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2021 Mar 2V0-621 free practice questions

Q61. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator reviews the Health of a virtual machine, as shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which three metrics can be used to determine the virtual machine's Workload characteristics? (Choose three.) 


B. Memory 

C. Network IO 

D. Threads 

E. vNUMA Stats 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q62. Refer to the Exhibit. 

The Prod-DB virtual machine has a VM Override as shown in the Exhibit. 

What step, it taken, would require all virtual machines in the cluster to migrate automatically? 

A. Deselect the virtual machine from VM Overrides. 

B. Add all virtual machines to the VM Overrides. 

C. Change Response for Host Isolation to Use Cluster Settings. 

D. Change the Automation level to Use Cluster Settings. 


Q63. An administrator needs to recover disk space on a previously-used thin provisioned virtual disk. The volumes where the administrator needs to recover the disk blocks are on VAAI-compliant storage arrays. 

Which two actions should the administrator take accomplish this task? (Choose two.) 

A. Perform a Storage vMotion to another volume in order to force free space recovery to occur. This recreates the volume in a new location and recovers all unused space. 

B. Use VMware Converter to migrate the virtual machine to a new datastore. This will recreate the volumes and recover all unused space. 

C. Issue the vmkfstools -vmfs unmap command within the VMFS volume directory on the ESXi host console. 

D. Execute the esxcli storage vmfs unmap command. 

Answer: B,D 

Q64. Which two reasons would prevent Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) from operating on a datastore? (Choose two.) 

A. The datastore has Storage I/O Control disabled. 

B. The datastore is connected to an unsupported host. 

C. The datastore is hosted on an NFS server. 

D. The datastore is hosted on an iSCSI server. 

Answer: A,B 

Q65. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator is using the esxtop command to troubleshoot storage performance issues on a virtual machine. The esxtop capture is shown in the Exhibit. 

Based on the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The iSCSI device is experiencing high latency. 

B. The ESXi kernel is experiencing high latency. 

C. The Guest OS is experiencing high latency and response time. 

D. The NFS device is experiencing high latency. 

Answer: A,C 

Latest 2V0-621 free question:

Q66. The command esxcli network vm list displays four virtual machines connected to the Production vSwitch. Within the vSphere Web Client, five virtual machines are seen. 

What explains this behavior? 

A. The fifth virtual machine is currently powered off. 

B. The fifth virtual machine has two vnics. 

C. The fifth virtual machine has an invalid IP address. 

D. The fifth virtual machine has an invalid MAC address. 


Q67. An administrator observes a warning on the vSphere High Availability (HA) cluster: 

This host currently has no management network redundancy 

Which two actions would address the warning? (Choose two.) 

A. Add an additional uplink to the management vmknic. 

B. Include the advanced HA parameter das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning. 

C. Add an additional management vmknic to the vSwitch. 

D. Include the advanced HA parameter das.ignoreNetWarningRedundancy. 

Answer: A,B 

Q68. An administrator is implementing a vSphere 6.x environment containing one vCenter Server and five ESXi hosts. The administrator has just finished deploying the vCenter Server appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller (PSC) and needs to ensure that default security certificates within the vSphere 6.x environment are replaced with new certificates. 

What should the administrator do to complete this task with the least administrative effort? 

A. Add the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server before updating the VMCA root certificate on the PSC. 

B. Make VMCA an Intermediate Certificate Authority to ensure each added ESXi hosts receives the same certificate. 

C. Replace the VMCA root certificate before adding the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server. 

D. Create ESXi host security certificates using the SSL Thumbprint mode to ensure consistency among all hosts. 


Q69. An administrator is building a large virtual machine that will require as many vCPUs as the host can support. An ESXi 6.x host has these specifications: 

Four 24-core Intel Xeon Processors 

256 GB of Memory 

512 GB Local disk space using VMFS5 

What is the maximum number of virtual CPUs that the virtual machine can be allocated? 

A. 64 

B. 96 

C. 128 

D. 192 


Q70. When upgrading vCenter Server, an administrator notices that the upgrade fails at the vCenter Single Sign-On installation. 

What must be done to allow the upgrade to complete? 

A. Verify that the VMware Directory service can stop by manually restarting it. 

B. Verify that the vCenter Single Sign-On service can stop by manually restarting it. 

C. Uninstall vCenter Single Sign-On service. 

D. Uninstall the VMware Directory service.