Exam Code: 200-601 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies
Certification Provider: Cisco
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Q31. Refer to the exhibit. The Robot Cell is in a bottling plant. This cell environment needs to consider high flex, EMI, and possible exposure to moisture. Which physical media components need to be considered to prevent network degradation or interruptions? 

A. Stranded, shielded wire with an industrial jacket and M12 connectors 

B. Solid, unshielded commercial jacket wire, and M12 connectors 

C. Stranded, unshielded wire with an industrial jacket, and commercial grade RJ45 connectors 

D. Solid, shielded wire with commercial grade jacket, and commercial grade RJ45 connectors 


Q32. A shutdown in the cookie cutter machine was traced to a broken network cable. What are two reasons that explain why using DLR is an appropriate choice for network resiliency? (Choose two) 

A. DLR is designed for single network operation at the machine level 

B. Moving to a linear topology will reduce the number of cables and so reduce risk of cable failure 

C. DLR is the only resiliency technology that is supported by CIP Safety 

D. Layer 2 resiliency protocols like REP and RSTP do not have a fast enough convergence time for motion control 

E. Half of the network traffic goes clockwise on the ring and the other half counter-clockwise, reducing by 50% the impact of cable failure 

Answer: A,D 

Q33. Which three network mechanisms can be used for securely segmenting an industrial network? (Choose three) 




D. VRFs 

E. Firewalls 

F. Spanning-tree 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q34. It is common to use Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) on the manufacturing floor as a resiliency protocol, as opposed to the Enterprise where it is not generally deployed. What are two reasons why REP is more suitable for the plant floor? (Choose two) 

A. REP is only supported on Industrial Ethernet switches, it is not supported on Catalyst switches. 

B. REP converges faster than Spanning Tree, allowing for greater network availability. 

C. REP supports Industrial Ethernet protocols better because it moves the packets faster. 

D. Running dual cables from.access switches.to.an aggregation.switch can have a much higher cost on the plant floor than in the Enterprise and running a ring protocol like REP provides resiliency at a lower cost. 

E. Industrial protocols can be negatively impacted by the number of nodes the Ethernet frame traverses, REP provides a topology with no more than 3 nodes for any data path. 

Answer: B,D 

Q35. Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches are capable of sending alarm messages to ProfiNET management stations using the ProfiNET-IO protocol. Which four are alarms that can be configured for an interface? (Choose four) 

A. Port Not Forwarding 

B. Port Not Operating 

C. Port LLDP Disabled 

D. Port QoS Disabled 

E. Port Duplex Mismatch 

F. Port FCS Errors Exceeded Threshold 

G. Port CRC Errors Exceeded Threshold 

H. Port Link Fault 

Answer: A,B,F,H 

Up to the minute 200-601 practice test:

Q36. Which best describes.the difference between 802.11n and 802.11ac? 

A. 802.11ac offers more channels over more bands than 802.11n 

B. 802.11ac MCS 1 is about twice as fast as 802.11n MCS1 

C. 802.11ac offers more modulation schemes than 802.11n 

D. 802.11ac 1SS MCS 9 is allowed over a 20, 40, 80 and 160 MHz channel, while 802.11n 1SS MCS 9 is only allowed over a 20 or 40 MHz channel. 


Q37. Which describes a best practice rule for controlling traffic between the corporate network and the controls network? 

A. Outbound traffic from the control network to the corporate network and outbound traffic from the corporate network to the control network can be restricted based on source and destination address only. 

B. Outbound traffic from the corporate network to the control network should be restricted but outbound traffic from the control network to the corporate network should not be restricted. 

C. Outbound traffic from the control network to the corporate network should be restricted based on source and destination address and service only. 

D. Outbound traffic from the control network to the corporate network should be restricted.based on source and destination address, service, and port. 


Q38. A cookie cutter machine requires 2 standard controllers and a safety controller. All of these controllers and machine level I/O have been placed on VLAN 104. Both standard controllers must monitor a photocell on this machine. Which IP address is used to transfer this status information? 






Q39. Profinet has been disabled on a Cisco Industrial Ethernet switch, which.CLI commands correctly enable ProfiNET on VLAN 10? 

A. switch(config)#profinet switch(config)#profinet vlan 10 

B. switch#enable profinet switch(config)#profinet vlan 10 

C. switch(config)#profinet switch(config)#vlan 10 switch(config-vlan)#profinet 

D. switch#enable profinet switch(config)#vlan 10 switch(config-vlan)#profinet 


Q40. What security component can be deployed to increase the defense in depth and specifically can be positioned against 'man-in-the-middle' attack? 

A. Deploy 802.1AE 

B. Deploy 802.1X 

C. Deploy 802.1Q 

D. Deploy 802.1AX