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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q3. A function that defines methods and properties of a custom object used as a template for instances of the custom object is a

A. predefined object

B. method

C. constructor

D. new instance

Answer: C

Q4. Sasha needs to display quotation marks for a greeting on the corporate Web page. She adds the quotation marks to the JavaScript as follows:

var questions = new Array(2)

questions[0] = u201cWhat is the capital of the USA?u201d; questions[1] = u201cWho is the company u201cPresidentu201d?u201d; questions[2] = u201cWho is the company u201cVice-Presidentu201d?u201d;

When Sasha runs the code, however, the quotation marks do not appear around the words u201cPresidentu201d and u201cVice-Presidentu201d

Which of the following choices shows how Sasha should rewrite the code to make the script execute properly?

A. questions[1] = u201cWho is the company u201c\Presidentu201d \?u201d; questions[2] = u201cWho is the company u201c\Vice-Presidentu201d \?u201d;

B. questions[1] = u201cWho is the company u201c\Presidentu201d\?u201d; questions[2] = u201cWho is the company u201c\Vice-Presidentu201d\?u201d;

C. questions[1] = u201cWho is the company \ u201cPresidentu201d \?u201d; questions[2] = u201cWho is the company \ u201cVice-Presidentu201d \?u201d;

D. questions[1] = u201cWho is the company \u201dPresident\u201d?u201d; questions[2] = u201cWho is the company \u201dVice-President\u201d?u201d;

Answer: D

Topic 5, Exam Set E

Q5. Which of the following is the correct way to test for the presence of a cookie?

A. test(document.cookie);

B. alert(document.cookie);

C. document.cookie

D. prompt(document.cookie);

Answer: B

Q6. The indicator delineates a comment on a single line of script. The indicator is used for multiple line comments.

A. //, /*.....*/

B. //, /.../

C. //,*/...*/

D. /*.....*/, //

Answer: D

Q7. The main event handler associated with the checkbox object is .

A. Click

B. onReset

C. onClick

D. onSubmit

Answer: C

Q8. A is an input object in the shape of a small square that can be selected, or checked on or off.

A. input box

B. checkbox

C. select

D. radio button

Answer: B

Q9. The window object is subordinate to the document object in the JavaScript hierarchy.



Answer: A

Q10. Tanja wants to target the u201cparentu201d frame of all frames in her Web site. In HTML, this parent frame is called u201c_topu201d.

What is this parent called if Tanja decided to use JavaScript in her Web page?

A. The parent of all Web pages is called index.html.

B. The parent is called u201ctopu201d in JavaScript.

C. The word u201cparentu201d is a slang reference to main.html and cannot be targeted.

D. It depends on how the pages are identified; the u201cparentu201d page will be referred to as such in Tanjau2021s schema.

Answer: B

Q11. are the actions that the object property can be made to perform, such as a calculation, an onscreen move, or the writing of text in a window.

A. Behaviors

B. Values

C. Methods

D. Properties

Answer: C

Q12. A server named can set a cookie for the domain



Answer: A

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