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Q1. Your application contains a bounded task flow with four pages. The pages are all based on different application modules and the task flow has the transaction property set to "Always Begin New Transaction and a commit operation is defined as the return activity. The user makes some changes on each of the pages but a commit failure occurs on the bindings in the third page. Which of these scenarios describes the outcome of this situation? 

A. None of the changes on any of the pages is committed all are rolled back. 

B. Pages one and two and four are committed; page three is not committed. 

C. The changes on the first two pages are committed; the changes on the last two pages are not committed. 

D. It depends on the value that has been set in the Transaction property on each application module. 


Q2. A view link defines a basic master-detail relationship between two view objects. Which three masters detail hierarchy’s can you achieve by creating more view links? 

A. multilevel master-detail-detail 

B. multilevel detail-master-master 

C. detail with multiple masters 

D. master with multiple (peer) details 

Answer: ACD 

Q3. You have an ADF Faces page which includes input components for A, B and C. On updating either A or B, you want C to be refreshed automatically. How could you achieve this? 

A. Set the PartialTriggers property on A and B to reference 

B. Set the PartialTriggers property on C to reference A and B 

C. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true 

D. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true, and the PartialTriggers property on C to reference A and B 

E. Set the Autosubmit property on A and B to true and the PartialTriggers property on C to reference C 

F. Set the Autosubmit property to true on A, B and C 


Q4. Which component stores application page changes In XML documents and merges the changes during the rendering of the page? 

A. WebCenter Framework 

B. WebCenter Services 

C. Metadata Services 

D. WebCenter Spaces 

E. Portals 


Q5. Identify two advantages of adding a service method to an application module. 

A. It can be implemented in the application module's Def class allowing greater flexibility. 

B. It is useful for performing operations across view objects. 

C. Its code can be dependent only on a specific view. 

D. It can be called by the client, requiring very little data manipulation. 

E. It does not require publishing to allow a client to access the methods. 

Answer: BD 

Q6. What memory scope would you use if it only needed to be available from the time a page is until the time a new page is rendered? 

A. Request 

B. View 

C. Page Flow 

D. Backing Bean 

E. Session 


Q7. After implementing ADF authentication in an application, what file contains the ADF authentication Servlet definition and mapping, defines a security constraint on authentication (to which you can then add further security constraints), and defines the login configuration? 

A. adfc-config.xml 

B. faces-config.xml 

C. jazn.data.xml 

D. web.xml 

E. weblogic.xml 


Q8. You have a single page containing bindings you want to secure in an application. What is the recommended way to secure the data on that specific page? 

A. Create a bounded task flow, add the page, and secure the bounded task flow. 

B. Create an unbounded task flow, add the page, and secure the bounded task flow. 

C. Secure the page definition file. 

D. Secure the JSF file. 

E. Secure all the entity objects used on the page. 


Q9. What is the most likely cause of the run-time error, "Attempt to set a parameter name that does not occur in the SQL: employeeid"? 

A. The user has not supplied the value for the bind variable. 

B. The view object does not have a bind variable defined. 

C. The view object query does not have a reference to the bind variable. 

D. The employeeid attribute is not defined in the view object. 

E. The view object query does not have a WHERE clause defined. 


Q10. Which three statements are true about managed bean usage within task flows? 

A. A managed bean can be used within a task flow router activity to evaluate a navigation case. 

B. You must explicitly instantiate a managed bean before using it. 

C. Managed beans are only available in bounded task flows. 

D. Common task flow actions can be placed in a managed bean within a task flow template. 

E. A task flow parameter can reference a managed bean. 

F. A managed bean always remains in scope while the task flow within which it is used is active. 

Answer: DEF