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2021 Apr 1Z0-516 Study Guide Questions:

Q311. ABC.com wants to ensure that no changes are made to unposted journals that come in from their subledgers. At which setup can you control this? 

A. journal approval 

B. journal categories 

C. set of books 

D. journal sources 

E. This is not possible, because changes can be made before posting. 

Answer: D

Q312. Mark, the GL accountant comes to you and says that he is running the tests to check budget functionality. He says that the GL period is closed, but he was able to post the budget journal in a closed period. You check the setups and confirm that the GL period in which Peter was able to post the budget journal is closed. What explanation do you provide to Mark? 

A. The budget year is Open. 

B. The budget status is Current. 

C. The budget status is Frozen. 

D. The Profile option Require Budget Journal is set at the set of books level. 

Answer: A

Q313. Identify two options that users can specify using Multi-Org preferences. (Choose two.) 

A. Set up the default Operating Unit 

B. Set up frequently accessed responsibilities 

C. Set up date, currency, and number formats 

D. Set up frequently accessed forms and webpages 

E. Set up the access to a limited list of Operating Units 

Answer: AE

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Q314. During a period, several preapproved batches of miscellaneous transactions were entered and released. The project manager informs you that he is unable to view the accounting in the expenditure inquiry form. Which process was likely omitted? 

A. tieback costs 

B. interface costs 

C. distribute costs 

D. streamline costs 

Answer: C

Q315. Identify a correct statement about profile classes. 

A. Credit checking is managed in Receivables and Credit Management. 

B. Late charge type includes adjustment, debit memo, and interest invoice. 

C. Profile classes can be assigned to party, customer account, and account site levels. 

D. Profile classes can be assigned at the site level if the site has active bill-to and ship-to address purposes. 

E. Profile classes include credit check, credit collector, payment term, statement cycle, and statement-to address. 

Answer: B

Q316. Before you can create customer invoices, you have to define customers and your remit-to address. Identify five additional setups that are required before you can create invoices in Receivables. (Choose five.) 

A. payment terms 

B. AutoAccounting 

C. Transaction sources 

D. Standard memo line 

E. System and profile options 

F. Receivables transaction types 

G. Customer account relationships 

Answer: ABCEF

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Q317. In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, Multiple Language Support (MLS) refers to the ability to support multiple languages in the same Oracle Application instance. Which three statements concerning MLS are true? (Choose three.) 

A. Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 is available in multiple languages. 

B. Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 translates all data entered by the user. 

C. UTF8 is the recommended character set for installations that support multiple languages. 

D. The character set you choose during installation determines which languages the instance can support. 

E. The extended multilingual support present in the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 data model can increase database storag requirements. 

Answer: CDE

Q318. ABC Enterprise wants to achieve processing efficiencies in its accounts closing cycle. It has multiple ledgers and needs to summarize balances across ledgers. ABC Enterprise is security conscious and wants to restrict user access on ledgers. All its ledgers share the same chart of accounts and accounting calendar or period-type combination. Identify which functionality of Oracle General Ledger serves the need of ABC Enterprise. 

A. Ledgers 

B. Ledger sets 

C. Consolidation 

D. Data access sets 

E. Balance transfers 

Answer: B

Q319. Choose the correct sequence of events taking place in the data access set setup process. 

1. Define a legal entity. 

2. Define ledger sets. 

3. Define data access sets. 

4. Define a secondary ledger. 

5. Define a primary ledger. 

6. Assign a data access set to responsibilities. 

7. Define operating units. 

A. 1, 7, 5, 4, 2, 3, 6 

B. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 

C. 1, 7, 4, 5, 3, 2, 6 

D. 1, 7, 3, 2, 5, 4, 6 

Answer: A

Q320. A debit memo reversal must be utilized to reverse the receipt if_____ . 

A. Receipt is a non-invoice-related receipt 

B. Receipt has an open claim associated with it 

C. Receipt has been reconciled in Cash Management 

D. Receipt has a remitted credit card refund application 

Answer: D