 

Q37. Which two statements appropriately describe the backup and recovery procedures on Exadata? 

A. Cell software backup is automatic and cell recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

B. Data stored in a database is backed up and restored by using CellCLI commands. 

C. Database server software backup is automatic and recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

D. Data stored in a database is backed up and restored by using RMAN commands. 

E. Cell software backup is performed through CellCLI and cell recovery is accomplished by using a rescue procedure. 

Answer: AD 

Q38. You get a Host Unreachable error when you attempt to connect to a server through a network terminal command line. What are two other ways in which you can connect? 

A. Use the ILOM Web GUI. 

B. Use the dcli command at the root prompt on a database node. 

C. Attach a terminal device to the back panel of the server with a serial cable. 

D. Connect by using SQL *Plus. 

E. Log in as root on the database node using the Net1 IP address. 

Answer: AC 

Q39. Which two statements are true about CellCLI? 

A. Using a CellCLI command, you can change the SNMP subscribers or add multiple SNMP subscribers. 

B. Using CellCLI, you can stop and start the ASM instances that are using the grid disks on the Exadata storage cell. 

C. With a simple CellCLI command, you can synchronize changes to all the storage cells in the Exadata realm. 

D. Using a CellCLI command, you can see whether grid disks are being used by ASM or not. 

E. You cannot use CellCLI to gather the serial numbers of physical disks. 

Answer: BD 

Q40. Consider this CellCLI command: 


Which two statements describe what happens when you execute this command? 

A. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on the first available cell hard disk. 

B. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on each available cell hard disk. 

C. It creates grid disks on the outermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

D. It creates grid disks on the innermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

E. It creates an Exadata Smart Flash Cache on all flash drives. 

Answer: BC