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2021 Nov ccna pass4sure 200-120:

Q61. - (Topic 2) 

Which IEEE standard protocol is initiated as a result of successful DTP completion in a switch over Fast Ethernet? 

A. 802.3ad 

B. 802.1w 

C. 802.1D 

D. 802.1Q 


Q62. - (Topic 9) 

Which command can you use to set the hostname on a switch? 

A. switch-mdf-c1(config)#hostname switch-mdf1 

B. switch-mdf-c1>hostname switch-mdf1 

C. switch-mdf-c1#hostname switch-mdf1 

D. switch-mdf-c1(config-if)#hostname switch-mdf1 


Q63. - (Topic 5) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

The Bigtime router is unable to authenticate to the Littletime router. What is the cause of the problem? 

A. The usernames are incorrectly configured on the two routers. 

B. The passwords do not match on the two routers. 

C. CHAP authentication cannot be used on a serial interface. 

D. The routers cannot be connected from interface S0/0 to interface S0/0. 

E. With CHAP authentication, one router must authenticate to another router. The routers cannot be configured to authenticate to each other. 


Q64. - (Topic 2) 

Cisco Catalyst switches CAT1 and CAT2 have a connection between them using ports FA0/13. An 802.1Q trunk is configured between the two switches. On CAT1, VLAN 10 is chosen as native, but on CAT2 the native VLAN is not specified. 

What will happen in this scenario? 

A. 802.1Q giants frames could saturate the link. 

B. VLAN 10 on CAT1 and VLAN 1 on CAT2 will send untagged frames. 

C. A native VLAN mismatch error message will appear. 

D. VLAN 10 on CAT1 and VLAN 1 on CAT2 will send tagged frames. 


Q65. - (Topic 5) 

What levels will be trapped if the administrator executes the command 

router(config)# logging trap 4 (Choose four) 

A. Emergency 

B. Notice 

C. Alert 

D. Error 

E. Warning 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Up to date ccna routing and switching 200-120:

Q66. - (Topic 5) 

How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP addresses to hosts? 

A. Addresses are permanently assigned so that the host uses the same address at all times. 

B. Addresses are assigned for a fixed period of time. At the end of the period, a new request for an address must be made, and another address is then assigned. 

C. Addresses are leased to hosts. A host will usually keep the same address by periodically contacting the DHCP server to renew the lease. 

D. Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement. 


Q67. - (Topic 9) 

Which type of address is the public IP address of a NAT device? 

A. outside global 

B. outside local 

C. inside global 

D. inside local 

E. outside public 

F. inside public 


Q68. - (Topic 4) 

Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.) 

A. provides common view of entire topology 

B. exchanges routing tables with neighbors 

C. calculates shortest path 

D. utilizes event-triggered updates 

E. utilizes frequent periodic updates 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q69. - (Topic 7) 

What would be the effect of issuing the command ip access-group 114 in to the fa0/0 interface? 

A. Attempts to telnet to the router would fail. 

B. It would allow all traffic from the network. 

C. IP traffic would be passed through the interface but TCP and UDP traffic would not. 

D. Routing protocol updates for the network would not be accepted from the fa0/0 interface. 


Q70. - (Topic 4) 

Refer to the exhibit. 

For what two reasons has the router loaded its IOS image from the location that is shown? (Choose two.) 

A. Router1 has specific boot system commands that instruct it to load IOS from a TFTP server. 

B. Router1 is acting as a TFTP server for other routers. 

C. Router1 cannot locate a valid IOS image in flash memory. 

D. Router1 defaulted to ROMMON mode and loaded the IOS image from a TFTP server. 

E. Cisco routers will first attempt to load an image from TFTP for management purposes. 

Answer: A,C