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What are two benefits of Infrastructure as Code? (Choose two.)

  • A. It enables continuous integration.
  • B. It allows for management control.
  • C. It ensures consistency.
  • D. It improves application monitoring.
  • E. It reduces risk.

Answer: CE

Which two practices help make the security of an application a more integral part of the software development lifecycle? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add a step to the CI/CD pipeline that runs a dynamic code analysis tool during the pipeline execution.
  • B. Add a step to the CI/CD pipeline that runs a static code analysis tool during the pipeline execution.
  • C. Use only software modules that are written by the internal team.
  • D. Add a step to the CI/CD pipeline to modify the release plan so that updated versions of the software are made available more often.
  • E. Ensure that the code repository server has enabled drive encryption and stores the keys on a Trusted Platform Module or Hardware Security Module.

Answer: AE

Which two elements help to secure your API keys? (Choose two.)

  • A. ramdomness
  • B. SHA1
  • C. triple AES
  • D. rotation
  • E. dictionary

Answer: AC

What is as responsibility for teams running private cloud servers that is less of a concern when running in the public cloud?

  • A. cost
  • B. metrics and monitoring
  • C. hardware maintenance
  • D. credentials management

Answer: D

A DevOps engineering wants to build an application implementation based on the CI/CD pipeline model. Which service should be used to provide hosted continuous service for open and private projects?

  • A. Ansible
  • B. pyATS
  • C. Genie CLI
  • D. Travis CI

Answer: D

To make logging searches more efficient and useful in Kibana, an Administrator wants to implement index patterns around the hostname of some software systems. Where should this be configured?

  • A. Configure a new JSON object in Kibana.
  • B. Create a search index in Logstash.
  • C. Create an index pattern in Kibana.
  • D. Create a time filter on Kibana to look at time only.

Answer: C

What is the effective way to manage computing costs in a public cloud?

  • A. Monitor data transfers to minimize cost.
  • B. Use dedicated hardware for all instances.
  • C. Select the largest instance option available in order to pay for only one instance.
  • D. Make use of elastic services and scale on demand.

Answer: D

An end user is seeing long web page load times on the internal business application that they are trying to view. The user is seeing this issue across multiple web browsers, and other users encounter the same issue. Which action should the system administrator take to start looking for the cause of this issue?

  • A. Check to make sure Nginx is running.
  • B. Check for response times in Nginx logs.
  • C. Check to make sure the web API response is coming back in JSON.
  • D. Check the size of the database that the application is using.

Answer: B

Which step must be taken to enable centralized logging in a Kubernetes environment?

  • A. No steps need to be take
  • B. The master node automatically aggregates logs from all worker nodes and stores them on the specified persistent volume.
  • C. Create a CustomResourceDefinition in each deployment that specifies the IP or names the log collector.
  • D. Deploy a sidecar node that aggregates logs from the entire cluster.
  • E. Create a DaemonSet that deploys a container with a logging agent on every node in the cluster.

Answer: C

Which Docker command is used to start an interactive Bash shell in a running container named “test”?

  • A. docker attach -it test /bin/bash
  • B. docker run -it test /bin/bash
  • C. docker exec -it test /bin/bash
  • D. docker run test /bin/bash

Answer: C

Which two statements about Infrastructure as Code are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Test-driven development practices make use of Infrastructure as Code.
  • B. Infrastructure as Code refers to automated testing libraries.
  • C. DevOps builds upon Infrastructure as Code.
  • D. Infrastructure as Code is based on practices from software development.
  • E. Infrastructure as Code must use the same programming language as the application.

Answer: AD

Which two actions help limit the attack surface of your Docker container? (Choose two.)

  • A. Run only a single service in each container.
  • B. Run all services in a single image.
  • C. Use version tags for base images and dependencies.
  • D. Use Kali Linux as a base image.
  • E. Download images over HTTPS supporting sites.

Answer: CE

When static routes are added to a router in a network using a CI/CD pipeline, an Ansible playbook is used to make these changes. Which steps must be added to the pipeline to validate that the changes have the intended effect on the traffic flow?

  • A. Add a step to run the debug ip routing command before the change, and add a step after the change to issue the no debug ip routing command.
  • B. Add a step to capture the routing table before the change, and add a step after the change to capture it agai
  • C. Calculate the difference between the two for review.
  • D. Add a step to ping a host on each of the static routes before the change, and a step after to repeat the same chec
  • E. Calculate the difference between the two checks for review.
  • F. Add a step to run the same playbook again with the debug option enabled and use grep on the log output to ensure that the commands are not applied again.

Answer: B

A new version of an application is being released by creating a separate instance of the application that is running the new code. Only a small portion of the user base will be directed to the new instance until that version has been proven stable. Which deployment strategy is this example of?

  • A. recreate
  • B. blue/green
  • C. rolling
  • D. canary

Answer: D

A DevOps engineer has built a new container and must open port 8080 for intercontainer communication. Which command must be added in a Dockerfile to accomplish this goal?

  • A. EXPOSE 8080
  • C. PORT 8080
  • D. OPEN PORT 8080

Answer: A

How long analysis systems such as Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana Stack handle ingesting unstructured logs from different devices in various formats?

  • A. All devices that generate syslogs must use agents that process the local logs and transmit them in a specific format to the ELK Stack.
  • B. All logs are stored in their unstructured text format, and the ELK Stack performs data analysis by intelligently parsing the logs using machine learning algorithms.
  • C. All different message formats are parsed separately using custom filters, and the resulting structured data is stored for later analysis.
  • D. A single, comprehensive log format is defined on the ELK Stac
  • E. All incoming logs, regardless of format, are transformed to match the comprehensive format, and only applicable fields are populated.

Answer: D

A developer wants to deploy a highly available web server cluster and decides to put a load balancer in front of multiple clustered nodes that run the same web service. The goal is for the load balancer to take in users and distribute the load across the whole cluster.
What kind of high-availability configuration is the developer running?

  • A. active
  • B. passive
  • C. active-passive
  • D. active-active

Answer: C

300-910 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. What is the user doing with Drone in this automated test?

  • A. testing Alpine Linux versus Ubuntu Linux
  • B. testing a PostgreSQL DB against multiple architectures
  • C. testing only the amd64 architecture
  • D. testing PostgreSQL deployment in an Alpine Linux VM

Answer: D


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