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Which of the following provides redundancy ona file server to ensure the server is still connected to a LAN even in the event of a port failure on a switch?

  • A. NIC teaming
  • B. Load balancer
  • C. RAID array
  • D. PDUs

Answer: A

At which of the following OSI model layers would a technician find an IP header?

  • A. Layer 1
  • B. Layer 2
  • C. Layer 3
  • D. Layer 4

Answer: C

A website administrator is concerned the company’s static website could be defaced by hacktivists or used as a pivot point to attack internal systems. Which of the following should a network security administrator recommend to assist with detecting these activities?

  • A. Implement file integrity monitoring.
  • B. Change the default credentials.
  • C. Use SSL encryption.
  • D. Update the web-server software.

Answer: C

A company built a new building at its headquarters location. The new building is connected to the company’s LAN via fiber-optic cable. Multiple users in the new building are unable to access the company’s intranet site via their web browser, but they are able to access internet sites. Which of the following describes how the network administrator can resolve this issue?

  • A. Correct the DNS server entries in the DHCP scope
  • B. Correct the external firewall gateway address
  • C. Correct the NTP server settings on the clients
  • D. Correct a TFTP Issue on the company’s server

Answer: A

A lab environment hosts Internet-facing web servers and other experimental machines, which technicians use for various tasks A technician installs software on one of the web servers to allow communication to the company's file server, but it is unable to connect to it Other machines in the building are able to retrieve files from the file server. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the web server cannot retrieve the files, and what should be done to resolve the problem?

  • A. The lab environment's IDS is blocking the network traffic 1 he technician can whitelist the new application in the IDS
  • B. The lab environment is located in the DM2, and traffic to the LAN zone is denied by defaul
  • C. The technician can move the computer to another zone or request an exception from theadministrator.
  • D. The lab environment has lost connectivity to the company router, and the switch needs to be rebooted.The technician can get the key to the wiring closet and manually restart the switch
  • E. The lab environment is currently set up with hubs instead of switches, and the requests are getting bounced back The technician can submit a request for upgraded equipment tomanagement.

Answer: B

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to improve the availability of a company's SQL database Which of the following technologies should be utilized to achieve maximum availability?

  • A. Clustering
  • B. Port aggregation
  • C. NIC teaming
  • D. Snapshots

Answer: C

A technician isdeploying a new switch model and would like to add it to the existing network monitoring software. The technician wants to know what metrics can be gathered from a given switch. Which of the following should the technician utilize for the switch?

  • A. MIB
  • B. Trap
  • C. Syslog
  • D. Audit log

Answer: A

An administrator is writing a script to periodically log the IPv6 and MAC addresses of all the devices on a network segment. Which ofthe following switch features will MOST likely be used to assist with this task?

  • A. Spanning Tree Protocol
  • B. Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • C. Link Aggregation Control Protocol
  • D. Address Resolution Protocol

Answer: B

Which of the following ports is commonly used byVoIP phones?

  • A. 20
  • B. 143
  • C. 445
  • D. 5060

Answer: D

Which of the following is a system that is installed directly on a server's hardware and abstracts the hardware from any guest machines?

  • A. Storage array
  • B. Type 1 hypervisor
  • C. Virtual machine
  • D. Guest QS

Answer: A

Which of the following transceiver types can support up to 40Gbps?

  • A. SFP+
  • B. QSFP+
  • C. QSFP
  • D. SFP

Answer: B

The network administrator is informed that a user’s email password is frequently hacked by brute-force programs. Which of the following policies should the network administrator implements to BEST mitigate this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Captive portal
  • B. Two-factor authentication
  • C. Complex passwords
  • D. Geofencing
  • E. Role-based access
  • F. Explicit deny

Answer: BC

An attacker is attempting to find the password to a network by inputting common words and phrases in plaintext to the password prompt. Which of the following attack types BEST describes this action?

  • A. Pass-the-hash attack
  • B. Rainbow table attack
  • C. Brute-force attack
  • D. Dictionary attack

Answer: D

A network engineer is designing a new secure wireless network. The engineer has been given the following requirements:
* 1 Must not use plaintext passwords
* 2 Must be certificate based
* 3. Must be vendor neutral
Which of the following methods should the engineer select?

  • A. TWP-RC4
  • C. EAP-TLS
  • D. WPA2

Answer: C

A technician needs to configure a Linux computer for network monitoring. The technician has the following information:
Linux computer details:
N10-008 dumps exhibit
Switch mirror port details:
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After connecting the Linux computer to the mirror port on the switch, which of the following commands should the technician run on the Linux computer?

  • A. ifconfig ecth0 promisc
  • B. ifconfig eth1 up
  • C. ifconfig eth0
  • D. ifconfig eth1 hw ether A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6

Answer: A

A local firm has hired a consulting company to clean up its IT infrastructure. The consulting company notices remote printing is accomplished by port forwarding via publicly accessible IPs through the firm's firewall Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate way to enable secure remote printing?

  • A. SSH
  • B. VPN
  • C. Telnet
  • D. SSL

Answer: A

A technician is troubleshooting a wireless connectivity issue in a small office located in a high-rise building. Several APs are mounted in this office. The users report that the network connections frequently disconnect and reconnect throughout the day. Whichof the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  • A. The AP association time is set too low
  • B. EIRP needs to be boosted
  • C. Channel overlap is occurring
  • D. The RSSI is misreported

Answer: B

A technician is troubleshooting a workstation's network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using Which of the following concepts would BEST help the technician?

  • A. Consistent labeling
  • B. Change management
  • C. Standard work instructions
  • D. Inventory management
  • E. Network baseline

Answer: A

A network administrator discovers that users in an adjacent building areconnecting to the company’s guest wireless network to download inappropriate material. Which of the following can the administrator do to MOST easily mitigate this issue?

  • A. Reduce the wireless power levels
  • B. Adjust the wireless channels
  • C. Enablewireless client isolation
  • D. Enable wireless port security

Answer: A

A technician is installing a cable modem in a SOHO. Which of the following cable types will the technician MOST likely use to connect a modem to the ISP?

  • A. Coaxial
  • B. Single-mode fiber
  • C. Cat 6e
  • D. Multimode fiber

Answer: A


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