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Q51. Which of the following best describes Link State Propagation (LSP)?

A. LSP is not a Steelhead appliance feature

B. LSP monitors the LAN/WAN pair and reflects the up/down status

C. LSP is an enhancement to auto negotiation

D. LSP in an enhancement to Spanning Tree

Answer: B

Q52. What is the command to clear all statistics on a Steelhead appliance?

A. (config) # stats clear-all

B. (config) # clear-all stats

C. (config) # reset stats

D. (config) # reload stats clean

E. (config) # clear stats

Answer: A

Q53. When implementing WCCP, Riverbed recommends using which service groups?

A. 61 and 62

B. 69 and 70

C. 100 and 101

D. 101 and 102

E. 102 and 103

Answer: A

Q54. When configuring the Steelhead Mobile client package, the amount of disk space allocated to the datastore for a Steelhead Mobile client is configured in what part of the configuration?

A. Endpoint policy

B. Authentication policy

C. Acceleration policy

D. Peering policy

Answer: A

Q55. What is the default action of a Steelhead appliance when it enters admission control?

A. Fail-to-wire

B. Fail-to-block

C. Passthrough all connections

D. Passthrough new connections

E. Drop new connections

Answer: D

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Q56. On the Interceptor appliance what is the size of the datastore?

A. 0 MB

B. 600 MB

C. 1.2 TB

D. 3.6 TB

E. 4.8 TB

Answer: A

Q57. After deployment of Steelhead appliances, a certain backup application shows poor bandwidth reduction. After disabling the backup application's native compression algorithm, the bandwidth reduction statistics on the Steelhead appliances suddenly improve significantly. Which of the following are likely causes for the increased bandwidth reduction?

A. The native compression algorithm of the backup application could not be compressed further

B. The application-level protocol used by the backup application is not recognized by the Steelhead appliances

C. The Steelhead appliances were not able to effectively perform TCP optimizations

D. There should be no difference between compressed and uncompressed traffic

Answer: A

Q58. How many in-path rules will a WAN-initiated single connection execute on a Steelhead appliance?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

Answer: A

Q59. A Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC) can provide licenses for up to how many concurrent Steelhead Mobile clients?

A. 100

B. 256

C. 512

D. 2000 and above

Answer: D

Q60. Your company now considers WAN optimization crucial to the function of the business. Which of the following Riverbed Steelhead appliance features will provide hardware redundancy in case of failure? (Select 3)

A. Multi-core processors

B. Disk RAID

C. Multiple GB memory DIMMs

D. Hot-swappable disks

E. Multiple WAN/LAN network cards

Answer: BDE