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Q21. Which of the following display technologies provides the BEST range of visible colors?



C. Plasma


Answer: D

Q22. A technician is planning on running multimode fiber and only needs the fiber runs to be 500 feet (152 meters) in distance. Which of the following connectors should the technician use?




D. F

Answer: C

Q23. A laptop is setup at a podium for a presentation but is set to extended desktop. The presenter would like it to show exactly what the laptop screen is showing. Which of the following would be the QUICKEST way to accomplish this?

A. Look for the setting in control panel

B. Toggle the dual display function key

C. Change the screen orientation

D. Reboot the laptop

Answer: B

Q24. A server has been configured behind a firewall and a website has been deployed, but customers are unable to access the website. Which of the following should the technician do to ensure the customers can access the site?

A. Place server in DMZ.

B. Change DHCP settings.

C. Enable port forwarding.

D. Adjust QoS settings.

Answer: C

Q25. A user is trying to use an external hard drive with an incompatible file system. Which of the following tools will allow the user to change the file system on the hard drive?

A. format

B. defrag

C. bootrec

D. chkdsk

Answer: A

Q26. A customer wants to copy a database that is 97GB in size for multiple uses. Which of the following format specifications should the customer use?



C. BD – RE


Answer: A

Q27. A user is attempting to print a color document but it will not print in color. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to fix the problem?

A. Reset printer IP address.

B. Change color toner cartridge.

C. Check grayscale setting.

D. Reinstall printer driver.

Answer: C

Q28. A technician is asked to install Microsoft office directly on a customer’s computing device. The technician notifies the customer that office cannot be installed directly on that device. Which of the following device types does the customer have?

A. Mac

B. Thick client

C. Thin client

D. Phablet

Answer: C

Q29. Which of the following interfaces are used to simultaneously transfer video and audio at high rates?



C. S-Video


Answer: A

Q30. A network technician has been tasked with deploying new VoIP phones on a network. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable for the phone into the wall port, the phone fails to turn on. When the technician plugs the Ethernet cable directly into the computer, the computer is able to access the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. The network switch does not support PoE

B. The technician is connecting the phone to the wrong type of port

C. The firewall on the network is blocking access to the DHCP server

D. The Ethernet cable is the wrong type

Answer: A