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New VMware 2VB-602 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Question No: 3

A rebalance plan from the Rebalance Container action includes which three pieces of information? (Choose three.)

A. Destination cluster

B. Applications impacted

C. Time the virtual machine was last moved

D. Reason for move

E. Virtual machines to be moved

Answer: ADE



Question No: 4

As of vRealize Operations (vROps) version 6.1, remote collectors can be configured into collector groups. Why is this significant? (Choose the best answer.)

A. If the collecting node fails, another node in the collecting group can take over and resume collection

B. The more nodes in a collection group, the more collected metric data can be buffered and stored in the case of a network outage

C. Configuring a collector group, the nodes can be configured in an active-active mode which will allow for faster and increased capacity collections

D. Remote collectors of different vROps versions can be run in a collector group

Answer: D

Question No: 5

Which two badges are Risk sub-badges? (Choose two.)

A. The Fault badge

B. The Capacity Remaining badge

C. The Anomaly badge

D. The stress badge

E. The Workload badge

Answer: BD

Explanation: Reference:

Question No: 6

In which two of the listed ways can a user determine if the cluster status is online or offline in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.)

A. Using the Solutions Page in the Product User Interface

B. Using the Cluster Management Page in the Product User Interface

C. Using the Administration Page in the Product User Interface

D. Using the Administration User Interface

Answer: AD

Question No: 7

After running the Rebalance Container action, where can a user view the status and verify all of the virtual machines were moved? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Recent Tasks

B. Home Screen

C. Alerts tab

D. Workload Utilization dashboard

Answer: A



Question No: 8

A user is attempting to troubleshoot a cluster the predefined dashboards.

Which dashboard provides information about the virtual machines that generated the highest IOPS and network throughput during the last week for a given cluster? (Choose the best answer.)

A. VM Usage dashboard

B. VM Configuration dashboard

C. Heavy Hitter VMs dashboard

D. Troubleshoot a VM dashboard

Answer: C



Question No: 9

By default, which size configurations are offered by VMware during the installation of vRealize Operations? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large

B. Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

C. Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

D. Small, Medium, and Large

Answer: C



Question No: 10

Which process can help reduce resource over-allocation in the environment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Investigating and acting upon the u2021Virtual Machine quest file systems are running out of disk spaceu2021 alerts

B. Investigating and acting upon the vSphere Hardening alerts

C. Running the Network Traffic by VM report and taking action based on this data

D. Running the Oversized VM report and taking action based on this data

Answer: D

Question No: 11

What is the length of the sliding window used to calculate recommended capacity? (Choose the best answer.)

A. 60 days

B. 90 days

C. 120 days

D. 30 days

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Which is the name of the file that can be created to contain property values for agents to use during deployment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. epops.cfg



D. agent.conf

Answer: B



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