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Every time a user manually runs an antivirus scan, the workstation becomes unresponsive, and the user has to reboot A technician is dispatched and sees an antivirus pop-up in the system tray, indicating the computer is severely damaged, and a "click here" button to resolve it. There is a timer in the pop-up. counting down the time until the computer is no longer usable. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

  • A. Research the pop-up to see if it is a legitimate malware solution.
  • B. Click on the pop-up window to resolve the issue before the time runs out.
  • C. Send an email to all staff members warning them of malware on their system.
  • D. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the workstation and disable WiFi.

Answer: D

A technician is in the process of upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 10. The technician needs to make sure all of the applications, user profiles, documents, and PST files are preserved. Which of the following methods would the technician MOST likely perform on the computer?

  • A. Unattended installation
  • B. Refresh upgrade
  • C. Clean installation
  • D. In-place upgrade

Answer: B

Which of the following types of scripts would be seen on the user end of a web page?

  • A. .bat
  • B. .js
  • C. .sh
  • D. .vbs

Answer: D

A wireless access point is going to be configured in a small office located in a crowded building. Which of the following should the installation technician perform to increase the security of the wireless network? (Select two.)

  • A. Reduce the transmit power
  • B. Reduce the channel availably
  • C. Disable the DHCP server
  • D. Enable QoS management
  • E. Disable the SSID broadcast
  • F. Implement WPA encryption

Answer: AE

A user calls a technician to report loud beeps that are coming from the server room following a recent rainstorm and power outage. The technician verifies all the servers are online and working properly, and the backup power unit is functioning properly and without errors. Which of the following Is MOST likely the Issue?

  • A. PSU alarm
  • B. Humidity alarm
  • C. Temperature alarm
  • D. Motion alarm

Answer: C

Which of the following installation types would require the use of an answer file to install the OS?

  • A. Unattended
  • B. Clean
  • C. Repair
  • D. Upgrade

Answer: A

Ann, a user, is attempting to log in to her email service form a third-party email client on her phone. When Ann enters her usual username and password, she receives an error message saying the credentials are invalid.
Ann then decides to reset her email password, but after the reset, the new credentials still do not work in the third-party email client.
Which of the following settings or features is responsible for the problems Ann is experiencing?

  • A. Full device encryption
  • B. Account lock
  • C. Multifactor authentication
  • D. Strong password requirements

Answer: C

While attempting to install a new program, an end user is notified the workstation meets the memory requirements, but it does not meet the requirements for free space. Due to time constraints the user needs a quick way to install and access the program. Which of the following is the BEST option given the solution?

  • A. Install to a network drive
  • B. Install to a USB drive
  • C. Install to a DVD-RW
  • D. Install to a security internal_HDD

Answer: A

Which of the following file types should be opened when executing a PowerShell script?

  • A. .bat
  • B. .vbs
  • C. .sh
  • D. .ps1
  • E. .psd

Answer: D

A network administrator has given a technician documentation detailing the switchports the technician will need to patch in for a network upgrade. Which of the following documents did the network administrator MOST likely give to the technician?

  • A. Process diagram
  • B. Physical network diagram
  • C. Fiber backbone diagram
  • D. Logical topology diagram

Answer: B

A user reports that a cell phone application is loading slowly and not functioning properly Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this issue?

  • A. Remove and reinstall the application.
  • B. Hard reset the cell phone.
  • C. Reconnect the wireless network connection
  • D. Close all running applications

Answer: D

Users notify the help desk of an email that was just received. The email came from the help desk’s email address and asked the users to click on an embedded link. This email is BEST described as:

  • A. phishing.
  • B. zombie.
  • C. whaling.
  • D. spoofing.

Answer: D

A technician responds to a call from a user who claims to have a virus on a workstation. The technician observes the following notification from the system tray:
There are 1033 infected files on this computer. Click here to disinfect.
The link is blocked by the corporate content filter and displays a message stating the site contains known malware. Which of the following should the technician complete to secure the computer with MINIMAL impact to the user?

  • A. Compare the startup items and services to a known clean image, and remove any startup items not found in the other imag
  • B. Run an anti-malware scan.
  • C. Validate that the alerts are false positives, and disable security software on the workstation to prevent further false notifications.
  • D. Back up the user’s file
  • E. Restore the system to the original system image designated by corporate IT policie
  • F. Restore the user’s files.
  • G. Request a content filter exception to allow access to the link from the notificatio
  • H. Once available, follow the instructions on the linked site.

Answer: A

Which of the following is a reason to use WEP over WPA?

  • A. Device compatibility
  • B. Increased security
  • D. Multifactor authentication

Answer: B

A user’s Windows laptop has become consistently slower over time. The technician checks the CPU utilization and sees that it varies between 95% and 100%. After the technician closes some running applications, the CPU utilization drops to approximately 20%, and the laptop runs much faster. The next day the same user calls again with the same problem. Which of the following is a tool the technician can use to resolve the issue?

  • A. Task Manager
  • B. MSTSC
  • C. MSConfig
  • D. PerfMon

Answer: A

During the firmware upgrade of a web server, a power outage occurred. The outage caused a failure within the upgrade. Which of the following plans must be implemented to revert back to the most recent version of the firmware?

  • A. Backout plan
  • B. Contingency plan
  • C. Alternative plan
  • D. Backup plan

Answer: D

A security administrator does some network testing and identifies significant issues with security on desktop computers. As part of remediation, the network administrator is developing documentation based on best practices for applying updates to end users’ computers. The network administrator must create the process documentation needed to submit back to the security administrator for approval. Which of the following process documents would the network administrator MOST likely create? (Choose two.)

  • A. Risk analysis
  • B. End-user acceptance
  • C. Backout plan
  • D. Plan for change
  • E. Business processes
  • F. Request for proposal

Answer: CD

A company’s security policy does not allow USB drives to be available in workstations. However, an exception needs to be made for a user. The network administrator changes the policy for the user. Which of the following commands should the administrator run on the user’s workstation?

  • A. chkdsk
  • B. netstat
  • C. gpupdate
  • D. diskpart

Answer: C

A technician is repairing a computer. Which of the following should the technician do to protect the computer from accidental voltage spikes?

  • A. Practice electrical fire safety.
  • B. Clean tools properly before use.
  • C. Remove any jewelry.
  • D. Connect a proper ESD strap.

Answer: D

Which of the following is considered government-regulated data?

  • A. PII
  • B. End-user license agreement
  • C. Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • D. DRM

Answer: A

Ann, a user, calls a technician and reports that her PC will not boot. The technician confirms the memory, power supply, and monitor are all working. The technician runs internal diagnostics on the PC, but the hard drive is nor recognized. Which of the following messages will be displayed?

  • A. NTLDR not found
  • B. No boot device available
  • C. Operating system not found
  • D. BIOS ROM checksum error

Answer: B

An employee reported that a suspicious individual was looking through the recycle bin. Which of the following types of social engineering threats is this?

  • A. Phishing
  • B. Spear phishing
  • C. Dumpster diving
  • D. Impersonation

Answer: C

Joe. an end user, just changed his network password A pop-up box appears a few minutes later, prompting him to enter his password. Joe enters his new network password and is able to continue working. A few minutes later, the same pop-up box appears again, asking him to enter his network password. Which of the following Control Panel utilities can Joe use to help with this situation?

  • A. Credential Manager
  • B. Network and Sharing Center
  • C. Security and Maintenance
  • D. Troubleshooting

Answer: A

Which of the following can be applied directly to an organizational unit In Active Directory to provide security to both the user and the machine?

  • A. Folder Redirection
  • B. Group Policy
  • C. Security Groups
  • D. Home Folder

Answer: C

A user calls the help desk regarding a new Windows issue that started in the morning. The user can no longer use any locally attached devices such as a mouse or a printer, and a reboot did not fix the problem Which of the following would MOST likely fix the issue?

  • A. Roll back updates.
  • B. Disable the Windows Update service
  • C. Check for updates
  • D. Restore hidden updates

Answer: A

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website with port 443 enabled. Other computers on the same LAN do not exhibit this symptom. Which of the following needs to be adjusted on the workstation to fix the issue?

  • A. Date and time
  • B. UEFI boot mode
  • C. Logon times
  • D. User access control

Answer: A

A corporate network was recently infected by a malicious application on a flash drive that downloaded sensitive company files and injected a virus, which spread onto the network Which of the following best practices could have prevented the attack?

  • A. Implementing strong passwords
  • B. Changing default credentials
  • C. Disabling AutoRun
  • D. Removing Guest account
  • E. Encrypting data

Answer: D

Ann, an employee at a company, calls the help disk to report issues logging on to a vendor’s website. Joe, the technician, is able to log in successfully with his credentials before going to Ann’s office. However, when he attempts to log in from Ann’s office, Joe experiences the same issue. Ann asks Joe questions about the new software installed on the laptop from the pop-up notification.
Which of the following are the NEXT steps Joe should take to resolve the issue? (Select two.)

  • A. Ask Ann for her credentials to verify and log on to the vendor’s website from Ann’s laptop
  • B. Verify Ann’s laptop has the correct browser settings
  • C. Check all browser cached files on Ann’s laptop and log on to another vendor’s website
  • D. Attempt to log on to another vendor’s website from Ann’s laptop
  • E. Ask Ann about the notification and review the installed programs
  • F. Reinstall the browser, reboot the laptop, and check the vendor’s website again

Answer: CE

A technician has identified malware on a user’s system. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT according to malware removal best practices?

  • A. Enable System Restore and create a restore point so no data is lost
  • B. Educate the user about how to avoid malware in the future
  • C. Update the antivirus software and run a full system scan
  • D. Move the infected system to a lab with no network connectivity

Answer: D

A sales representative regularly modifies confidential files on a laptop and needs them to be available all the time. The sales representative will be on a six-month business trip in two weeks. A technician has been asked to assist the sales representative with saving files.
Which of the following is the BEST method to implement to prevent any data loss for the sales representative?

  • A. Give the sales representative a USB security lock.
  • B. Encrypt the laptop’s image on the server.
  • C. Create a redundant cloud storage drive.
  • D. Give the sales representative an external hard drive.

Answer: C


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