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Q31. You have a spare disk on your x86-based Solaris system, c1t0d0, and you would like to create a ZFS file system on it. Given the following requirements: 

ZFS storage pool named data. 

ZFS file system named data (located in the data pool). 

Mount the /data file system so that it is mounted and ready for use after each system boot. 

Which command(s) would you use to setup the ZFS file system? 

A. zpool create data c1t0d0 

B. zpool create data c1t0; zfs create data/data; newfs /dev/rdsk/data/data; make entry in the /etc/vfstab file 

C. zpool create data c1t0d0; zfs create data/data 

D. zpool create data data c1t0d0; make an entry in the /etc/vfstab file 


Q32. You need to restore some files from a file system. The file system was backed up from a snapshot. Which command correctly restores these files? 

A. fssnap -i 

B. snaprestore -i 

C. fssnap -r 

D. ufsrestore -i 


Q33. The user1 is logged in at the console and assumes the identity of root using the su command. Which user identities do the whoami and who am i commands report? 

A. whoami reports root, who am i reports user1 

B. whoami reports user1, who am i reports user1 

C. whoami reports user1, who am i reports root 

D. whoami reports root, who am i reports root 


Q34. The Name Service databases notify the ncsd daemon to update its cache as needed. When the cache becomes out of date, which command can you use to force the ncsd daemon to update its cache? 

A. svcadm restart system/name-service—cache:default 

B. pkill -HUP ncsd 

C. scvadm disab1e system/ncsd:default 

D. svcadm enab1e system/ncsd:default/ncsd —flush 


Q35. Given the following on a default Solaris OS installation: 

$ id 

uid=1001(test1) gid=1(other) 

$ echo $SHELL 


$ su - root -c "mozilla" 

Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.10 s10_74 December 2004 

Welcome to solaris10 on lynx 

-sh: mozilla: not found 

Which three statements are true (Choose three). 

A. The test1 user has no permission to execute mozilla. 

B. The mozilla application is not installed on the system. 

C. The root user has no password. 

D. The root user has no permission to execute mozilla. 

E. The environment variable SUPATH has not been set. 

F. The environment variable PATH for the root user has no directory with mozilla. 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q36. Given: Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The user1 and listen accounts are locked accounts. 

B. The user3 account has an expiration date. 

C. The user4 account will expire in seven days. 

D. The user2, user3, and user4 accounts all had their passwords set by process ID 11816. 

Answer: A,B 

Q37. There is a problem on a SPARC-based system that has several permanent, customized device aliases. The system's use of these aliases needs to be temporarily disabled, so that when the problem is cleared, they can be enabled without having to redefine them. Which sequence of OBP commands will temporarily disable the customized device aliases defined on the system? 

A. use-nvramrc=falsereset 

B. use-nvramrc?=falsereset 

C. setenv use-nvramrc? Falsereset 

D. setenv use-nvramrc?=falsereset 


Q38. Which command can be used to restore the /var/adm directory and its contents from the remote tape drive /dev/rmt/0 attached to the host mars? 

A. ufsrestore cf /dev/rmt/0 ./var/adm 

B. ufsrestore xvf mars:/dev/rmt/0 ./var/adm 

C. ufsrestore ./var/adm mars:/dev/rmt/0 

D. ufsrestore vf mars:/dev/rmt/0 ./var/adm 

E. ufsrestore 0f rd=mars:/dev/rmt/0./var/adm 


Q39. As system administrator, you are asked to troubleshoot a SPARC-based workstation in your department. This workstation reboots intermittently, and the system logs indicate some sort of hardware error. To investigate further, you want to run extended POST tests and view the output from these tests without the workstation reloading the OS. 

To do this, you need to perform these tasks: 

In which order do you perform these tasks? 

A. D, A, E, B, F, H, G, E 

B. D, B, F, H, A, C, G, E 

C. A, E, B, F, H, C, D, G 

D. G, D, B, F, H, C, A, E 

E. C, G, A, E, D, H, F, B 


Q40. The power-on self-test (POST) information on a SPARC-based workstation needs to be viewed while it executes. What actions should you take? 

A. Bring the machine to the ok prompt, then type the boot -a command. 

B. Bring the machine to the ok prompt, then type the reset-all command. 

C. Attach a terminal device to serial port A with a null modem cable and turn the machine on. D. With a graphic console and keyboard attached, turn the machine on, then press the Ctrl-Alt- Backspace key combination.