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AGuardium administrator just finished installing the Guardium product to build a Collector. The administrator wants to make sure the Collector has the licenses needed to provide functionality for data activity monitoring, masking and blocking (terminate).
Which of the following lists the minimum licenses the administrator needs to install?

  • A. Base Collector license.
  • B. None, the licenses required are already installed automatically by the Guardium product installer.
  • C. Base Collector license plus IBM Security Guardium Standard Activity Monitor for Databases (DAM Standard).
  • D. Base Collector license plus IBM Security Guardium Advanced Activity Monitor for Databases (DAM Advanced).

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator needs to check the traceroute information between one appliance and its Central Manager. Which CLI command should the administrator run?

  • A. iptraf
  • B. support show iptables
  • C. show network routes operational
  • D. support must_gather network_issues

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator needs to use both CLI and GrdAPI functions to manage the system.
Which are the two commands that the administrator can use to search for the required commands and their syntax from within either CLI or GrdAPI?

  • A. CLI: commands <search option> GrdApi: grdapi <search option> --help
  • B. CLI: help <search option> GrdApi: grdapi --help <search option>
  • C. CLI: commands <search option> GrdAPI: grdapi command <search option>
  • D. CLI: <search option> -help GrdApi: grdapi <search option> -help=true

Answer: D

The Quick Search window does not show up on the GUI of a standalone Collector What technical feature should the Guardium administrator check first?

  • A. That the Collector has at least 24 GB.
  • B. That the Collector has at least 32 GB.
  • C. That the Collector has at least 64 GB.
  • D. Check the contract and verify whether that feature was purchased.

Answer: A

Which port must be open for encrypted communication between UNIX S-TAP and Collector?

  • A. 9500
  • B. l60l6
  • C. l60l7
  • D. l60l8

Answer: D

A company wants to deploy S-TAPs for 2 groups of database servers located in 2 different data centers. The current set of Collectors are fully utilized. The Aggregators and Central Manager can handle more load.
What should a Guardium administrator recommend?

  • A. Deploy 2 new Collectors, l in each data center.
  • B. Connect S-TAPs directly to Aggregators to avoid network latency.
  • C. Connect S-TAPs directly to the Central Manager to avoid network latency.
  • D. Deploy 2 new Collectors in the third data center located in between the 2 data centers.

Answer: A

A company is installing S-TAPS on new Database Clusters. The Guardium administrator was provided with the PVU load of each node. The clusters are in active/passive mode. The administrator is associating S-TAPs to Collectors using the PVU count.
How should the administrator treat the PVUs of passive nodes?

  • A. include the PVU load of passive nodes.
  • B. include half of the passive nodes PVU load.
  • C. include a third of the passive nodes PVU load.
  • D. Not include the PVU load of passive nodes.

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator plans to use the Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) to install and upgrade agents. Where should the administrator manually install the GIM client for the first time?

  • A. Collector
  • B. Aggregator
  • C. Database server
  • D. Central Manager

Answer: C

A Guardium administrator is preparing a command to install Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on a Linux server using the command line method. Which parameter is required?

  • A. dir
  • B. tapip
  • C. java-home
  • D. sqlguardip

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator is using the Classification, Entitlement and Vulnerability assessment features of the product. Which of the following are correct with regards to these features? (Select two.)

  • A. Vulnerability Assessment reports are populated to the Guardium appliance via S-TAP.
  • B. Classification for databases and files use the same mechanisms and patterns to search for sensitive data.
  • C. Entitlement reports are predefined database privilege reports and are populated to the Guardium appliance via S-TAP.
  • D. Vulnerability Assessment identifies and helps correct security vulnerabilities and threats in the database infrastructures.
  • E. The classification feature discovers sensitive assets including credit card numbers or national card numbers from various data sources.

Answer: DE

A Guardium administrator observes certain changes to the configuration and policies. How would the administrator identify the changes that were made and who made them?

  • A. Review the Audit Process Log report.
  • B. Review the sniffer buffer usage report.
  • C. Review the /var/log/messages log file.
  • D. Review the results of 'Detailed Guardium User Activity' report.

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator needs to use CLI commands to maintain the internal database, clean static orphans, produce static system reports and to monitor live network traffic filtered by IP addresses and port numbers.
Which combination of commands should the administrator use for these tasks?

  • A. diag and iptraf
  • B. diag and trace_route
  • C. jptraf and support must_gather
  • D. support must_gather and show network verify

Answer: C

A Guardium administrator handles a large environment and has been asked to restore old data for auditors to review. This old data needs to be restored so that it does not impact the current data being collected or any merge settings. In order to keep the reports separate (old datavs current data), the administrator sets up an Investigation Center.
Which is a key requirement for users of the Investigation Center?

  • A. The user must be in one of the groups INV_l, INV_2, or INV_3 (case-sensitive).
  • B. The users must login as one of the predefined user accounts INV_l, INV_2, orlNV_3 (case-sensitive).
  • C. A separate user must be used with a role of either INV_l, INV_2, or INV_3 (case-sensitive).
  • D. To correctly configure an investigation user, the user's Last Name must be set to the name of one of the three investigation databases, INV_l, INV_2, or INV_3 (case-sensitive).

Answer: D

A Guardium administrator needs to monitor changes to the Oracle configuration file on a production Oracle database server. Assuming all valid licenses are applied, which Guardium component does the administrator need to install and where?

  • A. Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) on the Database Server
  • B. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Database Server.
  • C. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Guardium Collector.
  • D. Configuration Auditing System (CAS) on the Database Server and on the Guardium Collector.

Answer: D

The guard_tap.ini of a UNIX S-TAP is configured with the following parameters:
C2150-606 dumps exhibit
The collector that this S-TAP is sending data to has become unavailable and there is no failover option configured. A Guardium administrator must communicate the impact of this outage to users of the monitored database.
What should the administrator advise is the expected behavior for a database session?

  • A. The session will not experience any latency or termination.
  • B. No SQL can be executed and after l0 seconds the session will be terminated.
  • C. in the first l0 seconds of the session SQL can be executed, then the session is terminated.
  • D. in the first l0 seconds of the session no SQL can be executed, then the session will work as normal.

Answer: C

In a centrally managed environment, while executing the report 'Enterprise Buffer Usage Monitor', a Guardium administrator gets an empty report. Why is the report empty?

  • A. Sniffers are not running on the Collectors.
  • B. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Collector.
  • C. The report is not executed with a remote source on the Aggregator.
  • D. Correct custom table upload is not scheduled on the Central Manager.

Answer: C

During a Guardium deployment planning meeting, the team decides to deploy all S-TAP agents on all Unix/Linux database systems. A Unix/Linux system administrator team manager asks a Guardium administrator if there are any differences between Guardium S-TAPs for AIX and Linux systems that the team should be aware of.
What should be the Guardium administrator's response?

  • A. A-TAP is required on all AIX DB Servers.
  • B. a server reboot is required to capture shared memory traffic from all databases on AIX.
  • C. K-TAP is required on the AIX DB server
  • D. The exact uname -a output is required to determine the correct K-TAP module for the server.
  • E. K-TAP is required on the Linux DB server
  • F. The exact uname -a output is required to determine the correct K-TAP module for the server.

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator installed an S-TAP but is not seeing any data in reports on the collector. The administrator discovered that an Inspection Engine is not configured for that S-TAP.
What is an Inspection Engine?

  • A. A piece of software residing on the Collectors.
  • B. Another software to be installed on the Database server.
  • C. The same thing as the policy and it runs on the S-TAP to inspect the traffic in real-time.
  • D. A set of parameters needed for the S-TAP to define how to monitor traffic for a particular database instance on a server.

Answer: C

An administrator just installed the Guardium product using the Guardium ISO image. Which step must the administrator perform as part of the initial set-up of the new appliance?

  • A. Generate the GUI certificate request.
  • B. Configure network settings on the appliance.
  • C. Restart the sniffer process from the CLI command prompt.
  • D. Obtain the passwords for the databases to be monitored by the appliance.

Answer: B

A Guardium administrator manages portal user synchronization by using a Central Manager.
When a change is made on the Central Manager such as, for example, adding a Guardium user to a Guardium group, how long should be allowed for the update to be synced with the managed units in a fully working environment?

  • A. 0 minutes
  • B. l5 minutes
  • C. 30 minutes
  • D. 60 minutes

Answer: D


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