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Refer to the exhibit.
You are configuring a FCoE VDC on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch. You are required to identity compatible QoS policies for the FCoE VDC. Drag and drop the QoS policy names on the left to their correct compatibility categories on the right.
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

300-180 dumps exhibit

What are the minimum number and maximum number of members that a SAN PortChannel can have?

  • A. 1, 16
  • B. 2, 16
  • C. 1, 32
  • D. 2, 32
  • E. 1 minimum with no maximum
  • F. 2 minimum with no maximum

Answer: A

Which statement is true about the show cfs merge status name command?

  • A. In a successful merge, all switches in the fabric are shown separately.
  • B. The command shows the complete Cisco Fabric Services region database.
  • C. The merge master is selected based on the highest sWWN in the fabric.
  • D. In a successful merge, all switches are shown in a local fabric.

Answer: D

Which CLI command can tell which switch is on the other side of port channel 2 that is trunking VSAN 5?

  • A. show topology vsan 5
  • B. show interface port-channel 2 trunk vsan 5
  • C. show interface port-channel 2 vsan 5 peer-info
  • D. show fcs vsan 5
  • E. show fspf database vsan 5 interface port-channel 2

Answer: A

In a Cisco Data center network, what troubleshooting step would you do first when having a npv issue?

  • A. Check to see if npv is enabled
  • B. Check name server database to see if it recognizes device
  • C. Check detail config of FCNS database
  • D. Check the show-tech-support detail

Answer: A

Refer to exhibit. After a boot policy is added, the profile stops working. Which option is a possible cause of the issue?
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. An iSCSI adapter is being used on top of the vNIC.
  • B. Both of the adapters from fabric A and fabric B must be specified.
  • C. The name of the adapter is incorrect.
  • D. The boot target does not exist.

Answer: A

You are using the CISCO ACI programmatic features and you receive this error message from the REST API Token Was invalid (Error: Token timeout)
Which option is a possible cause Of the error?

  • A. The REST API requires that a login is refreshed
  • B. The header or request sent to the web server IS malformed such that the request cannot be parsed by the web server
  • C. The HTTP port is disabled on the Cisco APICs and HTTPS is enabled
  • D. The CISCO APIC fails to resolve the distinguished name.

Answer: A

In an IP storage environment, what occurs if you apply a service profile to a server that has an Ethernet-only mezzanine card?

  • A. The storage adapter is not visible to the OS
  • B. A blade association occurs,
  • C. WWPN and WWNN are selected from the default pool
  • D. The OS fails to boot

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The two switches are stuck in the EXCHANGE and EXSTART states. Which option is a possible cause of the issue?
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. The subnet mask is mismatched.
  • B. The interfaces are not connected.
  • C. The MTU is mismatched.
  • D. The IP address of the OSPF process is incorrect.

Answer: C

Refer to exhibit.
300-180 dumps exhibit
Customer has a pair of Cisco Nexus7010s switches and connected to a single Cisco Nexus5548 switch via vPC. Customer has a combination of M1 and F1 I/O Modules in Cisco Nexus7010s.
Why is the design described not supported?

  • A. Mixing I/O Modules on the Same Side of a Peer Link is not supported
  • B. vPC does not support split control plane
  • C. You can not configure a vPC peer link to configure two devices as vPCs
  • D. Need to add another Cisco Nexus5548 switch to the topology to make this work.

Answer: A

Which configuration command is critical in order for OTV edge devices to maintain an overlay adjacency with their local peers in a multihomed site via the join interfaces across the Layer 3 network domain?

  • A. otv site-vlan <vlan-id>
  • B. otv extend-vlan <vlan.range>
  • C. otv use-adjacency-server <ip address> unicast-only
  • D. otv site-identifier <id>

Answer: D

Which two options would cause switch fabrics not to merge? (Choose two.)

  • A. The switches have different assigned VSANs on the connecting pons.
  • B. The switches do not have at least one assigned domain ID in common.
  • C. The election of the static domain is only determined by the WWNs of the two switches,
  • D. The switches have different assigned VLANs on the connecting ports.
  • E. The static domain ID does not override the dynamic ID

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit.
300-180 dumps exhibit
An administrator is trying to configure a port channel on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, which is connected to a Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch. The port channel will not come up, so the administrator executes the show port-channel summary command on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch and displays the output.
What are two causes of the error? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch needs to be configured with no lacp suspend-individual.
  • B. The Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch is configured with channel-group mode on.
  • C. The LACP feature has not been enabled on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch.
  • D. The ports are cabled to the wrong switch.
  • E. The port channel load-balancing algorithm does not match.

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit.
300-180 dumps exhibit
A user named user 1 cannot create roles. Which action do you take to resolve the issue?

  • A. Allow user 1 to log in locally.
  • B. Assign user1 to the network-admin role.
  • C. Assign user1 to the tech-admin role only.
  • D. Set the user password for user1.

Answer: D

What happens to Copp after you perform an ISSSU?

  • A. The default Copp policy is applied.
  • B. packets that need special handling by the supervisor module cannot be matched.
  • C. The statistical counters are reset.
  • D. All traffic is put into the default class of the Copp policy

Answer: C

Which action do you take to determine why the interface el/10 is not present in the core VDC for configuration?

  • A. Check the admin VDC to see the port e1/10 is allocated.
  • B. Check the core VDC to see if the port e1 /10 is allocated.
  • C. Check to see if the cable is connected to the e1/10 interface,
  • D. Check to see if vPC is enabled

Answer: A

Which two commands will show all the OTV edge devices and their MAC addresses in the local site? (Choose two.)

  • A. show otv overlay
  • B. show otv site
  • C. show otv vlan
  • D. show otv adjacency
  • E. show mac address-table

Answer: BD

You have enabled configuration synchronization between two Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switches. You create a port channel on switch 1 and determine that it was not synchronized with its peer. The peer switch can be pinged on the management VRF. When you check your peer status, you receive a "peer not reachable" message in the command output. What is the explanation for this?

  • A. CDP is disabled.
  • B. An LACP mismatch exists on the peer interfaces.
  • C. UDLD is disabled.
  • D. CFSoIP is disabled.
  • E. Multicast routing is enabled.

Answer: D

You are no longer seeing updates to the device-aliases database on your Cisco Nexus 5596UP Switch. Which command is useful to determine if the scope of Cisco Fabric Services application distribution was being administratively limited?

  • A. N5K2# show cfs region
  • B. N5K2# show cfs scope
  • C. N5K2# show cfs locale
  • D. N5K2# show cfs acl
  • E. N5K2# show cfs firewall

Answer: A

Cisco UCS users residing behind N5K2 are complaining about poor performance with a single LAN application in the data center. Which statement best explains what is wrong with N5K2?
300-180 dumps exhibit
300-180 dumps exhibit
300-180 dumps exhibit
300-180 dumps exhibit
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address.
  • B. Port channel members do not have equal bandwidths.
  • C. The trunk between the Nexus 5000 switches is filtering all VLANs.
  • D. E2/1 on N7010-C2 is not configured as a trunk for application traffic from N5K2.

Answer: A

Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address
Use the “show port-channel load-balance” command to verify.

Refer to the exhibit.
300-180 dumps exhibit
In the initial SAN deployment or after topology changes in the SAN, some hosts cannot communicate with storage. What are three possible causes of the problem? (Choose three.)

  • A. misconfigured fabric timers
  • B. misconfigured port parameters
  • C. VSAN pruning
  • D. VSAN trunking issues
  • E. VLAN problems
  • F. mismatched zoning

Answer: ABF

Refer to the exhibit. You fail to configure a boot from iSCSI service profile. Which action do you take to troubleshoot the issue?
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. Attempt to ping the IP address of the iSCSI target.
  • B. Check the LUN masking configuration.
  • C. In the CLI of Cisco UCS Manager, verify that the blade is attached to the LUN.
  • D. Check the native VLAN configuration on the overlay vNIC.

Answer: D

You are troubleshooting a port configuration. Interface e1/1 is configured by using port profiles. Which command do you run to view the actual command that were applied to interface e1/1?

  • A. Show port-profile virtual usage
  • B. Show run interface eth1/1 expand-port-profile
  • C. Shows port-profile sync-status
  • D. Show run interface eth1/1

Answer: C

There is an ARP storm in VDC 1. Some users on VDC 2 notice that ARP is not resolving for their gateway on the Cisco Nexus core. What is the cause?

  • A. The ARP CoPP class committed information rate is exceeded, resulting in ARP loss in all VDCs.
  • B. The administrator has not correctly configured the ARP CoPP class in VDC 2.
  • C. The ARP traffic in VDC 1 is copied to the host ports in VDC 2, causing overutilization and output discards.
  • D. Because the ARP process in the default VDC (VDC 1) is responsible for processing ARP traffic for all VDCs, VDC 2 will be affected.

Answer: A

An administrator wants to combine the advantages of a trunking F port and an F port channel. Which command on a Cisco MDS switch should be used to enable this?

  • A. enable port-channel
  • B. feature trunking-fport
  • C. feature fport-channel-trunk
  • D. port-channel trunk
  • E. feature fport-trunk

Answer: C

A customer is troubleshooting FCoE in its network and sees pause counters increasing when it runs the command show interface eth1/5. What is the cause of this?

  • A. The CNA connected to the switch is sending Xon or Xoff PFC frames.
  • B. The HBA connected to the switch is sending Xon or Xoff PFC frames.
  • C. Pause counters increase regularly; there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • D. A firmware upgrade on the Fibre Channel adapter that is connected to the switch will fix this issue.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. After a boot policy is added, the profile stops working, which option is a possible cause of the issue?
300-180 dumps exhibit

  • A. An iSCSI adapter is being on top of the vNIC
  • B. Both of the adapters from the fabric A and fabric B must be specified
  • C. The name of the adapter is incorrect
  • D. The boot target does not exist

Answer: A

You configure two external Layer 3 networks on the same node by using BGP. The network fails to establish BGP adjacencies. Which action do you take to resolve the issue?

  • A. Explicitly define the loopback addresses on the node
  • B. Use OSPF to create a peer that uses external networks
  • C. Configure the router ID to use the interface IP address used to establish the BGP connection
  • D. Configure the router ID to use the loopback interface

Answer: A



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