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Which Google Cloud product or feature makes specific recommendations based on security risks and compliance violations?

  • A. Google Cloud firewalls
  • B. Security Command Center
  • C. Cloud Deployment Manager
  • D. Google Cloud Armor

Answer: B

Your organization needs a large amount of extra computing power within the next two weeks. After those two weeks, the need for the additional resources will end.
Which is the most cost-effective approach?

  • A. Use a committed use discountto reserve a very powerful virtual machine
  • B. Purchase one very powerful physical computer
  • C. Start a very powerful virtual machine without using a committed use discount
  • D. Purchase multiple physical computers and scale workload across them

Answer: C

Your organization needs to plan its cloud infrastructure expenditures. Which should your organization do?

  • A. Review cloud resource costs frequently, because costs change often based on use
  • B. Review cloud resource costs annually as part of planning your organization’s overall budget
  • C. If your organization uses only cloud resources, infrastructure costs are no longer part of your overall budget
  • D. Involve fewer people in cloud resource planning than your organization did for on-premises resource planning

Answer: B

Your organization wants to run a container-based application on Google Cloud. This application is expected to increase in complexity. You have a security need for fine-grained control of traffic between the containers. You also have an operational need to exercise fine-grained control over the application’s scaling policies.
What Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

  • A. Google Kubernetes Engine cluster
  • B. App Engine
  • C. Cloud Run
  • D. Compute Engine virtual machines

Answer: C

Your organization wants to be sure that is expenditures on cloud services are in line with the budget. Which two Google Cloud cost management features help your organization gain greater visibility into its cloud resource costs? (Choose two.)

  • A. Billing dashboards
  • B. Resource labels
  • C. Sustained use discounts
  • D. Financial governance policies
  • E. Payments profile

Answer: BD

What would provide near-unlimited availability of computing resources without requiring your organization to procure and provision new equipment?

  • A. Public cloud
  • B. Containers
  • C. Private cloud
  • D. Microservices

Answer: A

You are migrating workloads to the cloud. The goal of the migration is to serve customers worldwide as quickly as possible According to localregulations, certain data is required to be stored in a specific geographic area, and it can be served worldwide. You need to design the architecture and deployment for your workloads.
What should you do?

  • A. Select a public cloud provider that is only active in the required geographic area
  • B. Select a private cloud provider that globally replicates data storage for fast data access
  • C. Select a public cloud provider that guarantees data location in the required geographic area
  • D. Select a private cloudprovider that is only active in the required geographic area

Answer: D

Many companies choose private cloud over public cloud because private cloud is an easier way (or the only way) to meet their regulatory compliance requirements. Others choose private cloud because their workloads deal with confidential documents,intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), medical records, financial data, or other sensitive data.

Each of the three cloud service models - infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) - offers benefits between flexibility and levels of management by the cloud provider and the customer.
Why would SaaS be the right choice of service model?

  • A. You want a balance between flexibility for the customer and the level of management by the cloud provider
  • B. You want to minimize the level of management by the customer
  • C. You want to maximize flexibility for the customer.
  • D. You want to be able to shift your emphasis between flexibility and management by the cloud provider as business needs change

Answer: B

Benefits of SaaS
The main benefit of SaaS is that it offloads all infrastructure and application management to the SaaS ven

Your organization needs to analyze data in order to gather insights into its daily operations. You only want to pay for the data you store and the queries you perform. Which Google Cloud product should your organization choose for its data analytics warehouse?

  • A. Cloud SQL
  • B. Dataproc
  • C. Cloud Spanner
  • D. BigQuery

Answer: A

Your organization runs an application on virtual machines in Google Cloud.This application processes incoming images. This activity takes hours to create a result for each image. The workload for this application normally stays at a certain baseline level, but at regular intervals it spikes to a much greater workload. Your organization needs to control the cost to run this application.
What should your organization do?

  • A. Purchase committed use discounts for the baseline load
  • B. Purchase committed use discounts for the expected spike load
  • C. Leverage sustained usediscounts for your virtual machines
  • D. Run the workload on preemptible VM instances

Answer: C

The idea of the Sustained Use discount is that the longer you run a VM instance in any given month, the bigger discount you will get from the list price.

Your organization stores highly sensitive data on-premises that cannot be sent over the public internet. The data must be processed both on-premises and in the cloud.
What should your organization do?

  • A. Configure Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) in your Google Cloud VPC network
  • B. Create a Cloud VPN tunnel between Google Cloud and your data center
  • C. Order a Partner Interconnect connection with your network provider
  • D. Enable Private Google Access in your Google Cloud VPC network

Answer: C

After the service provider provisions your connection, you can start passing traffic between your networks by using the service provider's network.

Your large and frequently changing organization’s user information is stored in an on-premises LDAP database. The database includes user passwords and group and organization membership.
How should your organization provision Google accounts and groups to access Google Cloud resources?

  • A. Replicate the LDAP infrastructure on Compute Engine
  • B. Use the Firebase Authentication REST API to create users
  • C. Use Google Cloud Directory Sync to create users
  • D. Use the Identity Platform REST API to create users

Answer: C

You can run a single instance of Google Cloud Directory Sync to synchronize user accounts and groups to Google Cloud.

Which Google Cloud service or feature lets you build machine learning models using Standard SQL and data in a data warehouse?

  • A. BigQuery ML
  • B. TensorFlow
  • C. AutoML Tables
  • D. Cloud Bigtable ML

Answer: A

BigQuery ML lets you create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery usingstandard SQL queries.

You are a program manager within a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that offers rendering software for animation studios. Your team needs the ability to allow scenes to be scheduled at will and to be interrupted at any timeto restart later. Any individual scene rendering takes less than 12 hours to complete, and there is no service-level agreement (SLA) for the completion time for all scenes. Results will be stored in a global Cloud Storage bucket. The compute resources arenot bound to any single geographical location. This software needs to run on Google Cloud in a cost-optimized way.
What should you do?

  • A. Deploy the application on Compute Engine using preemptible instances
  • B. Develop the application so it can run in an unmanaged instance group
  • C. Create a reservation for the minimum number of Compute Engine instances you will use
  • D. Start more instances with fewer virtual centralized processing units (vCPUs) instead of fewer instances with more vCPUs

Answer: A

Your organization runs many workloads in different Google Cloud projects, each linked to the same billing account. Each project's workload costs can vary from month to month, but the overall combined cost of all projects is relatively stable. Your organization needs to optimize its cost.
What should your organization do?

  • A. Purchase a commitment per project for each project’s usual minimum
  • B. Create a billing account per project, and link each project to a different billing account
  • C. Turn oncommitted use discount sharing, and create a commitment for the combined usage
  • D. Move all workloads from all different projects into one single consolidated project

Answer: B

Billing contacts


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