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2021 Mar 300-207 exams

Q61. Which configuration mode enables a virtual sensor to monitor the session state for unidirectional traffic? 

A. asymmetric mode 

B. symmetric mode 

C. loose mode 

D. strict mode 


Q62. Which three zones are used for anomaly detection in a Cisco IPS? (Choose three.) 

A. internal zone 

B. external zone 

C. illegal zone 

D. inside zone 

E. outside zone 

F. DMZ zone 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q63. Cisco’s ASA CX includes which two URL categories? (Choose two.) 

A. Proxy Avoidance 

B. Dropbox 

C. Hate Speech 

D. Facebook 

E. Social Networking 

F. Instant Messaging and Video Messaging 

Answer: C,E 

Q64. Which IPS feature allows you to aggregate multiple IPS links over a single port channel? 




D. PAgP 


Q65. Which three statements about the Cisco IPS appliance configurations are true? (Choose three.) 

A. The maximum number of denied attackers is set to 10000. 

B. The block action duraton is set to 3600 seconds. 

C. The Meta Event Generator is globally enabled. 

D. Events Summarization is globally disabled. 

E. Threat Rating Adjustment is globally disabled. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Leading 300-207 exam question:

Q66. Over the period of one day, several Atomic ARP engine alerts fired on the same IP address. You observe that each time an alert fired, requests on the IP address exceeded replies by the same number. Which configuration could cause this behavior? 

A. The reply-ratio parameter is enabled. 

B. MAC flip is enabled. 

C. The inspection condition is disabled. 

D. The IPS is misconfigured. 


Q67. What are three best practices for a Cisco Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose three.) 

A. Checking for new signatures every 4 hours 

B. Checking for new signatures on a staggered schedule 

C. Automatically updating signature packs 

D. Manually updating signature packs 

E. Group tuning of signatures 

F. Single tuning of signatures 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q68. Which Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service component mitigates new botnet, phishing, and web-based threats? 

A. the IntelliShield Threat Outbreak Alert 

B. IntelliShield Alert Manager vulnerability alerts 

C. the IntelliShield Alert Manager historical database 

D. the IntelliShield Alert Manager web portal 

E. the IntelliShield Alert Manager back-end intelligence engine 


Q69. How does a user access a Cisco Web Security Appliance for initial setup? 

A. Connect the console cable and use the terminal at 9600 baud to run the setup wizard. 

B. Connect the console cable and use the terminal at 115200 baud to run the setup wizard. 

C. Open the web browser at for the setup wizard over https. 

D. Open the web browser at for the setup wizard over https. 


Q70. Which two commands are valid URL filtering commands? (Choose two.) 

A. url-server (DMZ) vendor smartfilter host 

B. url-server (DMZ) vendor url-filter host 

C. url-server (DMZ) vendor n2h2 host 

D. url-server (DMZ) vendor CISCO host 

E. url-server (DMZ) vendor web host 

Answer: A,C