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Before you interrogate any element on a screen or partial screen, you must save the first interrogated element as a _______.

  • A. Partial Screen
  • B. Field
  • C. Screen
  • D. Match Region

Answer: D

RuntimeLogs can be enabled immediately at runtime if the user ______.

  • A. has access to the %AppData%\OpenSpan directory and can edit the RuntimeConfig.xml
  • B. is an admin in the Management Console and can edit the Runtime setting
  • C. performs the following hot key combination: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Windows+O
  • D. can right-click the tray icon, select Diagnostics Configuration, and enable FilePublisher

Answer: A

What are two valid steps to add the custom .NET component to a solution? (Choose Two)

  • A. Import the DLL as a project item.
  • B. Add DLL as a reference in the RuntimeConfig.xml.
  • C. Add the item to the Toolbox window.
  • D. Copy the DLL into an appropriate directory.

Answer: CD

Based on best practices for naming standards and project layout, which three items are located in the root folder of an adapter project? (Choose Three)

  • A. Global Container
  • B. Custom DLL
  • C. Procedures Folder
  • D. Adapter
  • E. Actions Folder

Answer: ABD

Runtime produces an error when debugging a solution. The error message references that a control does not have the necessary value to complete an activity. The control depends upon the completion of a second activity in another project to provide its value.
Which two debugging options provide a benefit when referencing threads for issue resolution? (Choose Two)

  • A. Use the Automation Playback
  • B. Insert Try and Catch components to a automation
  • C. Add automation execution log entries
  • D. Dissect a log file for propagating data

Answer: AC

Which step allows you to add a Watch to an automation variable?

  • A. Right-click the data link (blue propagate line) coming from the variable, and select Add Watch.
  • B. Right-click the input/output data port (blue dot) of the variable, and selected Watch.
  • C. Right-click the incoming/outgoing execution port (yellow dot) of the variable, and select Add Watch.
  • D. Right-click the execution link (yellow execution line) coming from the variable, and select Add Watch.

Answer: B

Which log category do you enable to create a replica of what you see within the emulator in the RuntimeLog?

  • A. Text Screens
  • B. Playback
  • C. Matched Regions
  • D. Text Adapter

Answer: D

When interrogating a web application control, the drag and drop Default interrogation method does not work. Using the Select Element also does not work. You decide to use the Create Control option to interrogate the web control.
From the Interrogation Steps list, move all of the options to the Ordered Interrogation Steps column and place them in the correct order.
PEGACRSA80V1 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

Click on List Web Control
Click on List Browsers and Frames
Navigate to the webpage containing the control
Select Necessary browser window containing the control Select Filter Option
Click list web controls
Confirm the control using highlight
Select create control from right click menu

You receive an error in an automation on the fourth iteration when processing a ForLoop. From the ForLoop component, you put a breakpoint on the Yielded execution link.
How do you add a condition to the breakpoint so that the Debugger stops on the fourth loop instead of the first time in the ForLoop?

  • A. From the Debug menu, select Breakpoints > Properties.
  • B. From the Breakpoints window, double-click the breakpoint and select Settings.
  • C. From the Breakpoints window, right-click the breakpoint and select Settings.
  • D. Right-click the breakpoint in the automation and select Properties.

Answer: C

During application discovery, it is important that you _______.

  • A. prefix the interrogated controls
  • B. test at least one control of each type included in the use case
  • C. use the interaction framework to test any required activities
  • D. follow solution development best practices

Answer: B

You have a requirement that must return the OrderDate, OrderStatus, and OrderAmount for all orders for a given customer account in a SQL database.
How should the SQL query be specified in the CommanoText property of the SqIQuery component?

  • A. SELECT OrderDate, OrderStatus, OrderAmount FROM Orders where AccountNumber={accountNumber}
  • B. SELECT OrderDate, OrderStatus, OrderAmount FROM Orders where AccountNumber=?accountNumber
  • C. SELECT OrderDate, OrderStatus, OrderAmount FROM Orders where AccountNumber={0}
  • D. SELECT OrderDate, OrderStatus, OrderAmount FROM Orders where AccountNumber=@accountNumber

Answer: D

To run an RPA solution, the Robot must log in and register to the Pega server. You set the credentials for an RPA Robot by ______.

  • A. selecting RPACredentials from the Runtime menu
  • B. editing and saving the credentials within the RuntimeConfig.xml
  • C. setting the credentials within the solution code on startup
  • D. using the default system credentials

Answer: A

The business requirement states that the user performs a search in a web application. How do you order the automation steps to perform this search?

  • A. Verify the adapter status, navigate the adapter to a known location, and perform search.
  • B. Verify adapter status, search, and then navigate to a known location.
  • C. Navigate to a known location and perform the search.
  • D. Stop the adapter, start the adapter, and then perform the search.

Answer: B

You are required to delete a file from the user's C drive. This file may not always be present. The requirements state that you may not use a script component to perform this operation.
After right-clicking the Toolbox and selecting Choose Items, what steps do you perform to add a component to the Toolbox to check if the file exists?

  • A. Change to the Pega Robotics Static Members tab, choose From Global Assembly Cache, choose the mscorlib assembly, expand File, check the box next to Exists, and click OK.
  • B. Change to the Pega Robotics Static Members tab, choose From Global Assembly Cache, check the box next to File System Watcher, and click OK.
  • C. Change to the Pega Robotics Static Members tab, choose From Global Assembly Cache, choose the mscorlib assembly, expand Directory, check the box next to Exists, and click OK.
  • D. Change to the Pega Robotics Static Members tab, choose the OpenSpan.Utilities assembly, check the box next to FileExists, and click OK.

Answer: A

You are evaluating business requirements and reviewing each adapter.
Move all of the Adapter Steps to the Adapter review Order column and place them in the correct order.
PEGACRSA80V1 dumps exhibit

  • A. Mastered
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

PEGACRSA80V1 dumps exhibit

In which two ways do the two publishers, Log4Net and File Publisher, differ? (Choose Two)

  • A. Log4Net can change the directory location of the log file.
  • B. Log4Net can set the log file size.
  • C. Log4Net can provide a minimum number of log files to retain.
  • D. Log4Net can append new data to the log file.

Answer: AB

Lines in the RuntimeLog containing the text "ExecutionLink From:" refer specifically to what item from your solution?

  • A. Yellow execution lines
  • B. Automation entry points
  • C. Blue data lines
  • D. Automation execution threads

Answer: D

Procedure automations should return values needed elsewhere in the application with the Exit Point(s) instead of using global values.
What are the two reasons for returning values within a procedure automation's Exit Point? (Choose Two)

  • A. The design provides for smaller, manageable automations.
  • B. The values are scoped to the automation so they do not need to be cleared after execution.
  • C. The solution design document determines the use of exit points and values.
  • D. The outcome can be trusted because it cannot be overwritten by an automation on another thread.

Answer: AB

Which line of code do you use in a script designer to add a custom message to the Runtime application logs?

  • A. OpenSpan.Diagnostics.Diagnostic.TraceVerbose("Script", "your message");
  • B. LogMessage("Script","Your Message");
  • C. OpenSpan.TraceVerbosef'Script", "your message");
  • D. Pega.Diagnostic.TraceVerbose("Script", "your message");

Answer: A

A solution is ready for deployment and you are cleaning up all breakpoints in the automations for each project. Given the following options, in which two ways can automation breakpoints be deleted? (Choose Two)

  • A. Clicking the breakpoint in an automation and pressing the Delete key
  • B. Selecting Delete All Breakpoints from the Project menu
  • C. Using the Breakpoints debugging window
  • D. Right-clicking the breakpoint in an automation and selecting Delete

Answer: BD

You are responsible for sending the deployment package to the customer. You are required to build your solution to work with the test and production HR systems. The customer only wants to create one solution that can work with both environments.
How do you fulfill this request?

  • A. Add two projects to the solution: One project for production and one project for test.
  • B. Add two adapters to the HR Project: One adapter for production and one adapter for test.
  • C. Add two configuration files to the HR System project: One configuration file for production and one for test.
  • D. Add one configuration file to the HR System project; the configuration file contains the production and test details

Answer: C

You are working on a multi-developer automation project that is currently going through UAT. A tester reports that an automation fails after a certain number of attempts. The tester did not count the number of attempts but provided verbose Runtime logging.
What two methods do you use to determine how many automation iterations occur before failure? (Choose Two)

  • A. Add a counter in the automation to track the number of times it runs and write the count into the log.
  • B. Open the RuntimeLog in a text editor and check for the automation occurrence and any exceptions surrounding it.
  • C. Tell the tester to run the solution again, count the iterations, and report any issues with the automation.
  • D. Use Automation Playback.

Answer: BD

The requirement is to get the text from a specific application (MyApp.exe) using the Control Region functionality. How do you set the OpenSpan.ini configuration setting?

  • A. [Control] Enabled=1ProcessList-MyApp.exe AHProcesses=0
  • B. [GDI]Enabled=1 ProcessList= AllProcesses=1
  • C. [Control] Enabled=1 ProcessList= AllProcesses=1
  • D. [GDI]Enabled=1 ProcessList=MyApp.exe AllProcesses=0

Answer: A


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