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2021 Apr 210-060 practice test

Q1. Which three network elements are crucial when deploying VoIP devices? (Choose three.) 

A. Round-trip time 

B. QoS markings 

C. Bandwidth 

D. Ethernet 

E. Fibre 

F. Token ring 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q2. Which type of signaling does desktop control mode use to control a desk phone? 






Q3. A company has invested in an on-premises VoIP solution. For design simplicity purposes, network engineers have opted to use a single VLAN for both data and voice traffic. Shortly after implementing IP phones, customers are reporting problems. 

Which two potential problems may be reported about the calls as a result of this design decision? (Choose two.) 

A. jitter detected in voice calls 

B. problems with email latency 

C. slow internet download speeds 

D. choppy voice calls 

E. PCs are getting IP addresses but phones are not 

Answer: A,D 

77. A user is assigned more than one directory number. Which option allows one voicemail box to serve both directory numbers? 

A. Alternate Extension 

B. Notification Devices 

C. Alternate Names 

D. Message Settings 

E. Caller Input 

F. Mailbox 


Q4. Which three methods can remotely force a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express phone to reset? (Choose three.) 

A. Issue a shutdown, no shutdown command on a switch port that provides PoE to a Cisco phone. 

B. Issue the restart command under the ephone-dn configuration of the phone. 

C. Issue the reset command under the ephone configuration of the phone. 

D. Issue the reset command under the ephone-dn configuration of the phone. 

E. Issue the reset H.H.H (mac-address) command telephony-service configuration. 

F. Issue the reset H.H.H (mac-address) command under global configuration. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q5. Which three locations can an administrator import from to create users on Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose three.) 

A. Bulk administration tool 


C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager via AXL 

D. Outlook 

E. Presence 

F. Cisco Compatible Extensions 

Answer: A,B,C 

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Q6. Which client supports Cisco Unified Presence? 

A. Jabber 

B. Lync 

C. Skype 

D. Quip 


Q7. An administrator wants to add and configure an ephone-dn via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express web GUI. Which feature must be defined under telephony service configuration? 

A. auto-reg-ephone 

B. auto-reg-dn 

C. max-ephones 

D. max-dn 

E. dn-webedit 


Q8. To control telephony costs, management wants to restrict who can place long distance calls. Which two options allow for this restriction? (Choose two.) 

A. calling search space 

B. partitions 

C. route groups 

D. SIP trunk 

E. gateway 

Answer: A,B 

Q9. The receptionist has a Cisco 7965 phone with 24-button side-car configuration. The side-car button of the phone does not light up when the line is in use..Which phone configuration is missing? 

A. Subscriber calling search space 

B. Location 

C. BLF audible alert setting 

D. Phone button template