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Q11. Choose the JAX-RS type that is used to produce URLs to resources, given the resource class, to incorporate into resource responses (Choose one): 

A. UriBuilder 

B. UriInfo 

C. UriMapper 

D. Producer 


Q12. What are two valid facts about WS-I? (Choose two.) 

A. The I-Stack is a great development tool. 

B. The WS-I promotes and supports generic protocols for the interoperable exchange of messages. 

C. The WS-I governs languages and protocols such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. 

D. The WS-I specifies specific rules that address either weaknesses in component specifications or issues of how to combine the collected technology. 

E. The WS-I has been a guiding force in creating StAX. 

Answer: BD 

Q13. A developer creates a Web service for his company's inventory service. He uses servlet container to deploy the web service and wants to enable basic authentication for all web service invocations. Where does the developer configure security requirements for the above case? 

A. sun-jaxws.xml 

B. web.xml 

C. webservices.xml 

D. domain.xml 


Q14. Which of the following security technology is not covered in Metro project? (Choose one.) 

A. WS-Trust 

B. WS-SecurityPolicy 

C. WS-SecureConversation 



Q15. Which two statements are true about WSIT client development and using the WSIT configuration file? (Choose two.) 

A. Client configuration files do NOT contain information security features, such as authentication. 

B. The file contains the URL for the WSDL. 

C. To maintain interoperability, the configuration file must not name packages. 

D. A WSIT client uses the file as a WSDL proxy is available from any WSIT compliant service. 

E. The wsimport tool uses the file to access the WSDL and build stubs to access a service. 

Answer: BE 

Q16. Given the class: 

Choose the URL path that would result in a call to getToken()? (Choose one) 

A. /id 

B. /resource/id 

C. /resource/id/token 

D. /resource/token 


Q17. Given stock quote web service endpoint: 

and the corresponding client side artifacts for the above web service are : 

StockQuoteService is the Service class and StockQuoteProvider is the corresponding SEI. 

Which of the following two options enable addressing feature for proxy for the StockQuoteProvider SEI ? (Choose two) 

A. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider() 

B. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new AddressingFeature()) 

C. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new AddressingFeature(false)) 

D. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new AddressingFeature(false, true)) 

Answer: AB 

Q18. Which two statements are true about JAX-WS support for data bindings? (Choose two.) 

A. Data binding is performed with only generated classes to reduce errors and hide complexity. 

B. JAXB 2.0 is preferred. 

C. Inline binding declarations with XML Schema are NOT supported for JAXB 2.0. 

D. SAAJ 1.3 is supported for data binding with SOAP. 

E. JAX-RPC data binding is recommended for cross-platform interoperability. 

Answer: BD 

Q19. What would be the HTTP content-type header when a message is optimized using MTOM ? (Choose one) 

A. multipart/related 

B. text/xml 

C. application/soap+xml 

D. application/xop+xml 


Q20. A purchase order Web service is designed to be synchronous, request-response, and HTTP-based. The existing service processes the request immediately. Because of new business requirements, the service can take up to ten days to perform a credit check before processing the order. Which two design changes should be made? (Choose two.) 

A. The client needs to use dynamic proxies instead of stubs. 

B. The client needs to develop and deploy a Web service to accept callbacks. 

C. The service only needs to change the WSDL from rpc-literal to document-literal. 

D. The client and the service need to establish a mechanism to correlate the messages. 

E. Given delays of up to ten days, a polling strategy is more efficient than callback. 

Answer: BD