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2021 Mar 200-310 exam answers

Q121. A hierarchical design of the EIGRP domain facilitates which two of the following? (Choose two.) 

A. route summarization 

B. faster convergence 

C. unequal cost load balancing 

D. redistribution 

E. virtual links 

Answer: A,B 

Q122. An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria: 

. has a low initial cost 

. provides low-to-medium BW 

. has medium-to-high latency and jitter 

Which technology should the organization use? 


B. X.25 


D. wireless 

E. analog modem 


Q123. What are two advantages of employing scalability when designing a campus network? (Choose two.) 

A. reduces operational cost 

B. higher port density 

C. investment protection 

D. consistent operation 

E. improved fault tolerance 

Answer: D,E 

Q124. In the enterprise data center, which are the three main components? (Choose three.) 

A. Network Infrastructure 

B. Interactive services 

C. Data Center Management 

D. Internet services 

E. WAN services 

F. VPN and remote access 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q125. What are three valid methods of gathering information about an existing data network? (Choose three.) 

A. Use organizational input. 

B. Perform a traffic analysis. 

C. Analyze the user-mapping of a running application. 

D. Perform a packet-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees. 

E. Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network. 

F. Use reports that analyze the metrics of the customer's existing network. 

Answer: A,B,E 

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Q126. What branch design supports 100 to 1000 users and integrates ASA firewalls? 

A. small 

B. medium 

C. large 

D. extra large 


Q127. Which HSRP parameters must match, to ensure proper functionality? 

A. group parameters 

B. priority parameters 

C. preempt parameters 

D. tracking parameters 


Q128. During which phase of the PPDIOO model would you conduct interviews with supporting staff to develop and propose a viable solution? 

A. Prepare 

B. Plan 

C. Design 

D. Implement 

E. Operate 

F. Optimize 



Prepare Phase The Prepare phase establishes organization and business requirements, develops a network strategy, and proposes a high-level conceptual architecture to support the strategy. Technologies that support the architecture are identified. This phase creates a business case to establish a financial justification for a network strategy. 

Q129. Which first-hop redundancy protocol dynamically distributes client traffic between multiple routers? 






Q130. Which voice codec should you use in order to provide toll quality calls? 

A. G.711 

B. G.718 

C. G.722 

D. G.729