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Q141. Which two items are needed to discover the IP address of a new Cisco Aironet 1260 autonomous AP that just finished booting? (Choose two.) 

A. username = "cisco" and password = "cisco" 

B. username = "Admin" and password = "Cisco" 

C. username=Cisco and password=Cisco 

D. show int vlan1 

E. show int bvi1 

F. show int gigabitethernet0 

G. show int radio0-802.11n 

H. show int radio1-802.11n 

Answer: C,E 

Q142. During a wireless site survey, the signal strength drops significantly when outside of the room containing the access point. The building is made of wood and drywall. This is an example of which wireless anomaly? 

A. absorption 

B. refraction 

C. fading 

D. multipath 

E. reflection 


Q143. When using the CLI command eping, configured for auto-anchor mobility wireless guest access, which type of packet is tested? 

A. data packets 

B. mobility unencrypted packets 

C. mobility encrypted packets 

D. SNMP control packets 

E. NTP control packets 


Q144. The administrator needs to create a report that shows all controllers, APs, and Cisco 3300 Series MSEs in the WLAN, including hardware and software information. Which report includes this information? 

A. Device > Inventory 

B. Mesh > Nodes 

C. Network Summary > Executive Summary 

D. Network Summary > 802.11 Summary 


Q145. During Layer 2 intercontroller roaming, which two items change? (Choose two.) 



C. IP address 

D. AP 

E. controller 

Answer: D,E 

Q146. An engineer is adding a controller to a WCS. What three categories of parameters are needed? (Choose three.) 

A. IP parameters 

B. SNMP Parameters 

C. Mobility Parameters 

D. Telnet/SSH Parameters 

E. TFTP Parameters 

F. RADIUS Parameters 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q147. A wireless engineer has been asked to plan a deployment covering the aisles of a warehouse with optimal coverage while bleeding RF across aisles. Which antenna type provides the necessary coverage? 

A. patch 

B. omnidirectional 

C. Yagi 

D. parabolic dish 


Q148. Which two protocols are available to download or upload files to or from Cisco WLC? (Choose two.) 






Answer: A,B 

Q149. Which three severity levels are in the Cisco WCS alarm dashboard? (Choose three.) 

A. Critical 

B. Flash 

C. Major 

D. Minor 

E. Trivial 

F. Urgent 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q150. Which statement about configuration of Layer 2 wireless user authentication on a Cisco WLC is true? 

A. Local EAP is used only if an external RADIUS is not configured or is unreachable. 

B. The external RADIUS is used only if local EAP is not configured. 

C. The administrator chooses whether local EAP or an external RADIUS is used first. 

D. The external RADIUS is used only if local EAP is explicitly disabled.