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A company has identified three tasks (10, 20 and 30) and these tasks must be accomplished in a specific order to prevent damage to the asset. Task 10 must be complete before task 20 can begin, task 20 must be complete before task 30 can begin.
How can the planner facilitate this requirement?

  • A. Use the Sequence Column to identity the sequence
  • B. Enable Flow Control on the Work Order and use the Sequence Column to identify the sequence
  • C. Enable Flow Control on the Work order and identify the sequence for each task in the Predecessors field of the task
  • D. Use the Sequence Column to identify the sequence and setup Flow Actions that change the task status to Complete and Approved

Answer: C

An administrator has a requirement to ensure that purchase requisitions have been approved before being able to create purchase orders from them.
Which settings control this behavior?

  • A. Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox in Purchasing Options.
  • B. Clear the Allow PO Creation From Unapproved PR? checkbox on the purchase requisition.
  • C. Check the Require PR Approval on PO Creation? checkbox during the creation of the purchase requisition.
  • D. Check the purchasing option Require Approval to Convert PR to PO or Contract? (checkbox in Purchasing.

Answer: D

A forecast for a monthly PM has been generated for 6 minutes. A new data has been entered for the second row and saved. When the Process Pending Reforecast button is clicked, the following error appears: BMXAT0217E-There is no reforecast pending to process.
What would cause this error?

  • A. The reforecast dates are locked
  • B. The PM is not in the Active status
  • C. The reforecast cron task is set to run every 3 days
  • D. The Reforecast Subsequent Dates? checkbox was not checked before the forecast was generated.

Answer: D

A company has a number of complex leased assets and wishes to stop child assets that are part of the subassembly from being moved. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Check the Maintain Hierarchy checkbox on the asset record
  • B. Check the Lock Asset checkbox on the Lease Rental Contract
  • C. Check the Maintain Hierarchy checkbox on the rotating item record
  • D. Check the Maintain Hierarchy checkbox on both the asset and the item record

Answer: A

A company requires that laborers record the actual time they spent on a work order. The labor hours recorded are not automatically approved and the company does not want the laborer to have access to the Work Order Tracking application.
Which application would the laborers use?

  • A. Invoicing
  • B. Time Sheets
  • C. Labor Reporting
  • D. Activities and Tasks

Answer: C

From within the Purchase Order application, a user runs the Purchase Order Details report. The report’s request page displays with scheduling and emailing information only. Why is the parameter information missing in the request page?

  • A. The report runs against the entire database.
  • B. The report runs against the application’s current query.
  • C. The user does not have security privileges to the parameters.
  • D. Parameters are not available for only of the Purchasing applications.

Answer: C

What can be performed in the Assignments tab of Work Order Tracking?

  • A. Initiate an assignment into STARTED status.
  • B. Reassign from one person group to another.
  • C. Find an available crew for a type requirement.
  • D. Split an assignment to the labor code's next working shift.

Answer: C

A supervisor has a requirement to record daily attendance of the labor or crew performing work. Which applications can be used to record this information? (Choose two.)

  • A. Labor
  • B. Crews
  • C. Person Groups
  • D. Labor Reporting
  • E. Work Order Tracking

Answer: BD

A company purchasing agent would like to have the company purchase contracts set to expired upon the purchase contract’s expiration date. The agent would like to use the Escalation application to define the condition to check for the purchase contract expiration.
Where can the expiration contract information be specified?

  • A. Actions
  • B. Condition Evaluation
  • C. Escalation Condition
  • D. Escalation Point Elapsed Time Attribute

Answer: A

A company wishes to make a system the Primary System. Where can this be accomplished?

  • A. Within the Systems application
  • B. From the Classifications application
  • C. Using the Manage Systems actions in the Locations application
  • D. Using the Associate Systems with Location action in the Locations applications

Answer: C

An administrator want to create a time based escalation point to evaluate to 30 days in the future.
What is the correct value to use in the Elapsed Time Interval field along with the Elapsed Time Attribute?

  • A. Today + 30
  • B. Sysdate + 30
  • C. +30 (positive 30)
  • D. -30 (negative 30)

Answer: C

An item has been flagged as rotating by mistake. The rotating checkbox is read-only and the rotating item has been associated with assets. How can the rotating item be changed to a non-rotating item?

  • A. Remove the Item Number from the asset
  • B. Ensure that there is no inventory balance.
  • C. Move the assets to non-inventory location
  • D. Ensure that there is no inventory balance.
  • E. Issue the assets to non-inventory location
  • F. Ensure that there is no inventory balance.
  • G. Transfer the assets to non-inventory location
  • H. Ensure that there is no inventory balance.

Answer: A

A workflow process design requires that the record be sent to the QA group if the QA Required field (a custom field) is checked. Otherwise it can continue on to the production department.
What type of node is used to enable this?

  • A. Decision
  • B. Condition
  • C. Interaction
  • D. Subprocess

Answer: B

What is the reason to specify asset relationships?

  • A. To deploy assets.
  • B. To design the asset infrastructure.
  • C. To define a logical connection between separate assets.
  • D. To define how assets are allowed to behave when work is performed on them.

Answer: C

The maintenance supervisor is gathering data to use to build job plans. Only certain job plan will be carried over to the work orders based on the conditions applied.
What data can have conditions?

  • A. Services, Tools, Assets
  • B. Labor, Tasks, Calendars
  • C. Labor, Services, Materials
  • D. Materials, Specifications, Tools

Answer: C


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