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New Cisco 200-355 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Q14. The results of a Cisco WCS client troubleshooting tool are summarized into a simple visual representation of a four-part progression of the connection status for a wireless client.

What are the four parts? (Choose four.)

A. client MAC address

B. 802.11 authentication

C. IP address assignment

D. 802.11 association

E. successful association

F. authentication method


H. client radio type

Answer: B,C,D,E

Q15. How many dBm is 40 mW?

A. 10 dBm

B. 16 dBm

C. 20 dBm

D. 22 dBm

E. 40 dBm

Answer: B

Q16. An access point is currently transmitting at 4 mW. The customer needs to increase its signal strength by 6 dB to create a larger wireless cell. What should the new transmit power be?

A. 8 mW

B. 10 mW

C. 12 mW

D. 16 mW

E. 24 mW

Answer: D

Q17. Which of the following are three functions of Cisco RRM? (Choose three.)


B. intercontroller roaming

C. dynamic channel assignment

D. intracontroller roaming

E. coverage hole detection

Answer: A,C,E

Q18. Which two Cisco WLC management-access methods are available as the default setting? (Choose two.)



C. Telnet


Answer: A,B

Q19. Which two factors must be considered when evaluating an RF interferer for severity?

(Choose two.)

A. distance from the AP

B. dBm

C. the type of security crack being used

D. duty cycle

E. number of interfering IP stations in the cell

F. duplicate SSID

Answer: B,D

Q20. During Layer 2 intercontroller roaming, which two items change? (Choose two.)



C. IP address


E. controller

Answer: D,E

Q21. When using a Split MAC architecture, how many CAPWAP data tunnels will be built to an AP with four SSIDs across two VLANs?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer: A


All equipment is operational. Through which two methods can a wireless client receive an IP address when associating to the WLAN? (Choose two.)

A. The clients can receive an IP address from SW1.

B. Tie clients can receive an IP address from WLC1.

C. The clients will not receive an IP address from either DHCP server because of overlapping address ranges.

D. The clients can receive an IP address in a round-robin maner from either SW1 or WLC1.

E. The clients can use a static IP address.

Answer: B,E

Q23. Which two statements about beacon frames used by access points are true? (Choose two.)

A. They contain SSIDs if this feature is enabled.

B. They provide vendor proprietary information.

C. They are another name for an associated request.

D. They are sent in response to a probe frame.

E. They include ATIM window information for power save operations.

Answer: A,B

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