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Q51. Which command displays syslog messages on the Cisco ASA console as they occur? 

A. Console logging <level> 

B. Logging console <level> 

C. Logging trap <level> 

D. Terminal monitor 

E. Logging monitor <level> 


Q52. What are three ways to add devices in Cisco Prime Infrastruture? ( Choose three ) 

A. Use Cisco Security manager 

B. Use Radius 

C. Import devices from a CSV file 

D. Add devices manually 

E. Use an automated process 

F. Use the Access Control Server 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q53. A network engineer is troubleshooting and configures the ASA logging level to debugging. The logging-buffer is dominated by %ASA-6-305009 log messages. Which command suppresses those syslog messages while maintaining ability to troubleshoot? 

A. no logging buffered 305009 

B. message 305009 disable 

C. no message 305009 logging 

D. no logging message 305009 


Q54. Which two options are.protocols and tools that are used by the management plane when discussing Cisco ASA general management plane hardening? (Choose two.) 

A. ICMP unreachables 

B. NetFlow 

C. syslog 

D. Routing Protocol Authentication 

E. Cisco URL Filtering 

F. threat detection 

G. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 

Answer: B,C 

Q55. What is the best description of a unified ACL on a Cisco firewall? 

A. An ACL with both IPv4 and IPv6 functionality. 

B. An IPv6 ACL with IPv4 backwards compatibility. 

C. An IPv4 ACL with IPv6 support. 

D. An ACL that supports EtherType in addition to IPv6. 


Explanation: nfig/ intro_intro.html 

Q56. Which option is the Cisco ASA on-box graphical management solution? 



C. Console 



Q57. In which two modes is zone-based firewall high availability available? (Choose two.) 

A. IPv4 only 

B. IPv6 only 

C. IPv4 and IPv6 

D. routed mode only 

E. transparent mode only 

F. both transparent and routed modes 

Answer: C,D 

Q58. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which option describes the expected result of the capture ACL? 

A. The capture is applied, but we cannot see any packets in the capture 

B. The capture does not get applied and we get an error about mixed policy. 

C. The capture is applied and we can see the packets in the capture 

D. The capture is not applied because we must have a host IP as the source 


Q59. Which Cisco Security Manager form factor is recommended for deployments with fewer than 25 devices? 

A. only Cisco Security Manager Standard 

B. only Cisco Security Manager Professional 

C. only Cisco Security Manager UCS Server Bundle 

D. both Cisco Security Manager Standard and Cisco Security Manager Professional 


Q60. At which firewall severity level will debugs appear on a Cisco ASA? 

A. 7 

B. 6 

C. 5 

D. 4