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Q31. Which statements are true regarding the Query Result Cache? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It can be set at the system, session, or table level.

B. It is used only across statements in the same session.

C. It can store the results from normal as well as flashback queries.

D. It can store the results of queries based on normal, temporary, and dictionary tables.

Answer: AC

Q32. The following databases are registered in the base recovery catalog:

PROD1, PROD2, and PROD3. The database user CATOWNER owns the base recovery catalog. You want a new user VPC1 to have access to only the PROD1 database and create a virtual private catalog.

Given below are some of the commands required to achieve this:

1.SQL> GRANT recovery_catalog_owner TO vpc1;

2.RMAN> CONNECT CATALOG vpc1/password@catdb;


4.RMAN> CONNECT CATALOG catowner/password@catdb;


What is the correct sequence in which the commands have to be executed?

A. 1, 4, 5, 2, 3

B. 1, 4, 3, 2, 5

C. 4, 5, 2, 3, 1

D. 2, 3, 4, 5, 1

E. 1, 4, 2, 3, 5

Answer: B

Q33. Which two activities are NOT supported by the Data Recovery Advisor? (Choose two.)

A. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption offline.

B. Diagnose and repair a data file corruption online.

C. Diagnose and repair failures on a standby database.

D. Recover from failures in the Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment.

Answer: CD

Q34. You are managing an Oracle 11g database with ASM storage, for which the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter is set to 11.1.0. In the ASM instance, the COMPATIBLE.RDBMS attribute for the disk group is set to 10.2 and the COMPATIBLE.ASM attribute is set to 11.1.

Which two statements are true in this scenario for the features enabled for ASM? (Choose two.)

A. The ASM-preferred mirror read feature is enabled.

B. The ASM supports variable sizes for extents of 1, 8, and 64 allocation units.

C. The ASM disk is dropped immediately from a disk group when it becomes unavailable.

D. The RDBMS always reads the primary copy of a mirrored extent of the ASM disk group.

Answer: AB

Q35. Which three statements are true regarding the functioning of the Autotask Background Process (ABP)? (Choose three.)

A. It translates tasks into jobs for execution by the scheduler.

B. It creates jobs without considering the priorities associated with them.

C. It determines the list of jobs that must be created for each maintenance window.

D. It is spawned by the MMON background process at the start of the maintenance window.

E. It maintains a repository in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of the execution of all tasks.

Answer: ACD

Q36. Which are the prerequisites for performing flashback transactions on your database? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Supplemental log must be enabled.

B. Supplemental log must be enabled for the primary key.

C. Undo retention guarantee for the database must be configured.

D. Execute permission on the DBMS_FLASHBACK package must be granted to the user.

Answer: ABD

Q37. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to observe the maintenance window property.

Which two statements describe the conclusions? (Choose two.)

A. The window duration should be increased.

B. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be increased.

C. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be decreased.

D. The repeat time for the window should be decreased.

Answer: AB

Q38. Which statement is true regarding virtual private catalogs?

A. The virtual private catalog owner cannot create and modify the stored scripts.

B. A virtual private catalog owner can create a local stored script, and have read/write access to a global stored script.

C. The set of views and synonyms that make up the virtual private catalog is stored in the schema of the RMAN recovery catalog owner.

D. To perform most of the RMAN operations, the virtual catalog owner must have the SYSDBA or SYSOPER privilege on the target database.

Answer: D

Q39. Evaluate the following SQL statement used to create the PRODUCTS table:


(product_id NUMBER(3) PRIMARY KEY,

product_desc VARCHAR2(25),

qty NUMBER(8,2),

rate NUMBER(10,2),

total_value AS ( qty * rate))

PARTITION BY RANGE (total_value)





Which statement is true regarding this command?

A. It executes successfully but partition pruning cannot happen for this partition key.

B. It produces an error because the TOTAL_VALUE column cannot be used as a partition key.

C. It produces an error because compression cannot be used for the TOTAL_VALUE partition key.

D. It executes successfully but the values in the TOTAL_VALUE column would not be physically stored in the partitions.

Answer: D

Q40. Which statement describes the significance of the CHANGE FAILURE command in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It is used to explicitly close the open failures.

B. It is used to execute the advised repair script.

C. It is used to change failure priority only for the CRITICAL priority.

D. It is used to change failure priority only for HIGH or LOW priorities.

E. It is used to inform the database about the repair after the repair script executes.

Answer: AD