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2021 Mar 220-902 test

Q41. A user reports browsing the Internet is slow and an icon with a picture of a person with a headset keeps asking them to “click here for help.” The user has clicked on the icon to try to resolve the slowness but all that happens is the computer redirects them to a website to purchase software. Which of the following should be performed FIRST to resolve the issue? 

A. Create a restore point 

B. Run O/S updates 

C. Train the user of malicious software 

D. Identify the type of malware 


Q42. A new user reports trying to login to a workstation but, when pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, they are asked for a PIN. Which of the following should be done NEXT? 

A. Enter all passwords they have used in the past 

B. Verify a smart card has been issued 

C. Check the network cable 

D. Reboot the computer 


Q43. A technician is tasked to change the number of CPU cores available to the OS to enhance productivity. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to perform this task? 

A. msconfig 

B. perfmon 

C. taskmgr 

D. dxdiag 


Q44. A user receives an unsolicited call from a technician claiming to be from a Microsoft certified partner. The technician tricks the user into allowing them access to their PC because of malware alerts that were being broadcasted. Which of the following attacks is this user a victim of? 

A. Shoulder surfing 

B. Phishing attack 

C. Social engineering 

D. Malware infection 


Q45. A technician is tasked with setting up a user’s webmail on a tablet, phone, and laptop. The user would like the data synced to all three devices. Which of the following items can be synced to the devices via webmail? (Select THREE). 

A. Free/busy 

B. Programs 

C. Documents 

D. Calendar 

E. Favorites 

F. Social media 

G. Contacts 

Answer: A,D,G 

Replace 220-902 practice:

Q46. A user reports that a file they shared out on their computer for another network user is not accessible to the third party. The user insists they specifically gave this third party Allow rights for Read and Write access. Which of the following could explain the problem at hand? 

A. The parent folder has explicit Allow rights set for this user. 

B. The parent folder has explicit Deny rights set for this user. 

C. The user forgot to share the parent folder and only shared the specific file. 

D. The parent folder likely has the “archive” attribute enabled. 


Q47. A user states that when they logon to their computer sometimes they get an IP conflict error. The user computer is configured with a static IP. Which of the following is the problem? 

A. Duplicate IP exist on the network 

B. DHCP server needs to be rebooted 

C. Network adapter driver needs to be updated 

D. Bad network adapter 



You need to configure your mobile device to send and receive electronic messages from your company. Your mobile device must be able to truly synchronize the message state with your desktop, so that when a message is read on your desktop, it is marked as read on your mobile device. These are the proper parameters: 

. Email address: tech@techies.com 

. Password: P@$$w0rd 

. Pop.techies.com Port: 110 Security: None 

. IMAP.techies.com Port: 993 Security: SSL 

. smtp.techies.com Port: 465 Security: TLS 

. Company SSID: Techies 

. Security: WPA2 

. Passphrase: P@$$w0rd 

. SSID is not broadcasted 

Instructions: You are not authorized to use the Company's WLAN. The outgoing server does not require login credentials. When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button to submit your answer. 

Answer: Review the explanation for all details: 

Q49. A technician is configuring wireless for a home office. The customer wants to prevent others from accessing the wireless network. The customer has a small number of devices on the network and does not want to have to remember a complicated password. Which of the following should the technician recommend? 

A. Enable MAC filtering 

B. Disable SSID broadcast 

C. Assign static IP addresses 

D. Turn on content filtering 


Q50. A technician is tasked with analyzing computer settings managed by Microsoft Group Policy configuration. The technician wants to print a report to an HTML file for offline review. Which of the following Windows command line tools would allow the technician to accomplish this task? 

A. gpedit.msc 

B. gpupdate 

C. gpresult 

D. gpmc.msc