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What allows volume level data to be copied between an HPE 3PAR and an HPE store Virtual VSA?

  • A. Store virtual Peer motion
  • B. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy
  • C. Recovery Manager central
  • D. StoreServ Peer Motion

Answer: C

A large organization is experiencing exponential data growth of object storage due to recent mergers and acquisition .They need an on-premise solution to optimize cost at petabyte scale Which components should you recommend for a software-defined solution ?(select two)

  • A. HPE Appolo 4510 server
  • B. HPE Complete –Scalability RING
  • C. HPE Synergy 660 Gen10 compute modules
  • D. HPE complete –CTERA
  • E. HPE 3PAR Storeserv 9450c

Answer: AB

You are adding a new host for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ proof-of-concept .In addition to the host name ,What is the minimum information that is required to create a host profile?

  • A. Host Persona
  • B. Host MAC
  • C. Host set
  • D. Host WWN

Answer: D

Which value does an HPE Nimble solution provide in addition to other HPE storage solutions

  • A. All inclusive software licensing over 5 years and additional capacity upgrades
  • B. Upfront option for free controller upgrade after 3 years
  • C. Flat support pricing for all hardware components
  • D. Tier 1 and tier 2 phone support

Answer: D

An HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 All-Flash Array customer plans to deploy a secondary array 20 km away from their primary array to enable storage replication over a dark fibre. Their existing environment consists of one HPE Synergy Frame 12000, HPE SN6000B Fibre Channel Switches, HPE FlexFabric 5700 Switch Series, and HPE StoreOnce Systems.
Which HPE license is required to meet the customer’s technical requirements?

  • A. Intelligent Resilient Framework licenses
  • B. HPE StoreOnce Replication
  • C. Extended Fabric
  • D. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy

Answer: D

A customer needs to store a large amount of unstructured data that must be queried quickly. Which type of storage meets the customer’s needs?

  • A. object
  • B. hash
  • C. file
  • D. flash

Answer: A

Which statement is correct when discussing the RAID layout of an HPE Nimble HF-series storage system?

  • A. RAID 6 triple parity is set up -21 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • B. RAID 6 triple parity is set up -18 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • C. RAID 6 or RAID 1 can be set up -24 data drives are used for RAID stripes.
  • D. RAID 6 or RAID 1 can be set up -18 data drives are used for RAID stripes.

Answer: A

A customer has a SAN infrastructure with the HPE C-class blade Enclosure ,and a mix of proliant G7,gen8 and Ge9 server .They require a new storage platform ... How can you confirm the storage array will be supported in the existing environment?

  • A. Check recommended firmware levels in the HP SAN design reference guide to ensure firmware compatibility
  • B. Document existing server and SAN information ,and consult SPOCK to ensure firmware compatibility
  • C. Design and array with the latest firmware ,and recommend that the customer engage HPE point Next to upgrade the existing hardware
  • D. Design an array with older version of the firmware to ensure compatibility

Answer: B

Which HPE 3Par feature improves CPU utilization ,reduces latency and improve IOPS ?

  • A. Zero Detect
  • B. Persistent Cache
  • C. Express Indexing
  • D. Express Writes

Answer: D

A customer run several HPE 3PAR storeserv system in their environment using data rest encryption .The customer needs to add an HPE 3PAR Storeserv 8000system to the storage pool and an external key manager for all systems.. What is the requirement for this solution?

  • A. Boot server for the existing 3PAR storeserv array must be replaced with self-encrypting drive
  • B. All drives of the new HPE 3PAR storeserv array must be self-encrypting
  • C. HPE ESKM FIPS mode must be disabled by the administrator
  • D. Data on the existing HPE 3PAR storeserv array must be decrypted and re-encrypted with new keys

Answer: B

You are demonstrating adding a new virtual volume for an HPE 3PAR Storeserv array for your customer.in addition to the volume name ,What is the minimum information required to create a virtual volume(select two)

  • A. Persona type
  • B. Domain
  • C. Host
  • D. Size
  • E. CPG

Answer: DE

Due to industry regulation a customer is required to store backup at a separate data center from the company’s main data center. The customer application require fast backup and quick restore increase of data lose. Which solution allow the customer to meet both industry and application requirement?

  • A. HPE storeServe 3par in main and secondary data center with RCIP replication between arrays
  • B. Nimble AF series in main data center and Nimble SF series in secondary data center
  • C. HPE Storeserve 3Par in main data center HPE StoreOnce in secondary data center with RMC
  • D. HPR StoreServ 3PAR in main data center and HPE StoreOnce in both main and secondary data center.

Answer: C

How does the HPE StoreVirtual VSA storage platform scale performance and capacity?

  • A. eliminates the need for storage controllers
  • B. enables access through multiple protocols
  • C. aggregates all resources into a single storage pool
  • D. recreates storage pools on multiple devices

Answer: D

Which built-in HPE 3PAR StoreServ technology reduces database transaction logs response time?

  • A. Express Writes
  • B. Adaptive Flash Cache
  • C. Thin provisioning
  • D. Thin Deduplication

Answer: B

A customer has mission-critical applications that intermittently experience heavy disk I/O. The storage speed has the most impact on the application’s performance. The customer does not want to dedicate SSD disks to these applications because additional performance is only needed periodically, and moving the volumes between tiers takes too long.
Which HPE StoreVirtual VSA feature can address this customer’s challenge?

  • A. Storage virtualization
  • B. Space Reclamation
  • C. Thin Provisioning
  • D. Adaptive Optimization

Answer: D

A customer has a large deployment of HPE Synergy compute modules. HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays, and HPE StoreOnce system in a single data center. They are concerned about the risk of data loss due to site disaster and seeks cost-effective offsite Disaster Recovery protection without the need to deploy a secondary site.
Which HPE solution should you recommend?

  • A. HPE StoreOnce VSA
  • B. HPE StoreOnce CloudBank
  • C. HPE StoreOnce RMC
  • D. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst

Answer: D

A customer need to update the local sever at each of their branches keep up with the increasing demand for High-performance storage. The customer cannot afford to move to SAN at each state. Which HPE storage technology can increase performance for this customer?

  • A. Smart Path
  • B. SmartCache
  • C. Adaptive Flash Cache
  • D. Persistent Cache

Answer: B

While demonstrating an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 array, the customer asks you to demonstrate the File Persona features.
Which objects do you need to create to demonstrate these features? (Choose two.)

  • A. File share
  • B. Storage container
  • C. Host
  • D. Remote copy group
  • E. Virtual file server

Answer: AE

A customer with an HPE 3PAR StoreServ needs to upgrade their aging backup solution to a more advanced solution using snapshots and deduplication.
Which HPE products would meet the customer’s needs? (Choose two.)

  • A. HPE 3PAR File Persona
  • B. HPE StoreEver
  • C. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy
  • D. HPE StoreOnce
  • E. HPE Recovery Manager Central

Answer: CD

A customer need to implement a new SAN fabric for their growing environment .The new SAN should provide a high performance and port–efficient network with many-to-many connectivity .Because of changing requirement and the possible acquisition of another company in the near future. The customer cannot predit the I/O traffic pattern within the SAN .The customer also concerned about availability. Which type of SAN topology should you recommend?

  • A. Core-edge fabric
  • B. Single switch fabric
  • C. Cascaded fabric
  • D. Meshed fabric

Answer: D

Which software feature should an HPE 3PAR Storeserv 8000 customer use to optimize data protection and recovery, Including rapid online recovery for his VMware environment?(select two)

  • A. HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software
  • B. HPE 3PAR Remote copy software
  • C. HPE 3PAR Security software suite
  • D. HPE 3PAR File persona Software suite
  • E. HPE StoreOnce recovery manager central for VMware

Answer: AE

Users are complaining about poor performance with their Data Warehouse application. What is an effective solution to increase their performance at minimal cost?

  • A. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache
  • B. HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization
  • C. HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization
  • D. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization

Answer: B

How does HPE StoreVirtual DSM for windows enhanced Microsoft windows native MPIO?

  • A. It automatically create an I/O path to each storage system in the cluster
  • B. It automatically adjusts transfer block
  • C. It automatically combines HPE thin provisioning and volume migration technology
  • D. It automatically adjusts the availability bandwidth between the switch and the array

Answer: A

What advantage does the Unified API that is part of HPE’s composable strategy provide?

  • A. infrastructure lifecycle managed with standard programming code
  • B. single portal for managing servers, networking, and storage
  • C. write-back capability and instant cable warmth
  • D. dedicated object storage platform

Answer: B

A customer needs to be manually map out preferred paths within a multi-switch fabric, based on application,priority ,and topology, while allowing failover to a non-preferred path if the preferred path fails, Which B-series FC switch functionality should be used to provide this?

  • A. Quality of services
  • B. Enhanced group management
  • C. Frame filtering
  • D. Traffic isolation Zones

Answer: D


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