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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

What command syntax would you use to turn on PDP logging in a distributed environment?

A. pdp track=1

B. pdp tracker on

C. pdp logging on

D. pdp log=1

Answer: B

Question No: 2

To bind a NIC to a single processor when using CoreXL on GAiA, you would use the command sim Answer:



Question No: 3

Select the correct statement about Secure Internal Communications (SIC) Certificates. SIC Certificates:

A. Are used for securing internal network communications between the SmartDashboard and the Security Management Server.

B. For R75 Security Gateways are created during the Security Management Server installation.

C. Decrease network security by securing administrative communication among the Security Management Servers and the Security Gateway.

D. Uniquely identify Check Point enabled machines; they have the same function as VPN Certificates.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

Security Gateway R80 supports User Authentication for which of the following services? Select the response below that contains the MOST correct list of supported services.





Answer: C

Question No: 5

You run cphaprob -a if. When you review the output, you find the word DOWN. What does DOWN mean?

A. The cluster link is down.

B. The physical interface is administratively set to DOWN.

C. The physical interface is down.

D. CCP pakets couldn't be sent to or didn't arrive from neighbor member.

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Type the command and syntax that you would use to view the virtual cluster interfaces of a ClusterXL environment.


cphaprob -a if

Question No: 7

What gives administrators more flexibility when configuring Captive Portal instead of LDAP query for Identity Awareness authentication?

A. Captive Portal is more secure than standard LDAP

B. Nothing, LDAP query is required when configuring Captive Portal

C. Captive Portal works with both configured users and guests

D. Captive Portal is more transparent to the user

Answer: C

Question No: 8

John Adams is an HR partner in the ACME organization. ACME IT wants to limit access to HR servers to a set of designated IP addresses to minimize malware infection and unauthorized access risks. Thus, the gateway policy permits access only from John's desktop which is assigned a static IP address

He has received a new laptop and wants to access the HR Web Server from anywhere in the organization. The IT department gave the laptop a static IP address, but that limits him to operating it only from his desk. The current Rule Base contains a rule that lets John Adams access the HR Web Server from his laptop with a static IP (

He wants to move around the organization and continue to have access to the HR Web Server. To make this scenario work, the IT administrator:

1) Enables Identity Awareness on a gateway, selects AD Query as one of the Identity Sources, and installs the policy.

2) Adds an access role object to the Firewall Rule Base that lets John Adams access the HR Web Server from any machine and from any location and installs policy.

John plugged in his laptop to the network on a different network segment and was not able to connect to the HR Web server. What is the next BEST troubleshooting step?

A. Investigate this as a network connectivity issue

B. Install the Identity Awareness Agent

C. Set static IP to DHCP

D. After enabling Identity Awareness, reboot the gateway

Answer: C

Question No: 9

Sticky Decision Function (SDF) is required to prevent which of the following? Assume you set up an Active-Active cluster.

A. Symmetric routing

B. Failovers

C. Asymmetric routing

D. Anti-Spoofing

Answer: C

Question No: 10

You have three Gateways in a mesh community. Each gatewayu2021s VPN Domain is their internal network as defined on the Topology tab setting All IP Addresses behind Gateway based on Topology information.

You want to test the route-based VPN, so you created VTIs among the Gateways and created static route entries for the VTIs. However, when you test the VPN, you find out the VPN still go through the regular domain IPsec tunnels instead of the routed VTI tunnels.

What is the problem and how do you make the VPN use the VTI tunnels?

A. Domain VPN takes precedence over the route-based VTI. To make the VPN go through VTI, remove the Gateways out of the mesh community and replace with a star community

B. Domain VPN takes precedence over the route-based VTI. To make the VPN go through VTI, use an empty group object as each Gatewayu2021s VPN Domain

C. Route-based VTI takes precedence over the Domain VPN. To make the VPN go through VTI, use dynamic-routing protocol like OSPF or BGP to route the VTI address to the peer instead of static routes

D. Route-based VTI takes precedence over the Domain VPN. Troubleshoot the static route entries to insure that they are correctly pointing to the VTI gateway IP.

Answer: B

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