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2021 Jan 210-060 exam:

Q41. Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. 

International calls are also failing. Using the router configuration supplied, why are international calls failing? 

A. Prefix should be 00 

B. The character "T" cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern 

C. The port should be 0/0/0:12 

D. The destination pattern is missing a "0" 



The International dial peer configuration is shown below: 

\psfHome.TrashScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.54.06 AM.png The prefix is incorrectly set to 900, not 00. 

Q42. Which four tasks does RTMT allow an administrator to perform? (Choose four.) 

A. View syslog.messages. 

B. Generate alerts when threshold is below or above user-configured. 

C. Monitor a set of predefined management objects that monitor the health of the system. 

D. Collect information and traces about errors or alerts that exist in the RTMT. 

E. Reboot the system. 

F. Perform incremental backups. 

G. Export CDR. 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q43. Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. 

Emergency calls from a Branch router phone is failing. From the router configuration information provided, why is this call failing? 

A. The dial-peer port assignment is incorrect 

B. the digit string prefix is missing 

C. The destination pattern is incorrect 

D. digit stripping needs to be performed 



The emergency dial peer configuration is shown below from the Branch routers: 

\psfHome.TrashScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.48.49 AM.png 

Here we can see that 911 does not actually match the configured destination patterns. 

Q44. An engineer receives an isolated report that the customer can make calls successfully from an IP phone to other IP phones, but receives an error recording when attempting to call someone over the PSTN. The user cannot recall the error recording to provide the specific error message. Which two steps should the network engineer take to begin troubleshooting? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable debug isdn q931 on the gateway and have user make the same call from the IP phone to PSTN again. 

B. Check the region used by the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 

C. Test the call using Dialed Number Analyzer in Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrator. 

D. Check the calling search space used by the line on the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 

E. Check the gateway to determine which codec is being used by the appropriate dial peer. 

Answer: C,D 

Q45. Which two options are configured on the phone configuration page within Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrator? (Choose two.) 

A. device pool 

B. auto answer 

C. partition 

D. voice-mail profile 

E. MAC address 

Answer: A,E 

Up to the immediate present ccna collaboration cicd 210-060 lab:

Q46. An engineer has deployed IM-user-only mode for the IM and Presence Service. Which two features will be available? (Choose two.) 

A. third-party XMPP clients are not supported 

B. IM and Presence support without Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

C. audio/video calling 

D. Cisco Unity voicemail retrieval via SMTP 

E. XMPP federation capabilities 

Answer: B,E 

Q47. The IP phone of user A is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber1 while the IP phone of user B is registered with subscriber2. User A is speaking to user B on an active call. A junior network engineer mistakenly reboots subscriber1. 

What effect does this have on the call? 

A. User A can hear B, but B cannot hear A. 

B. User A cannot hear B, but B can hear A. 

C. This action drops the call. 

D. This action does not affect the call. 

E. The call remains active, but quality may suffer. 


Q48. Which utility is recommended for a network administrator who must provision 300 users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Batch Accounts Tool 

B. Bulk Administration Tool 

C. Bulk Accounts Tool 

D. Batch Administration Tool 


Q49. Why is quality of service critical to voice network traffic? 

A. Voice traffic is real-time network traffic. 

B. Packets can be resent without affecting conversations. 

C. Voice traffic is bursty in nature. 

D. Voice traffic cannot be compressed.