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2021 Nov contran 210-060 cicd ebook:

Q31. Which option allows an engineer to deploy new firmware to a single phone, while reducing possible impact? 

A. Define a new firmware load on specific device. Save configuration and reset individual device. 

B. Define load in device defaults. Reset Device Pool. 

C. Upload firmware to TFTP server. Restart TFTP service. 

D. Enable Peer Firmware Sharing. 


Q32. Which three methods can remotely force a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express phone to reset? (Choose three.) 

A. Issue a shutdown, no shutdown command on a switch port that provides PoE to a Cisco phone. 

B. Issue the restart command under the ephone-dn configuration of the phone. 

C. Issue the reset command under the ephone configuration of the phone. 

D. Issue the reset command under the ephone-dn configuration of the phone. 

E. Issue the reset H.H.H (mac-address) command telephony-service configuration. 

F. Issue the reset H.H.H (mac-address) command under global configuration. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q33. Which type of signaling does desktop control mode use to control a desk phone? 






Q34. CDR/CMR Reporting is being enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. As part of this process, which two service parameters must be activated? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco CAR Web Service 

B. CDR Enabled Flag 

C. Cisco Serviceability Reporter 

D. Call Diagnostics Enabled 

E. Statistics Enabled 

Answer: B,D 

Q35. Many users report that there is a delay in receiving MWI notifications for voicemails. Which two issues can cause this problem? (Choose two.) 

A. The Connection Notifier service has been stopped. 

B. Voicemail ports are not configured for MWI requests. 

C. The MWI functionality for the port groups has been disabled. 

D. Not enough MWI assigned ports are available. 

E. MWIs are in the process of synchronizing with the phone system. 

Answer: D,E 

Update rs c 210-060 exam:

Q36. Which two technologies comprise a Cisco Presence deployment? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco Unified Presence Server 

B. Cisco Unity Connection 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

D. Active Directory 

E. Cisco Unified Border Element 

F. Cisco Expressway 

Answer: A,C 

Q37. The receptionist has a Cisco 7965 phone with 24-button side-car configuration. The side-car button of the phone does not light up when the line is in use..Which phone configuration is missing? 

A. Subscriber calling search space 

B. Location 

C. BLF audible alert setting 

D. Phone button template 


Q38. An administrator group is looking to on-board multiple users with Cisco Unified Communications Manager at one time. Which option should be used? 

A. Bulk Administration Tool 

B. Product Upgrade Tool 

C. Command Lookup Tool 

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options Page 

E. Cisco Upload Tool 


Q39. A user wants their name to show on their phone instead of their directory number. Which configuration item allows an administrator to do this? 

A. Line Text Label 

B. Alerting Name 

C. External Phone Number Mask 

D. Caller Name 

E. Description 


Q40. To control telephony costs, management wants to restrict who can place long distance calls. Which two options allow for this restriction? (Choose two.) 

A. calling search space 

B. partitions 

C. route groups 

D. SIP trunk 

E. gateway 

Answer: A,B