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Q61. You are designing a Group Encrypted Transport Virtual Private Network solution consisting of 30 group members. Which measure helps protect encrypted user traffic from replay attacks? 

A. counter-based anti-replay 

B. time-based anti-replay 

C. nonce payload 

D. RSA-encrypted nonce 

E. digital certificates 


Q62. What are two design advantages to using virtual port channel? (Choose two.) 

A. enhanced system availability through multiple systems 

B. reduced Spanning Tree Protocol convergence time 

C. loop management without use of Spanning Tree Protocol 

D. ability to use Spanning Tree Protocol blocked ports to forward traffic 

E. enhanced ability to recover from Spanning Tree Protocol changes 

Answer: AC 

Q63. You are the SAN designer for the ABC Company. Due to budget constraints, there is increased pressure by management to further optimize server utilization by implementing virtualization technologies on all servers and increase virtual machines density. Faced with some SAN challenges, the server team requests your help in the design and implementation of the SAN in the new virtualized environment. 

In which two ways can NPIV be used in your proposed design? (Choose two.) 

A. NPIV is used to assign multiple FCIDs to a single N Port. 

B. NPIV is used to define and bind multiple virtual WWNs (VIs) to a single physical pWWN. 

C. You recommend NPIV so that hosts can be members of different zones. 

D. NPIV can be used to allow multiple applications on the same port to use different IDs in the same VSAN. 

Answer: AD 

Q64. There is an MPLS-enabled link constantly flapping on an MPLS VPN network. Given that the network runs OSPF as the IGP protocol, which design mechanism will stabilize the network and avoid constant reconvergences? 


B. IP Event Dampening 

C. OSPF fast hellos 

D. partial SPF 


Q65. During a corporate merger, a network designer is asked for a solution that will provide connectivity between the two enterprise networks. The solution must have the ability to support video sessions so that the CEO can message merger activities to the employees. The designer decides to consider multicast as a transport with MSDP to provide redundancy. Which transport feature does the network designer need to apply to the interconnecting firewall to ensure that Source-Active messages between the MSDP peers can be sent in both enterprise networks? 

A. unicast over a UDP connection 

B. multicast over a UDP connection 

C. unicast over a TCP connection 

D. multicast over a TCP connection 


Abreast of the times 352-001 test question:

Q66. Refer to the exhibit. 

Acme Corporation hired you as a network designer to upgrade their network so that it supports IPv4 and IPv6 multicast. Which two protocols are needed on the LAN switch? (Choose two.) 

A. PIM sparse mode 

B. IGMP snooping 

C. PIM snooping 

D. Source Specific Multicast 

E. MLD snooping 

Answer: BE 

Q67. A new video multicast application is deployed in the network. The application team wants to use the multicast group to stream the video to users. They want to know if this choice will impact the existing multicast design. What impact will their choice have on the existing multicast design? 

A. Because is a private multicast range, a flood of PIM packets that have to be processed by the CPU and hosts will be sent by the routers in the network. 

B. Because is a private multicast range, the rendezvous point has to send out constant group updates that will have to be processed by the CPU and hosts. 

C. The multicast application sends too many packets into the network and the network infrastructure drops packets. 

D. The group address maps to a system MAC address, and all multicast traffic will have to be sent to the CPU and flooded out all ports. 


Q68. Your customer asks you to assist with their traffic policy design. They want to guarantee a minimum amount of bandwidth to certain traffic classes. Which technique would you advise them to implement? 

A. Modular QoS CLI 

B. committed accessrRate 

C. policy-based routing 

D. traffic shaping 


Q69. Your company experienced a number of network incidents that had a significant impact on business operations. Because a root cause cannot be identified, your CTO asks you to help the network management team implement the FCAPS framework. On which two areas would you provide guidance to the network management team? (Choose two.) 

A. change management 

B. accounting management 

C. service level management 

D. fault management 

Answer: BD 

Q70. Which two options are characteristics of firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose two.) 

A. The firewall acts like a router hop in the network. 

B. OSPF adjacencies can be established through the firewall. 

C. Changes in the existing IP addressing and subnets are required. 

D. Multicast traffic can traverse the firewall. 

E. The firewall can participate actively on spanning tree. 

Answer: BD