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Q1. Which API structure does Cisco UCS Manager support? 






Q2. Which two descriptions of.VXLAN are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The VXLAN Identifier space is 24 bits. 

B. VXLAN uses the Internet Protocol as the transport medium. 

C. VXLAN adds 24 bytes of overhead to each packet. 

D. VXLAN is primarily designed for small environments. 

Answer: A,B 

Q3. Which of the following.best.describes the order of operations of FCoE Initialization Protocol? 

A. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery, FC Command 

B. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, PLOGI Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery 

C. FCF Discovery, PLOGI Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery 

D. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery 


Q4. Cisco APICs utilize sharding to provide what function for an ACI fabric? 

A. It provides scalability and reliability to the data sets generated and processed by the Distributed Policy Repository, the endpoint registry, the Observer, and the Topology Manager 

B. It provides replication of application network policies across the APICs in the cluster 

C. It provides a method for determining which APIC will act as the master in a fabric during the election process 

D. It provides horizontal scaling ability for policy management on APICs 


Q5. Which of the following statements best describes Atomic Inheritance? 

A. It maintains a consistent configuration among the interfaces in a port profile and the entire port profile configuration is applied to its member interfaces 

B. To maintain a consistent configuration among the sub-interfaces in a port profile 

C. It tracks the packets among the interfaces in a port profile from the start of each flow until termination 

D. To maintain a system VLAN connection to ensure communication between the VSM and VEM 


Q6. Which option is one essential characteristic of Cloud computing? 

A. It must use virtualization. 

B. It must provide load balancing services. 

C. It must provide on-demand self service. 

D. It must run on open source software. 


Q7. Which Cisco product can provide an iSCSI target for an iSCSI initiator? 

A. Cisco MDS 9710 

B. Cisco Nexus 7010 

C. Cisco UCS Invicta 

D. Cisco Nexus 9510 


Q8. Which of these are hypervisors typically utilized in a modern data center? 

A. VMware, HyperV, Linux 

B. ESXi, HyperV, Linux 

C. ESXi, HyperV, KVM 

D. VMware, HyperV, KVM 


Q9. Which integrated infrastructure.rely on OpenStack technology? 

A. FlexPod 

B. Vblock 


D. OpenBlocks 


Q10. Whichoption contains server hardware identifiers, firmware, state, configuration, and connectivity characteristics? 

A. pools 

B. policies 

C. service profiles 

D. resource groups