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2021 Jun 1z0-050 answers

Q41. Which statement describes the significance of the CHANGE FAILURE command in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It is used to explicitly close the open failures.

B. It is used to execute the advised repair script.

C. It is used to change failure priority only for the CRITICAL priority.

D. It is used to change failure priority only for HIGH or LOW priorities.

E. It is used to inform the database about the repair after the repair script executes.

Answer: AD

Q42. Which statements are true regarding the Query Result Cache? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It can be set at the system, session, or table level.

B. It is used only across statements in the same session.

C. It can store the results from normal as well as flashback queries.

D. It can store the results of queries based on normal, temporary, and dictionary tables.

Answer: AC

Q43. During the installation of Oracle Database 11g, you do not set ORACLE_BASE explicitly. You selected the option to create a database as part of the installation. 

How would this environment variable setting affect the installation?

A. The installation terminates with an error.

B. The installation proceeds with the default value without warnings and errors.

C. The installation proceeds with the default value but it would not be an OFA-compliant database.

D. The installation proceeds with the default value but a message would be generated in the alert log file.

Answer: D

Q44. While tuning a SQL statement, the SQL Tuning Advisor finds an existing SQL profile for the statement that has stale statistics available. 

What would the optimizer do in this situation?

A. It updates the existing SQL profiles with current statistics.

B. It makes the statistics information available to GATHER_STATS_JOB.

C. It initiates the statistics collection process by running GATHER_STATS_JOB.

D. It logs a warning message in the alert log so that the DBA can perform statistics collection manually.

Answer: B

Q45. You have the following requirements in relation to the detection of block corruption for your database instance:

1. Check for logical self-consistency of data blocks when modified in memory.

2. Checksums are calculated before and after the block change.

3. Checks are performed for the lost writes to the physical standby database.

Which method would help you perform the above checks automatically?

A. Set the DB_SECUREFILE parameter to PERMITTED.

B. Set the DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter to DATA_ONLY.

C. Set the DB_LOCK_CHECKSUM parameter to TYPICAL.

D. Set the DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT parameter to TYPICAL.

Answer: B

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Q46. In your database, the RESULT_CACHE_MODE parameter has been set to MANUAL in the initialization parameter file.

You issued the following command:

SQL>SELECT /*+ RESULT_CACHE */ sale_category, sum(sale_amt) FROM sales

GROUP BY sale_category;

Where would the result of this query be stored?


B. large pool

C. shared pool

D. database buffer cache

Answer: C

Q47. Which three statements are true regarding the logical structure of the Oracle database? (Choose three.)

A. It is possible to have tablespaces of different block sizes in a database.

B. A data block is the smallest unit of I/O for data files.

C. Multiple tablespaces can share single data file.

D. Each data block in the database always corresponds to one OS block.

E. Each segment contains one or more extents.

Answer: ABE

Q48. You performed the RMAN database backup having a backupset key number 231 with the KEEP FOREVER option. After some days, you want to change the status of the database backup and you issued the following command:


What is the implication of this command?

A. The backup is deleted.

B. The backup is marked unavailable.

C. The backup overrides the backup retention policy.

D. the backup becomes eligible for deletion according to the existing retention policy

Answer: D

Q49. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to observe the maintenance window property.

Which two statements describe the conclusions? (Choose two.)

A. The window duration should be increased.

B. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be increased.

C. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be decreased.

D. The repeat time for the window should be decreased.

Answer: AB

Q50. You upgraded Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. How would this affect the existing users' passwords?

A. All passwords automatically become case-sensitive.

B. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive till they are changed.

C. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive and cannot be changed.

D. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive until their password attribute in the profile is altered.

Answer: B