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On a cluster of ESXi 6.5 hosts, a small number of virtual machines have much larger resource requirements than others. Some hosts have a large number of virtual machines while others have very few.
The administrator enables DRS with DRS VM distribution to evenly balance the number of virtual machines on each host.
Which will be the outcome?

  • A. Virtual machines will be moved without regard to resource contention in the cluster, and the virtual machine distribution will become evenly balanced.
  • B. Virtual machines will not change hosts unless they are power-cycled or vMotioned manually.
  • C. Virtual machines will not be moved if it results in severe resource contention in the cluster, and the virtual machine distribution will remain unbalanced.
  • D. DRS VM distribution will not evenly balance the number of virtual machines on each host unless anti-affinity rules are applied.

Answer: A

An administrator notices that a virtual machine running SQL Server is not performing as expected. Upon checking the logs, the administrator sees the following error:
vmware.log> vmx| W110: NUMA and VCPU hot add are incompatible. Forcing UMA How can the administrator resolve this issue?

  • A. Power off the virtual machine and disable vCPU hot plug.
  • B. Reinstall VMware Tools.
  • C. Modify the .vmx file to force NUMA and vCPU hot add to function.
  • D. Install a third party plug-in to enable NUMA and vCPU hot add to function.

Answer: A

Which three requirements are needed to apply RAID 5 or RAID 6 erasure coding on a vSAN 6.2 or 6.5 object? (Choose three.)

  • A. on Disk Format 3.0
  • B. Hybrid vSAN
  • C. All Flash vSAN
  • D. vSAN Advanced License
  • E. Stretched Cluster Configurations

Answer: ACD

When upgrading a standalone vCenter Single Sign-On Server version 5.5 to version 6.5, which will be the final deployment type?

  • A. There is no option to do this type of upgrade.
  • B. It will be an external Platform Services Controller.
  • C. It will be an embedded Platform Services Controller with vCenter Server
  • D. It will be a Standalone vCenter Server.

Answer: B

You can upgrade an externally deployed vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 to an externally deployed Platform Services Controller 6.5 instance by using the vCenter Server for Windows installer.

What counter should an administrator check to determine if a virtual machine is ballooning?

  • A. swapinRate
  • B. vmmemctl
  • C. vmmemctltarget
  • D. swapped

Answer: B

Explanation: Memory Ballooning is the memory reclamation technique used by hypervisor to reclaim the memory back from the virtual machine.
When ESXi host running low on physical memory, It uses ballooning driver (vmmemctl.sys) to determine the how much memory from virtual machines can be get back to prevent the hypervisor swapping.

When you attempt to open a virtual machine console from the vSphere Web Client, the console does not connect. The following error message appears:
2V0-622 dumps exhibit
Why did not connect?

  • A. Port 443 is in use.
  • B. Port 9443 is in use.
  • C. Port 8443 is in use.
  • D. Port 22443 is in use.

Answer: B

Explanation: Another program or process is using port 9443, the default port used by the HTML5 virtual machine console.

What VM Monitoring setting would ensure that the failure interval for a virtual machine is defined as 120 seconds?

  • A. High
  • B. Medium
  • C. Low
  • D. Normal

Answer: C

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

Option available to enable Encrypted vMotion. (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable
  • B. Opportunistic
  • C. Required
  • D. Default

Answer: BC

Which two datapoints does VM Monitoring evaluate before resetting a virtual machine? (Choose two.)

  • A. High CPU activity on the VM
  • B. High CPU activity on the ESXi host running the VM
  • C. Heartbeats sent from VMware Tools
  • D. High memory utilization on the VM
  • E. I/O activity

Answer: CE

In a vSphere 6.5 cluster, the administrator notices that it is possible to set a percentage in the DRS option, “Control CPU over-commitment in the cluster.”
Which is the purpose of this setting?

  • A. It sets and enforces a maximum percentage of virtual machine CPU usage in GHz in comparison to physical CPU availability in GHz.
  • B. It sets and enforces a maximum ratio in percentage between powered on virtual machine CPUs and available physical CPUs on hosts.
  • C. It prevents the creation of any additional virtual machines in the cluster.
  • D. It calculates the total shares assigned to all virtual machines in comparison to GHz of available physical CPU.

Answer: B

Explanation: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2021/10/whats-new-in-vsphere-6-5-host-resource-management-and-operation over-commitment: This is an option to enforce a maximum vCPU:pCPU ratios in the cluster. Once the cluster reaches this defined value, no additional VMs will be allowed to power on."

Which two storage technologies are supported for MSCS? (Choose two.)

  • A. VAAI
  • B. NFS
  • C. iSCSI
  • D. FC

Answer: CD

Explanation: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2147661?other.KM_Utility.getArticleLanguage=1&r=1&other.KM_Utility.getA

Assuming a mirrored (RAID-1) object configuration, how may hosts must contribute storage in a non-stretched VMware vSAN cluster to satisfy the “Number of failures to tolerate” policy option?
“n” is the desired “Number of failures to tolerate” value for all options.

  • A. 3n
  • B. 2n
  • C. 2n+1
  • D. 2n+2

Answer: C

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

An administrator has an application that requires high CPU throughput. Which action would ensure that the application gets the required throughput?

  • A. Enable Fault Tolerance on the virtual machine.
  • B. Disable Fully Automated DRS.
  • C. Set a CPU limit on the virtual machine.
  • D. Adjust the virtual machine latency sensitivity.

Answer: D

Explanation: You can adjust the latency sensitivity of a virtual machine to optimize the scheduling delay for latency sensitive applications.
ESXi is optimized to deliver high throughput. You can optimize your virtual machine to meet the low latency requirement of latency sensitive applications. Examples of latency sensitive applications are VOIP or media player applications, or applications that require frequent access to the mouse or keyboard devices.

An administrator must change the statistics level for short-term performance monitoring and wants to collect metrics for all counters, excluding minimum and maximum rollup values.
What would be the statistics level?

  • A. Level 1
  • B. Level 4
  • C. Level 2
  • D. Level 3

Answer: D

An administrator is upgrading their external Platform Services Controllers and vCenter Server Appliance, and also migrating vSphere Update Manager version 6.0 to version 6.5.
Which is the correct order to upgrade these components?

  • A. - Upgrade the external Platform Services Controller- Run the Migration Assistant on the vSphere Update Manager- Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance
  • B. - Upgrade the external Platform Services Controller- Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance- Run the Migration Assistant on the vSphere Update Manager
  • C. - Upgrade the external Platform Services Controller- Upgrade the vSphere Update Manager- Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance
  • D. - Upgrade the vCenter Server Appliance- Run the Migration Assistant on the vSphere Update Manager- Upgrade the external Platform Services Controller

Answer: A

Which two new vSphere 6.5 features enable an Administrator to locate configuration options when creating or editing host profiles more easily than in previous versions? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add the configuration option to favorites.
  • B. Search for the configuration option.
  • C. Navigate the option tree.
  • D. Copy the configuration option from a different profile.

Answer: AB

Which metric in the Exhibit would identify high latency for a storage device?
2V0-622 dumps exhibit

  • A. KAVG/cmd
  • B. DAVG/cmd
  • C. GAVG/cmd
  • D. QAVG/cmd

Answer: B

Explanation: 2V0-622 dumps exhibit

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