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2021 Mar 300-210 test engine

Q21. On Cisco Firepower Management Center, which policy is used to collect health modules alerts from managed devices?

A. health policy

B. system policy

C. correlation policy

D. access control policy

E. health awareness policy

Answer: A

Q22. Which CLI command is used to generate firewall debug messages on a Cisco FirePOWER sensor?

A. system support ssl-debug

B. system support firewall-engine-debug

C. system support capture-traffic

D. system support platform

Answer: C

Q23. Which detection method is also known as machine learning on Network-based Cisco Advanced Malware Protection?

A. custom file detection

B. hashing

C. Spero engine

D. dynamic analysis

Answer: D

Q24. Which piece of information is required to perform a policy trace for the Cisco WSA?

A. the destination IP address of the trace

B. the source IP address of the trace

C. the URL to trace

D. authentication credentials to make the request

Answer: C

Improved 300-210 study guide:

Q25. Which type of server is required to communicate with a third-party DLP solution?

A. an ICAP-capable proxy server

B. a PKI certificate server

C. an HTTP server

D. an HTTPS server

Answer: A

Q26. When creating an SSL policy on Cisco FirePOWER, which three options do you have

A. do not decrypt

B. trust

C. allow

D. block with reset

E. block

F. encrypt

Answer: A D E


Q27. With Firepower Threat Defense, which two interface settings are required when configuring a routed interface? (Choose two.)

A. Speed

B. Duplex

C. Media Type

D. Redundant Interface

E. EtherChannel

Answer: A B

Q28. Which Cisco AMP for Endpoints, what, is meant by simple custom detection?

A. It is a rule for identifying a file that should be whitelisted by Cisco AMP.

B. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a specific file by its SHA-256 hash.

C. It is a feature for configuring a personal firewall.

D. It is a method for identifying and quarantining a set of files by regular expression language.

Answer: A