Exam Code: 1Z0-516 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Apr 1Z0-516 Study Guide Questions:

Q191. Which two setups are required for customer invoicing? (Choose two.) 

A. Lockbox 

B. Customers 

C. Remit-to address 

D. Customer profile classes 

Answer: BC

Q192. AutoInvoice does not import Receivables invoices from the interfaces. Identify two reasons that can cause AutoInvoice to fail. (Choose two.) 

A. AutoCash rule set is not defined. 

B. Sold To Customer is validated by ID. 

C. Default Remit-to address is not defined. 

D. Receivables adjustment activities are not defined. 

E. Transaction General Ledger date is in a closed period. 

Answer: CE

Q193. A clerk from ABC Inc., receives a customer receipt that does not have sufficient information to identify the customer or invoice. Which is the correct method of entering the receipt in Oracle Accounts Receivable? 

A. Enter the receipt as an unapplied receipt. 

B. Enter the receipt as an unidentified receipt. 

C. Enter the receipt as an on-account receipt. 

D. Enter the receipt as a miscellaneous receipt. 

E. Enter the receipt by applying it to a dummy customer account. 

Answer: B

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Q194. XYZ Corp. is in the business of manufacturing cosmetics. It obtains and pays for raw materials. Which business flow in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 would map to the activities of obtaining and paying for raw materials? 

A. Order to Cash 

B. Procure to Pay 

C. Forecast to Plan 

D. Demand to Build 

E. Contract to Renewal 

Answer: B

Q195. For each subledger there should be one _____. 

A. Account Type 

B. Journal Category 

C. Journal Type 

D. Journal Source 

Answer: D

Q196. ABC Corporation has closed their APR-XX accounting period. The APR-XX period started on 27-MAR-20XX and ended on 26-APR-20XX. To ensure that all accounting from APR-XX has been sent to General Ledger, they must run two Trial Balance Reports, the Posted Invoice Register, and the Posted Payment Register. What dates must be used to run Accounts Payable Trial Balance Reports? 

A. one run for 26-MAR-20XX and one for 26-APR-20XX 

B. one run for 01-APR-20XX and one for 30-APR-20XX 

C. one run for 27-MAR-20XX and one for 26-APR-20XX 

D. one run for 31-MAR-20XX and one for 30-APR-20XX 

Answer: A

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Q197. Choose the reason why Tina is unable to view the subledger entries from Oracle Payables in the Oracle General Ledger module. She has run the transfer program that completes successfully. 

A. Journal Import is not submitted. 

B. The Journal source is not defined. 

C. The Journal category is not defined. 

D. Payables is not integrated with General Ledger. 

Answer: A

Q198. Select three statuses of the consolidation workbench. (Choose three.) 

A. Posted 

B. Entered 

C. Exported 

D. Reversed 

E. Transferred 

Answer: ADE

Q199. Select three statements that apply to Interface Data Transformer (IDT). (Choose three.) 

A. It ensures reapplication of the same rules each time you transfer. 

B. IDT provides greater flexibility by performing no validation on the imported data. 

C. User-defined conditions enable you to control when transformation rules must be applied. 

D. IDT provides automatic data conversion that converts disparate data formats into an Oracle format. 

E. It makes exporting of data from Oracle General Ledger into external feeder systems much easier and less time consuming. 

Answer: ACD

Q200. ABC.com is a national company with five divisions that share the same set of books. Select the statement that best describes the consolidation process for ABC Corporation. 

A. Run translations, transfer data and run financial reports. 

B. Run revaluation, translation, and eliminations; transfer data and run financial reports. 

C. Run revaluation and translation, transfer data and run financial reports. 

D. Transfer data and run financial reports. 

E. Enter eliminating journals and run financial reports. 

Answer: E