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Which two steps are needed to create a new business object in Digital Customer Service?

  • A. Assign object access roles to an administrative user.
  • B. Map a Visual Builder Cloud Service business object to the object API.
  • C. Assign the new business object to a new component.
  • D. Assign the new business object to a pag

Answer: AB

If you did not use the Reference Implementation template for your Digital Customer Service (DCS) application, you will ______.

  • A. be required to create all of your own components for the display of Engagement Cloud objects
  • B. not be able to preview your application before you publish it
  • C. have to contact Oracle Support for the permission to deploy your custom DCS application
  • D. be required to map roles so that the Visual Builder Cloud Service role matches the Engagement Cloud role

Answer: A

Identify two correct options about Application Composer, as the primary web-based tool within Engagement Cloud used to modify standard and custom objects.

  • A. It allows edits to Dashboard pages.
  • B. It requires proper permissions to use the tool and additional permissions to edit the desired object.
  • C. It includes a preview option for all standard and custom object pages.
  • D. It requires the use of a sandbox to modify the fields associated with standard and custom object

Answer: D

Which two statements are true about system-to-system authentication between Digital Customer Service (DCS) and Oracle Engagement Cloud?

  • A. It must be configured by a user signed in to the Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service with a valid developer or administrator account.
  • B. It is configured exclusively via the Engagement Cloud Security Console.
  • C. It enables anonymous users to search the DCS knowledge base.
  • D. It does not require matching passwords between Engagement Cloud and DC

Answer: BC

You are starting a new Engagement Cloud project implementation, and one of your customer requirements is to share service request information through Oracle Social Network.
In which way can you enable the service requests to be shareable on Oracle Social Network?

  • A. Setup and maintenance > Sales > Service Request > Manage Oracle Social Network Objects
  • B. Setup and maintenance > Service > Configuration and Security > 5ervice Request > Manage Oracle Social Network Objects for Service
  • C. Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Productivity Tools > Manage Custom Objects for Service
  • D. Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Productivity Tools > Manage Oracle Social Network Objects for Service

Answer: B

Your customer is not able to use category filters for search and recommended results of Knowledge articles in his environment.
Which of the following is causing this behavior?

  • A. The user doesn't have the role ENABLE_LOCALĀ£_FILTER_ROLE.
  • B. The profile CSO_ENABLE_CATEGORY_FILTER is set to N.
  • C. The profile CS0_ENABLE_KN0WLEDGE_FAV0RITING is set to N.
  • D. The batch job for recommendations has not been executed.
  • E. The profile CSO_ENABLE_SVC_KMHOME is set to

Answer: A

Which three types of data are included in the Interaction associated with a normal call flow?

  • A. Contact name
  • B. Channel
  • C. Service Request create date
  • D. Start time of the call
  • E. Agent name

Answer: ACE

Which three options are defined by a standard coverage rule?

  • A. the start and end date for applying the rule
  • B. a commitment to handle SRs within certain SLAs
  • C. the time in minutes before the First Response milestone is due
  • D. the date and time of the last customer response
  • E. a condition that applies based on the severity of the service request

Answer: CDE

Your customer has informed you about a possible error in the screen pop-up when receiving a call. The problem is that the edit contact screen pop is shown whenever a call is received but most of the time the calls are regarding open Service Requests. As a result, agents have to navigate to that page, losing time and being ineffective.
What is causing the problem?

  • A. Screen pops are not configurabl
  • B. When a call arrives, the system automatically opens the page of the object in question, these cases being the contact page.
  • C. Rules follow a priority orde
  • D. When the system finds a contact token it automatically opens the "edit contact" page, because that rule has been configured before the Service request rule, regardless if a Service Request token is also available,
  • E. Rules do not follow an orde
  • F. When a call is received, the "edit contact" screen pop appears because it is the default rule that has been selected, regardless of the service request number or other tokens received.
  • G. A configuration in the pages tab of the screen pop is missing, the URL to the page to be displayed has not been provisione
  • H. The URL is empty so the system shows the contact edit page.

Answer: D

You have just created a new Digital Customer Service (DCS) application and now you need to add a user-registration option.
Which three steps should you perform to configure user self-registration in your DCS application?

  • A. Configure your self-registrations so that they are automatically approved.
  • B. Configure the self-registrations to restrict registration to only existing Contacts.
  • C. Disable the anonymous access option in your DCS application.
  • D. Enable the self-registration steps in the "Manage Digital Customer Service Registration Profile Options" tas

Answer: ABC

Your client has noticed that inbound emails from customers are not creating or updating requests. Which step should they perform to automate it?

  • C. Adjust permissions on all customer's profiles,
  • D. Adjust the inbound message filter

Answer: B

Your customer has asked you to investigate a possible bug In their Engagement Cloud Knowledge Base-Users ate authoring and publishing articles but these articles are not visible to other users even though the visibility for every article is set to all users.
What could be causing this behavior?

  • A. Users that want to see immediate updates to articles must have the article In their favorites, so that it is identified as a document of interest and the user will be informed that there has been an update published.
  • B. Authors need to make their articles available in order to set them as favorites, so other users can be notified as the articles are updated.
  • C. There is a configuration failure in the publishing tas
  • D. A user provisioned as "Knowledge Manager" must ensure that the "automatic refresh for articles" option is set to "Yes" from the "Manage Administrator Profile Values" task.
  • E. Articles are available to users only after the application updates the knowledge base search inde
  • F. This happens at regular intervals and there might be some elapsed time before the search Index is updated.

Answer: D

Which two actions can you take when using Application Composer to create a new Trouble Ticket object?

  • A. You can set a field rule to validate that the Priority field of the Trouble Ticket object is between 1 and 5.
  • B. You can create a trigger on the Trouble Ticket object using the Upon Import into Database trigger event to update the custom "OpenTroubleTickets" of the Account object.
  • C. You can create a field rule or a field trigger on a field of the Trouble Ticket object but not both on the same field.
  • D. You can set an object rule to validate that a Trouble Ticket of Priority 1 cannot be saved without being assigned to a staff member.

Answer: AB

Which three steps are required to configure the system to send an email notification when a milestone has reached warning status?

  • A. Add an extension column to the milestone object to hold the warning threshold value.
  • B. Create standard text to be posted to the message thread.
  • C. Specify the warning threshold for the milestone in the standard coverages.
  • D. Configure an analytics report showing milestones in warning status.
  • E. Configure the email template to be used for notification.
  • F. Configure an object workflow action to send the email when the milestone status changes to warnin

Answer: CDE

One of your service agents needs a new search filter on his Service Requests' list page. How can the agent achieve this?

  • A. Create several personalized searches and relate them to each other.
  • B. Grant the agent Administrator permissions to add new search filters.
  • C. Create a new search through the application composer.
  • D. Add fields from the advanced search functionalit

Answer: C

Which two ate requited to publish a completed Digital Customer Service (DCS) application?

  • A. a single "publish" action to complete the task
  • B. system administrator approval
  • C. moving the application to Staging and subsequently to Production status
  • D. nothing (DCS applications are always available to all users.)

Answer: CD

Your customer has noticed that emails are being retrieved every day only at 3:00 PM. This behavior began three days ago and no configuration changes were made during that time.
What is the cause of this new behavior?

  • A. a configured Job to process inbound emails
  • B. an inbound message filter per time schedule 9
  • C. an inbound message filter per sender
  • D. a configured profile option to schedule the retrieval of emails

Answer: B

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