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A laptop PC user is reporting issues with the hard drive. A filesystem check shows that all files are accessible and the filesystem is clean. After the check, the PC still issues a hard drive error message. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?

  • A. S.M.A.R.T failure
  • B. IOPS failure
  • C. DIMM failure
  • D. RAID failure

Answer: A

A user submitted a ticket to report an issue with a new printer that is no longer accepting new print jobs. The technician verifies the printer is on and notices the printer LCD screen has the following error message:
Paper Jam, Jam in fuser.
Which of the following is the MOST efficient next step the technician should complete?

  • A. Apply a maintenance kit to the printer
  • B. Check the printer paper path to locate any obstructions.
  • C. Turn the printer on and off to see if the error clears.
  • D. Replace the fuser.

Answer: B

A remote user reports connectivity issues with the local internet provider. Even after a technician reboots the modem supplied by the ISP. the issue persists. Which of the following would BEST establish the connection in minimal time?

  • A. Radio frequency ISP
  • B. Neighbor's Wi-Fi
  • C. Mobile hotspot
  • D. Fiber optic

Answer: C

A user connects a smartphone to a laptop. Which of the following types of networks has the user created?

  • A. PAN
  • B. MAN
  • C. WLAN
  • D. LAN

Answer: A

Which of the following would MOST likely be used to obtain electronic images of a large number of printed documents?

  • A. NFC device
  • B. ADF/flatbed scanner
  • C. Camera/webcam
  • D. QR scanner

Answer: B

While implementing a non-carrier-grade wireless backhaul, a technician notices the current channel selection is extremely polluted with various RF signals. Upon performing a spectral analysis, the technician discovers a channel containing almost no RF pollution. Unfortunately, the technician is unable to select that channel. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?

  • A. The channel is reserved for licensed band use.
  • B. The channel selection is defective; contact the manufacturer.
  • C. The channel must be unlocked by the vendor.
  • D. The device requires a firmware update to unlock the channel.

Answer: D

Which of the following standards supports MIMO technology?

  • A. 802.11a
  • B. 802.11b
  • C. 802.11g
  • D. 802.11n

Answer: D

A technician replaced a motherboard on a server, and now the 64-bit hypervisor is not loading correctly. Which of the following needs to be enabled for the hypervisor to run?

  • A. Hardware prefetcher
  • B. Hyperthreading
  • C. vPro
  • D. VT-d

Answer: D

A technician is commissioning a workstation that is required to have mirrored storage, utilizing two 4TB drives that support one failure. Which of the following BEST meets these requirements?

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID 1
  • C. RAID 5
  • D. RAID 10

Answer: B

An engineer is experiencing unexpected reboots on a graphics workstation when rendering complex 3-D models. The workstation is configured with a 115V power supply that is rated at 200W and connected to a UPS. The central processing unit contains 16 hyperthreaded cores, and a discrete graphics solution utilizing an 8-pin power connector is installed in a PCI Express x16 slot. Which of the following indicates where the technician should begin troubleshooting?

  • A. The UPS, as 115V is insufficient for the configuration and should be increased to 220V
  • B. The power supply, as 200W is insufficient when the GPU is heavily tasked
  • C. The graphics card, as it is the component that triggers the unexpected reboots
  • D. The motherboard, as only standard PCI slots should be used for high-end graphics cards, not PCI Express slots

Answer: B

A small ISP has hired a new technician Joe, the new technician, is being trained to configure customers* home networks The trailing instructor gives me technician a starter kit with cables, cable ends, and other network equipment and asks mm to build a working network.
The computer should be connected to have internet connectivity and the phone should be connected to have a dial tone.
Use the appropriate cables. cable ends, tools and equipment to configure the network ana connect an components accordingly
There are 3 steps and the simulation starts on step 1.
220-1101 dumps exhibit
220-1101 dumps exhibit

A picture containing text, screenshot, indoor Description automatically generated
220-1101 dumps exhibit
Diagram Description automatically generated with medium confidence
220-1101 dumps exhibit

Does this meet the goal?
  • A. Yes
  • B. Not Mastered

Answer: A

A technician goes to a classroom to troubleshoot a projector that occasionally powers off. The technician recreates the issue and notices the projector will not power back on until approximately 15 minutes have passed. After 15 minutes of being powered on. the projector shuts off again. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to resolve the issue?

  • A. Clean the filter.
  • B. Adjust the standby timeout.
  • C. Check the power cable connection.
  • D. Replace the bulb.

Answer: A

A customer reports that a computer is never able to reach more than a 100Mbps transfer data rate, even when using a Gigabit LAN card. While troubleshooting, the technician notices the network cable needs to be replaced. Which of the following cable categories is limiting the transfer speed?

  • A. Cat 5
  • B. Cat 5e
  • C. Cat 6
  • D. Cat 6a

Answer: A

An end user reports that the time and date on a desktop resets after shutdown, and subsequently, the device reboots. The next day, the desktop does not load the OS and is stuck at a black screen with the following message:
220-1101 dumps exhibit
Which of the following would be the BEST action to take next?

  • A. Change the motherboard.
  • B. Reseat the motherboard power connections.
  • C. Replace the CMOS battery.
  • D. Restore the BIOS to factory default settings.

Answer: C

A technician needs to recommend an internet connection for a customer who travels around the world and wants to have connectivity while visiting remote camping locations. Some of the locations the customer visits have limited or unreliable cellular service. Which of the following connection types should the technician recommend?

  • A. Satellite
  • B. DSL
  • C. Fiber
  • D. Hotspot

Answer: A


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