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Q51. - (Topic 0) 

An Application Engine program incorporates PeopleCode and SQL. Which three statements are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. All SQL statements are executed using SQL actions. 

B. All PeopleCode is executed using PeopleCode actions. 

C. SQL Select statements can be used to control program flow. 

D. Steps are the smallest unit of work that can be committed within a program. 

E. If a program executes a step with a SQL Insert or Update statement, it must also execute a step with a Commit action before completion. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q52. - (Topic 0) 

An Application Engine program has a SQL action with the following code: 



SELECT %ProcessInstance , %Bind (AE_INT_1) , %AEProgram , %AESection 


What is the purpose of the %Table construct? 

A. %Table resolves to the correct state record. 

B. %Table can improve performance by caching the table in memory. 

C. %Table resolves to the assigned temporary table instance at run time. 

D. %Table populates the state record with the results of the Select statement. 

Answer: C 

91. - (Topic 0) 

Which statement describes a container message? 

A. The container can be nested. 

B. The resulting shape is always rowset based. 

C. PSCAMA is automatically added to the schema. 

D. The resulting shape is always nonrowset based. 

E. The message parts can be a mixture of rowset based and nonrowset based. 

Answer: D 

Q53. - (Topic 0) 

You have been asked to configure the Integration Gateway on your local Web server. You entered the Gateway URL, loaded the connectors, and successfully pinged the Gateway. You select the Domain Status page to activate your domain, however, you cannot find your domain listed. To activate the domain, you need to _____. 

A. reboot the Web server 

B. purge the domain status 

C. purge the application server cache 

D. start Pub/Sub on the application server 

E. use the Integration Broker Quick Configuration page 

Answer: D 

Q54. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. 

On the Employee Review page, you have a business rule with these requirements: 


If Review Type is Supervisor, then the prompt for Reviewer ID returns only supervisors. 


If Review Type is Peer or Performance, then the prompt for Reviewer ID returns all employees. 

Select the three steps required to implement this business rule. (Choose three.) 

A. Associate the REVIEWER_ID field with REVIEWER_VW. 

B. Create REVIEWER_VW as a dynamic view of the EMPLOYEE table. 

C. Add the DERIVED.EDITTABLE field to the page and make it invisible. 

D. Set the prompt table edit for the REVIEWER_ID field to REVIEWER_VW. 

E. Set the prompt table edit for the REVIEWER_ID field to DERIVED.%EDITTABLE. 

F. Use a SQL Select statement in PeopleCode to populate the REVIEWER_VW view. 

G. Use a conditional statement in PeopleCode to populate the DERIVED.EDITTABLE field. 

Answer: C,E,G 

Q55. - (Topic 0) 

What steps would you take to debug an Application Engine program using the PeopleSoft Application Engine debugger? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. View the Debug log in Process Monitor. 

B. View the results in the Debugger window. 

C. View the file DBG1.tmp in the Temp directory. 

D. Execute the Application Engine program from Application Designer. 

E. In Application Designer, select Debug, Application Engine Debug Mode. 

F. Select the Debug check box on the Process Scheduler tab in Configuration Manager. 

G. On the sign-on page, select the debug settings for PeopleSoft Application Engine Debug. 

Answer: B,D,F

Most up-to-date 1Z0-242 sample question:

Q56. - (Topic 0) 

When you created a new component interface, you selected "Accept Default Values". 

Which two things are automatically added to the component interface? (Choose two.) 

A. Keys are created based on the component search record. 

B. No fields or records are added to the component interface view. 

C. Only Find keys and Get keys are created for the component interface. 

D. All primary fields and records are exposed in the component interface. 

E. Only Create keys and Get keys are created for the component interface. 

Answer: A,D 

Q57. - (Topic 0) 

Select three components of the integration gateway. (Choose three.) 

A. XML Parsing 

B. Target connectors 

C. Listening connectors 

D. Performance throttling E. Transformation engine 

F. Data handling dispatchers and handlers 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q58. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. 

An object-oriented PeopleCode program traverses the data buffer to get the value for Session Number (SESSION_NBR) in the Session Details record (PSU_CRS_SESSN) on the Course Sessions page. 

The program uses a built-in function to instantiate the Level 0 object, then uses object methods to instantiate the remaining data buffer objects. 

Select the option that represents the order in which the program instantiates the data buffer objects. 

A. &Row_Level0, &Row _Level1, &Record, &Field 

B. &Rowset_Level0, &Row_Level1, &Record, &Field 

C. &Rowset_Level0, &Rowset_Level1, &Row_Level1, &Record, &Field 

D. &Rowset_Level0, &Row _Level0, &Rowset_Level1, &Row _Level1, &Record, &Field 

Answer: D 

Q59. - (Topic 0) 

You have been asked to create the handler for an asynchronous service operation that is being sent outbound to several external nodes. When the service operation is sent, you need to be able to add criteria to filter the nodes. Which method will you implement in the handler PeopleCode to accomplish this? 

A. OnNotify 

B. OnRouteSend 

C. OnAckReceive 

D. OnRequestSend 

E. OnRouteReceive 

Answer: B 

37. - (Topic 0) 

Select a good reason to select Disable Restart in an Application Engine program. 

A. The program commits every row. 

B. Selecting Disable Restart improves performance because it causes Application Engine to defer all commits until processing completes. 

C. The program does a lot of preparation work up front, like joining tables and loading data into temporary work tables. 

D. The program only commits once, when the program successfully completes. 

E. The program performs crucial and time-sensitive data processing. 

Answer: D 

Q60. - (Topic 0) 

How do you configure Process Scheduler to initiate an Application Engine trace for SQL and Step? 

A. Add %%TRACE%% %%SQL%% %%STEP%% to the parameter list for the Process Type. 

B. On the Run Control page, select the SQL Trace and Step Trace check boxes. 

C. On the Process Monitor page, select the SQL Trace and Step Trace check boxes. 

D. On the Process Definition Override Options page, for Parameter List, select Append and enter -TRACE 3. 

E. On the Process Definition Override Options page, for Parameter List, select Append and enter -TRACE SQL STEP. 

F. On the Process Definition Override Options page, for Parameter List, select Append and enter %%TRACE%% %%SQL%% %%STEP%%. 

Answer: D