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A systems administrator swapped a failed hard drive on a server with a RAID 5 array. During the RAID resynchronization, a second hard drive failed.
Which of the following actions will make the server fully operational?

  • A. Restart the RAID resynchronization process
  • B. Perform a P2V migration of the server
  • C. Swap the failed hard drive with a fresh one
  • D. Restore the server from backup

Answer: A

A storage array that is used exclusively for datastores is being decommissioned, and a new array has been installed. Now the private cloud administrator needs to migrate the data.
Which of the following migration methods would be the BEST to use?

  • A. Conduct a V2V migration
  • B. Perform a storage live migration
  • C. Rsync the data between arrays
  • D. Use a storage vendor migration appliance

Answer: D

A DevOps administrator is automating an existing software development workflow. The administrator wants to ensure that prior to any new code going into production, tests confirm the new code does not negatively impact existing automation activities.
Which of the following testing techniques would be BEST to use?

  • A. Usability testing
  • B. Regression testing
  • C. Vulnerability testing
  • D. Penetration testing

Answer: B

A technician just received the lessons learned from some recent data that was lost due to an on-premises file-server crash. The action point is to change the backup strategy to minimize manual intervention. Which of the following is the BEST approach for the technician to implement?

  • A. Backup as a service
  • B. RAID 1
  • C. Long-term storage
  • D. New backup devices

Answer: C

A company needs to access the cloud administration console using its corporate identity. Which of the following actions would MOST likely meet the requirements?

  • A. Implement SSH key-based authentication.
  • B. Implement cloud authentication with local LDAP.
  • C. Implement multifactor authentication.
  • D. Implement client-based certificate authentication.

Answer: D

Users are experiencing slow response times from an intranet website that is hosted on a cloud platform. There is a site-to-site VPN connection to the cloud provider over a link of 100Mbps.
Which of the following solutions will resolve the issue the FASTEST?

  • A. Change the connection to point-to-site VPN
  • B. Order a direct link to the provider
  • C. Enable quality of service
  • D. Upgrade the link to 200Mbps

Answer: C

A company recently experienced a power outage that lasted 30 minutes. During this time, a whole rack of servers was inaccessible, even though the servers did not lose power.
Which of the following should be investigated FIRST?

  • A. Server power
  • B. Rack power
  • C. Switch power
  • D. SAN power

Answer: C

A company is utilizing a private cloud solution that is hosted within its datacenter. The company wants to launch a new business application, which requires the resources below:
CV0-003 dumps exhibit
The current private cloud has 30 vCPUs and 512GB RAM available. The company is looking for a quick solution to launch this application, with expected maximum sessions to be close to 24,000 at launch and an average of approximately 5,000 sessions.
Which of the following solutions would help the company accommodate the new workload in the SHORTEST amount of time and with the maximum financial benefits?

  • A. Configure auto-scaling within the private cloud
  • B. Set up cloud bursting for the additional resources
  • C. Migrate all workloads to a public cloud provider
  • D. Add more capacity to the private cloud

Answer: D

A SAN that holds VM files is running out of storage space.
Which of the following will BEST increase the amount of effective storage on the SAN?

  • A. Enable encryption
  • B. Increase IOPS
  • C. Convert the SAN from RAID 50 to RAID 60
  • D. Configure deduplication

Answer: D

An administrator is performing an in-place upgrade on a quest VM operating system.
Which of the following can be performed as a quick method to roll back to an earlier state, if necessary?

  • A. A configuration file backup
  • B. A full backup of the database
  • C. A differential backup
  • D. A VM-level snapshot

Answer: D

An organization is hosting a DNS domain with private and public IP ranges. Which of the following should be implemented to achieve ease of management?

  • A. Network peering
  • B. A CDN solution
  • C. A SDN solution
  • D. An IPAM solution

Answer: D

A system administrator is migrating a bare-metal server to the cloud. Which of the following types of migration should the systems administrator perform to accomplish this task?

  • A. V2V
  • B. V2P
  • C. P2P
  • D. P2V

Answer: D

Which of the following will provide a systems administrator with the MOST information about potential attacks on a cloud IaaS instance?

  • A. Network flows
  • B. FIM
  • C. Software firewall
  • D. HIDS

Answer: A

A vendor is installing a new retail store management application for a customer. The application license ensures software costs are low when the application is not being used, but costs go up when use is higher.
Which of the following licensing models is MOST likely being used?

  • A. Socket-based
  • B. Core-based
  • C. Subscription
  • D. Volume-based

Answer: D

A systems administrator has migrated an internal application to a public cloud. The new web server is running under a TLS connection and has the same TLS certificate as the internal application that is deployed. However, the IT department reports that only internal users who are using new versions of the OSs are able to load the application home page.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

  • A. The local firewall from older OSs is not allowing outbound connections
  • B. The local firewall from older OSs is not allowing inbound connections
  • C. The cloud web server is using a self-signed certificate that is not supported by older browsers
  • D. The cloud web server is using strong ciphers that are not supported by older browsers

Answer: C


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