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Q141. Which two statements about the SQL Management Base (SMB) are true? (Choose two.)

A. It contains only SQL profiles generated by SQL Tuning Advisor.

B. It stores plans generated by the optimizer using a stored outline.

C. It is part of the data dictionary and stored in the SYSAUX tablespace.

D. It is part of the data dictionary and stored in the SYSTEM tablespace.

E. It contains the statement log, the plan history, plan baselines, and SQL profiles.

Answer: CE

Q142. The database is configured in ARCHIVELOG mode and regular complete database backups are taken. The loss of which two types of files may require a recovery with the RESETLOGS option? (Choose two)

A. Control files

B. Password files

C. Inactive online redo log file

D. Archived log files required to perform recovery

E. Newly created tablespace which is not backed up

Answer: AD

Q143. David managed to accidentally delete the datafiles for database called DSL. He called Heber and Heber tried to help but he managed to delete the control files of the database. Heber called Bill and Bill saved the day. They are using a recovery catalog for this database. What steps did Bill perform to recover the database and in what order?

a. Restored the control file with the RMAN restore controlfile command.

b. Mounted the DSL instance with the alter database mount command.

c. Restored the datafiles for the DSL database with the RMAN restore command.

d. Opened the DSL database with the alter database open resetlogs command.

e. Recovered the datafiles for the DSL database with the RMAN recover command.

f. Started the DSL instance.

g. Connected to the recovery catalog with RMAN.

A. a, b, c, d, e, f, g

B. b, c, d, g, f, e, a

C. g, f, a, b, c, e, d

D. c, a, d, b, f, e, g

E. g, f, a, b, e, c, d

Answer: C

Q144. In a database with the database character set of US7ASCII and a national character set of UTF-8, which datatypes would be capable of storing Unicode data by default?






Answer: C

Q145. Which command do you use to generate a report of database incarnations?

A. list incarnation of database

B. report incarnation of database

C. list database incarnation

D. database incarnation list

E. report database incarnation

Answer: A

Q146. Which two statements are true regarding the starting of the database instance using the following command? (Choose two.)


A. It enables all system triggers.

B. It allows only SYSDBA connections.

C. It ensures that all job queues remain active during the upgrade process.

D. It sets system initialization parameters to specific values that are required to enable database upgrade scripts to be run.

Answer: BD

Q147. While performing the backup of the flash recovery area, you notice that one of the archived redo log files is missing. You have multiple destinations for archived redo log files. What implications does it have on the backup of the flash recovery area?

A. The backup fails because one of the archived redo log files is missing.

B. The backup succeeds but it would be without the missing archived log.

C. During backup, you are prompted for the alternative destination for the missing archived redo log file.

D. The backup succeeds because it fails over to one of the alternative archived redo log destinations.

Answer: D

Q148. What is the default value for the ENABLED attribute of a job or program when it is created?



C. There is no default. It must be defined at creation time.



Answer: B

Q149. Which is not a valid way of backing up a control file?

A. Backing up the control file to trace

B. Copying the existing control file of the database to the backup location during a hot backup

C. Copying the existing control file of the database to the backup location during a cold backup

D. Creating a backup control file

E. Using the create controlfile command

Answer: B

Q150. You are tuning RMAN to optimize performance. You want tape I/O to be asynchronous when you perform tape backups. Which action should you take?

A. Set the BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter to FALSE.

B. Set the BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter to TRUE.

C. Use compression when performing tape backups.

D. Configure multiple SBT channels.

Answer: B