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In order to have Revenue Management calculate Observed Standalone Selling Prices, four steps must be completed.
Which two are NOT included in the four step process?

  • A. Close the previous period.
  • B. Review the calculated OSSP.
  • C. Categorize standalone sales by performance obligation.
  • D. Approve the OSSP by establishing it.
  • E. Run the Calculate Observed Standalone Selling Prices program.
  • F. Run Create Accountin

Answer: AF

A pricing dimension segment value combination is one of the factors to determine standalone selling prices. This combination is based on the pricing dimension assignment setup.
What does the pricing dimension assignment match the pricing dimension segment combination to?

  • A. pricing bands
  • B. a pricing dimension structure
  • C. the source document types
  • D. a pricing dimension structure instance

Answer: A

Which two are incorrect statements about the Oracle Fusion Receivables Transaction Sources section in the Manage Revenue Management System Options page?
1Z0-974 dumps exhibit

  • A. Revenue Management can only integrate to Fusion Receivables.
  • B. You can add up to 5 Transaction Sources as part of your integration with Fusion Receivables.
  • C. You can choose which Transaction Sources in Fusion Receivables integrate to Revenue Management.
  • D. You can define date filters in order to consider only relevant data needed to comply with the new revenue recognition standards.

Answer: AB

Given Oracle Revenue Management Cloud has predefined integration with Oracle E-Business Suite Financials, which two steps are NOT part of the steps to configure EBS for integration with Revenue Management Cloud?

  • A. Apply appropriate patches to EBS.
  • B. Run the Deploy System Options process.
  • C. Set the Profile Option AR: Source System Value for Revenue Management.
  • D. Map the EBS Chart of Accounts to the Cloud General Ledger.
  • E. Set the System Options in EBS Receivables on the Revenue Management ta

Answer: BD

Why are Source Document Type Codes required when defining Source Document Types?

  • A. Because they are Revenue Management Descriptive Flexfields.
  • B. Because they are needed for integration with Product Management.
  • C. Because they are needed for the VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS table to populate extensible attributes.
  • D. Because they provide uniqueness to the Source Document Type

Answer: D

Why Is Satisfaction Method a key element of a Performance Obligation?

  • A. because it determines whether revenue for a good or service is recognized Over Time or Point in Time
  • B. because it calculates the amount of Total Transaction Price allocated to date
  • C. because it calculates the percentage of Total Transaction Price allocated to date
  • D. because it specifies whether revenue has been fully or partially recognized for a good or service

Answer: D

What should E-Business Suite General Ledger and Oracle Cloud General Ledger do as part of the transition to the new standard strategy under ASC 606 and IFRS 15?

  • A. Create a reporting ledger.
  • B. Create a new primary ledger.
  • C. Create a secondary ledger.
  • D. Using their existing primary ledge

Answer: C

The predefined Revenue Contract Account Activities report originally had only one output option of spreadsheet.
Which output option can you now also choose to assist In handling a large number of records?

  • A. HTML
  • B. PowerPoint
  • C. Flat File
  • D. PDF

Answer: C

Given the Standalone Selling Price Profile combines all the key setup attributes of pricing Into one place, you create all standalone selling prices from the Standalone Selling Price Profiles for all Items or groups of items.
Which three setup attributes are part of a Standalone Selling Price Profile?

  • A. Observed Standalone Selling Prices
  • B. Estimated Standalone Selling Prices
  • C. Pricing Dimension Assignment
  • D. SSP Tolerance Usage
  • E. Items

Answer: ACE

Which configuration component is Source Document Type NOT connected to?

  • A. Revenue Management System Options
  • B. Performance Obligation Template
  • C. Contract Identification Rules
  • D. Revenue Price Profile
  • E. Performance Obligation Identification Rules

Answer: D

Given you can optionally use pricing bands to create standalone selling prices, which setting enables you to use pricing bands?

  • A. when a pricing dimension structure is enabled for pricing bands
  • B. when a source document type is enabled to use pricing bands
  • C. when a pricing dimension structure Instance Is enabled for pricing bands
  • D. when a value set segment label of Set Band is used

Answer: A

Which setup component Is NOT connected to a Revenue Price Profile?

  • A. Contract Identification Rules
  • B. Items
  • C. Source Document Types
  • D. Pricing Dimension Segments

Answer: A

1Z0-974 dumps exhibit
1Z0-974 dumps exhibit
What is the correct match sequence of the descriptions A, B and C against the titles?

  • A. B, C, A
  • B. A, C, B
  • C. C, B, A
  • D. C, A, B
  • E. A, B, C
  • F. B, A, C

Answer: B

After defining a pricing dimension structure for a customer, you must define a pricing dimension structure instance.
Which two attributes on the structure instance are inherited from the structure definition?

  • A. whether Dynamic Combination Creation Allowed is enabled
  • B. the shape: Same number of segments and order
  • C. the Displayed option
  • D. the value sets
  • E. the Query Required option

Answer: AB

Which two are choices for the Satisfaction Method when defining a Performance Obligation Identification Rule?

  • A. require complete
  • B. allow partial
  • C. allow complete
  • D. require partial

Answer: AB

In Revenue Management the Selling Amount and Allocated Amount may be different. How does
Revenue Management account for this difference?

  • A. It tracks the difference in a Discount Allocation Account at the contract line level.
  • B. It tracks the difference in a Write-off Allocation Account at the contract level.
  • C. It tracks the difference In a Discount Allocation Account at the contract level.
  • D. It Tracks the difference in a Write-Off Allocation Account at the contract line leve

Answer: C

A Corporation has a business requirement to build a custom Revenue Management report that users could run from the Scheduled Processes page.
Which reporting tool must be used to address this business requirement?

  • A. Smart View
  • B. Business Intelligence Publisher
  • C. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence
  • D. Reporting Studio

Answer: B

Which three tasks can be performed In the Revenue Management Work Area?

  • A. Edit Contract Identification Rules.
  • B. Review Observed Standalone Selling Prices.
  • C. Manage contracts in "Pending Review" status.
  • D. Manage contracts in "Pending Allocation" status.
  • E. Review Performance Satisfaction Plans.
  • F. Review Revenue Price Profile

Answer: BCD

Given the Identify Customer Contracts Job set performs many different processes, which action Is NOT performed by this job set?

  • A. allocates the SSP to various satisfaction events
  • B. creates the accounting for the stages in the process
  • C. allocates the SSP to various performance obligations
  • D. recognizes revenue if any satisfaction events exist
  • E. creates customer contracts and performance obligations

Answer: D

Which three attributes are helpful in defining a Contract Identification Rule?

  • A. Product Description
  • B. Quote Number
  • C. Delivery Address
  • D. Bill To Customer
  • E. Ledger
  • F. Business Unit

Answer: ABD

A furniture store Is running a promotion for a toaster with the purchase of a sofa or chair set. Data about the free toaster is not captured in any upstream application.
How should you handle this scenario In Revenue Management?

  • A. Ignore the performance obligation for the toaster because it was free of cost to the customer.
  • B. Define an Implied Performance Obligation Template to automatically add a performance obligation for the toaster.
  • C. Create the performance obligation for the toaster manually.
  • D. Define an adhoc rule in the Revenue Price Profile to include the toaste

Answer: B

What does a Variable Consideration require?

  • A. an estimate of the consideration be made at inception only
  • B. that the consideration be monetary
  • C. an estimate of the consideration be made at Inception, and corrections of the accrual at made at each period end until revenue Is recognized
  • D. a disclosure be made to the shareholders

Answer: A


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