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2021 Mar 210-065 testing engine

Q1. Refer to the exhibit. 

You have just finished installing a 65-inch dual profile system in a multipurpose room. After powering up the entire system, only one display is used. Using the information in the exhibit, why is the second display not displaying anything from the system? 

A. The Cisco TelePresence profile systems do not support dual display. 

B. The display is not powered on. 

C. The dual display option key has not been input into the codec. 

D. The codec has the appropriate option keys installed, so either the display is not cabled correctly, the codec is configured incorrectly, or there is no input being sent to the display. 


Q2. efer to the exhibit. 

Which configuration item shown in the exhibit should be used to assign the internal and external video communication server address for this group of users? 

A. User Settings > Video Address pattern 

B. Administrative Tools > User Settings 

C. Configuration Template > Edit Template 

D. User Import > Configuration 


Q3. Which two of these can cause registration problems for a Cisco TelePresence Codec C40 endpoint running in H.323 mode? (Choose two.) 

A. The IP default gateway address is incorrect for the endpoint. 

B. The H.323 license stack is not added to the endpoint. 

C. The MAC address for the endpoint has not been added to the Cisco TelePresence VCS. 

D. The E.164 H323Alias has not been configured on the endpoint. 

E. The URI address has not been configured on the endpoint. 

Answer: A,D 

Q4. What is the importance of defining option 150 in the DHCP server for Cisco TelePresence endpoints? 

A. Option 150 is not important. 

B. It is the TFTP server IPv4 address where the video endpoint retrieves its configuration file while booting. 

C. It is the IPv4 address of the default gateway for the subnet that the video endpoint is connected to. 

D. It is the configured SIP registrar and proxy server. 

E. It is the unique NTP server IPv4 address. 


Q5. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which system tab can be used to add video infrastructure devices and endpoints? 

A. Navigator 

B. System Overview 

C. Configuration Templates 

D. Provisioning 

E. Administrative Tools 


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Q6. A network engineer is setting up a Cisco TelePresence Content Server. The customer requires live streaming, but does not have a streaming server. Which media should be configured to stream locally from the TelePresence Content Server? 

A. QuickTime 

B. MPEG-4 

C. Flash 

D. Windows Media 

E. Darwin 


Q7. Cisco Video Surveillance Video Encoder cards perform which function? 

A. the ability to use existing analog equipment with an IP-enabled video surveillance system 

B. the ability to convert low-resolution video to high-definition video for video surveillance 

C. the ability to stream digital media to digital media in an IP-enabled video recording environment 

D. the ability to encrypt raw video signals to secure video signals 


Q8. An end user using C series codec wants to change the participant layout for a meeting hosted on a Cisco TelePresence Server. What are three valid layout options available in codec web interface? (Choose three.) 

A. single screen 

B. loudest speaker 

C. rolling 

D. equal 

E. custom 

F. overlay 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q9. A customer has a data and VoIP converged network and would like to add video to this network. Which two key QoS elements should be included in the new network design? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure bandwidth management features to smooth bursty traffic and mitigate end-to-end congestion. 

B. Assign a high priority to transactional traffic to maintain quality of business traffic. 

C. Keep video traffic on the low latency queue and move voice traffic to a lower-priority queue. 

D. Apply bandwidth control features that will guarantee bandwidth for the maximum possible amount of video traffic. 

E. Assign both video and voice traffic to use the highest-priority queue. 

Answer: A,D 

Q10. Refer to the exhibit. 

A technician is reviewing the search history details on a Cisco TelePresence VCS for a recent call that failed. What was the cause for the call setup failure? 

A. A local call policy rule denied the call. 

B. The source alias matched an entry in the registration deny list. 

C. The originating caller was not authenticated. 

D. The source alias origin is unknown. 

Answer: A